World War 1 And The Russian Revolution, How It Really Happend …

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To kick off their long-awaited, pre-planned World War, the New World Order uses “Serbian Nationalists.” .A secret society known as Young Bosnia, possibly working with The Young Turks, plots the murder of an Austrian Royal. Serbia is an Orthodox Christian nation under the protection of Russia. Due to Disraeli’s past schemes, many Serbs also live under Austro-Hungarian rule (in Bosnia) instead of under Serbian sovereignty. This situation has always caused friction, both within Austria-Hungary, and also between Russia and Austria-Hungary.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand is heir to the Habsburg Family throne of Austria-Hungary. While traveling through the Bosnian city of Sarajevo with his wife, Sophie, a bomb is thrown at the Archduke’s open car. He deflects the bomb with his arm and it explodes behind him. The royal couple insists on seeing all those injured at the hospital. After traveling there, they decide to go to the palace, but their driver takes a wrong turn onto a side street, where another assassin named Gavrilo.Princip spots them. He shoots Sophie in the stomach and Franz in the neck. Franz is still alive when witnesses arrive to give aid. His dying words to Sophie are, “Don’t die darling. Live for our children.”

The world is shocked. The fateful prophecies of Tolstoy and Bismarck are about to come to pass.

Anti-Serbian riots erupt in the Austro-Hungarian city of Sarajevo.
Austria-Hungary convenes a Council of Ministers to discuss the situation.
The Zionist Austro-Hungarian press of Vienna fans the flames of anti-Serbian sentiment. False reports of a Serbian conspiracy are circulated.
Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, at the request of Russian Tsar Nicholas (his cousin), attempts to restrain his Austro-Hungarian ally by encouraging Austria-Hungary to talk with Serbia. (2)
Austria-Hungary gives in to war hysteria and declares war on Serbia.
To defend its Serbian ally, Russia mobilizes it armies against its former ‘Three Emperors League’ ally Austria-Hungary.
Beyond both the Tsar and the Kaiser’s control, the Triple Alliance / Triple Entente time bomb is triggered. Germany declares war on Russia for its mobilization against its ally Austria-Hungary.
Ignoring German pleas to not enter the conflict, France begins advancing towards Austria-Hungary in support of its Entente ally, Russia.
Facing the dangerous 2-front war that France & England had engineered, (and that Bismarck had feared) Germany quickly advances towards France, through Belgium, while at the same time confronting Russia in the east.
Great Britain enters the war on the side of its allies, France and Russia.
London Agreement: Triple Entente allies France, Russia, & UK agree that no member shall make separate peace with Germany or Austria-Hungary.
Russia’s southern rival, the Ottoman Turkish Empire, enters the war on the side of Austria-Hungary and Germany. In just a few weeks’ time, Europe is now aflame in war as the Globalist-Zionist press in France, England, Austria, and Germany whip up a mutually destructive nationalist fervor among the European nations.


1 & 2: Surrounded by the Great Powers of the Triple Entente, peaceful Germany was forced to quickly advance in two directions. 3: The ‘Willy-Nicky” Telegrams clearly reveal how the Russian and German Emperors both tried to avoid war, but were powerless to stop the dark forces controlling events.


After Germany’s westward march towards Paris stalls, the Western Front bogs down into a bloody stalemate with trench lines that change little until 1918. In the East, the Russian army successfully fights against the Austro-Hungarian forces but is then forced back by the German army. Additional fronts open after the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) joins the war (on Germany’s side) in 1914. Italy switches sides and joins the Entente powers in 1915. At sea, the British Navy blockades Germany. German U-boats will counter the blockade, and sink many British merchant ships carrying arms and supplies.

Not one inch of German territory was ever lost during the Great War.
To counter the lies of the Allied propagandists, 93 of Germany’s leading scientists, scholars and artists sign their name to “The Manifesto of the 93”. The document denounces the lies aimed at Germany, and declares unequivocal support of German military actions. Perhaps the most notable of the accomplished signatories is Wilhelm Roentgen, the Nobel Prize winning physicist who discovered “X-rays”.
The Manifesto reads:
“As representatives of German Science and Art, we hereby protest to the civilized world against the lies and calumnies with which our enemies are endeavoring to stain the honor of Germany in her hard struggle for existence—in a struggle that has been forced on her.
The iron mouth of events has proved the untruth of the fictitious German defeats; consequently misrepresentation and calumny are all the more eagerly at work. As heralds of truth we raise our voices against these.
It is not true that Germany is guilty of having caused this war. Neither the people, nor the Government, nor the Kaiser wanted war.
It is not true that we trespassed in neutral Belgium. It has been proven that France and England had resolved on such a trespass, and it has likewise been proved that Belgium had agreed to their doing so. It would have been suicide on our part not to have preempted this.
It is not true that the life and property of even a single Belgian citizen was injured by our soldiers without the bitterest defense having made it necessary.
It is not true that our troops treated Louvain brutally. Furious inhabitants having treacherously fallen upon them in their quarters, our troops with aching hearts were obliged to fire a part of the town, as punishment. The greatest part of Louvain has been preserved..
It is not true that our warfare pays no respects to international laws. It knows no undisciplined cruelty. But in the east, the earth is saturated with the blood of women

and children unmercifully butchered by the wild Russian troops, and in the west, dumdum bullets mutilate the breasts of our soldiers.
It is not true that the combat against our so-called militarism is not a combat against our civilization, as our enemies hypocritically pretend it is. Were it not for German militarism, German civilization would long since have been extirpated..
We cannot wrest the poisonous weapon—the lie—out of the hands of our enemies. All we can do is to proclaim to the entire world, that our enemies are giving false witness against us.
Have faith in us! Believe that we shall carry on this war to the end as a civilized nation, to whom the legacy of a Goethe, a Beethoven, and a Kant, is just as sacred as its own hearths and homes.”

As the discoverer of ‘X-rays’, Wilhelm Roentgen was able to ‘see through’ the Allies’ anti-                                                 German atrocity propaganda.

Again with the 6 million?

The UK wants to draw America into the war. Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill and Wilson’s Marxist advisor, Edward Mandell House, believe that if Germany can be baited into sinking a British ship with Americans on board, the U.S. will be forced into the war. (4) Unbeknownst to its passengers, the luxury liner Lusitania is carrying arms and explosives destined for Britain. (5) Sailing from New York, Lusitania is loaded with 600 tons of explosives, 6 million rounds of ammunition, 1200 cases of shrapnel shells, and some American passengers. The German embassy in Washington is aware of this and tries to warn American travelers by placing ads in U.S. newspapers, which are refused in most cases. (6) As Lusitania approaches the Irish coast, it is ordered to reduce speed, and its military escort ship, Juno, is withdrawn. (7) Churchill knows that German U-Boats are in the area. He purposely slows down the Lusitania and calls off Juno, leaving the Lusitania as a sitting duck. A German torpedo hit ignites the munitions, causing a secondary explosion which sinks the massive liner in just 18 minutes! Nearly 1200 of its 1959 passengers are killed, including128 Americans. .The American press vilifies Germany, but makes no mention of the smuggled munitions (or perhaps a pre-planted bomb?) which really sank the Lusitania.
During the 1950’s, the British Navy attempts to destroy the historical evidence of the Lusitania explosion by dropping depth charges onto the sunken liner.

1- British Mad Dog Churchill 3-Globalist NY Times, claimed TWO torpedoes hit.

The Lusitania incident plays a role in turning American sentiment against Germany, but it is not yet time for America to make its entry. The Zionists are waiting to achieve maximum leverage before ordering Wilson to finally pull the trigger. For the time being, Wilson will just verbally condemn the Lusitania attack, while keeping America out of the war and cruising towards re-election in November, 1916. The British are disappointed. UK politicians, journalists, and the certifiably insane Teddy Roosevelt all mock Wilson as being timid. In an effort to keep America inflamed, the British fabricate a story about German school children being given a holiday to celebrate the sinking of the Lusitania. Other false tales tell of German soldiers nailing babies to church doors in Belgium!
The British know that they will eventually need American help if they are to gain the advantage over The Triple Alliance / Central Powers. The Zionists know this too, but they are biding their time, setting up the UK and the US for the right moment, and the right deal.

Wilson intends to drag America into the war, but his 1916 re-election campaign promises say otherwise.


The Battle of Verdun rages for 10 months, resulting in 306,000 battlefield deaths (163,000 French and 143,000 German) and 500,000 wounded. That’s an average of 30,000 deaths for each of the 10 months of the battle!
Taking place in north eastern France, Verdun is the longest and most devastating battle of The Great War. By the end of Verdun, the war has broken down into a stalemate, but Germany still holds an advantage. In December of 1916, Kaiser Wilhelm offers to negotiate peace with The Entente Powers. But Britain and France deliberately make impossible demands upon Germany as a condition for even negotiating. In spite of Germany’s sincere efforts to stop the madness, somebody wants this senseless bloodbath to continue. But who? ….. And why?

Battle of Verdun / Kaiser Wilhelm wanted peace all along.
By December 1916, the Central Powers have a clear advantage. France has suffered horrible losses. Russia is facing internal Red revolutionary chaos. Britain is under U-Boat blockade, and not one square inch of Germany has been occupied. Germany offers generous peace terms. Basically, Kaiser Wilhelm is willing to just call off the war and return to how things were. That’s when the Zionists make their move to fulfill Herzl’s plan! Chaim.Weizman and Nathan Sokolow approach the British with a dirty deal. The Zionists offer to use their international influence to bring the U.S. into the war on Britain’s side, while undermining Germany from within. The price that Britain must pay for U.S. entry is to steal Palestine from Ottoman Turkey (Germany’s ally) and allow the Jews to settle there. (8) Though the official declaration of British support for a Jewish homeland is not to be made public until 1917 (Balfour Declaration), the agreement was, in fact, reached in December of 1916. Soon after that, Zionist agitated anti-German propaganda was unleashed in the U.S. while the Zionists and Marxists of Germany begin to undermine Germany’s war effort from within.

Chaim Weizman made the British an offer they couldn’t refuse. In return, the Zionists want to see the Turkish Empire busted up and Palestine given to the Jews.


As the Russian economy deteriorates and the war becomes unpopular, the ‘February Revolution’ begins. Communists, Progressive Socialists, and disaffected soldiers combine to destabilize the already weakened reign of Czar Nicholas. The Tsar is forced to abdicate his throne and put under house arrest pending exile. Jews worldwide celebrate the abdication of the Russian Tsar. A “center-left” coalition government consisting mainly of Socialists and Communists is established. A power struggle between the Democratic Socialists and the hard-core Communist (Soviet-Bolshevik) faction follows.

The Romanov Dynasty is over.


During the weeks following the Zionist-UK dirty deal to steal Palestine, the Zionists deliver on their end of the bargain. An intense propaganda campaign is suddenly unleashed in America. The 1915 Lusitania incident is resurrected, along with hype over German U-boat warfare. A German contingency plan to ally with Mexico if the U.S. enters the war (Zimmerman Note) is falsely portrayed as a plot to attack America. Citing various phony pretexts, on April 2nd, 1917, Wilson, who, according to Benjamin Freedman, was under blackmail over an affair he had when he was a Princeton professor, asks Congress for a Declaration of War. Congress complies. Regular forces of the small US military begin arriving in Europe, but it will be months before the full force of drafted men can be deployed.

U.S. Zionist Fred Rothman’s iconic poster portrays Germans as monstrous “Huns”


APRIL, 1917 EXILED REDS BEGIN RETURNING TO RUSSIA The terrorist Red leaders that Czar Nicholas had only exiled in 1905 now begin returning to Russia. Vladimir Lenin arrives from Switzerland, via Germany, with a
stash of Zionist banker gold. Leon Trotsky arrives from New York with more money and a gang of Marxist-Jewish thugs. (9) The Zionist-funded Communists immediately undermine the new provisional government. A violent coup is attempted in July, but the Bolshevik Reds are held back. Democratic Socialist Alexander Kerensky becomes Prime Minister as Bolshevik leaders go underground.

Back from Brooklyn, the killer Leon Trotsky (left) will join Lenin (center) in seeking to oust Kerensky (right)

Wilson establishes the Committee on Public Information (CPI) for the purpose of manipulating public opinion in support of the war. Edward Bernays, “the father of American propaganda” is a CPI member. A nephew of the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, Zionist Bernays boasts of his ability to control the public mind. He calls his scientific methods for controlling public opinion, “the engineering of consent.” .In his 1928 book, Propaganda, .Bernays explains: “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. – We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.”

Bernays and his CPI co-conspirators portray the American war effort as a holy crusade “to make the world safe for democracy”, while at the same time spreading vile hate-filled propaganda directed towards Germany and its Emperor, Wilhelm II.
“Babies & Bayonets.”

In Europe and America, Germany was now the target of hateful and ridiculous war propaganda.

Bernays wrote the book on propaganda and manipulation; literally.
America’s military is very small, but its capacity to field and equip an army is great. The unpopular draft is instituted in 1917. By the war’s end, under the idiotic pretext of “making the world safe for democracy” (Bernays’ slogan), more than 2 million unsuspecting American men will have been sent to fight for Globalism and Zionism.

U.S. propaganda posters encouraged men to enlist by accusing the German “mad brutes” of crucifying women and children.
The Zionists have delivered on their end of the dirty deal made with the British in 1916. American entry into the war was delivered as promised. By formally, and publicly, issuing “The Balfour Declaration”, Lord Balfour is assuring the Zionists that Britain will fulfill its end of the deal after the war– the theft of Palestine!
The Declaration is delivered to the ‘Baron’ Walter Rothschild. It reads, in part: “His Majesty’s government views with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object.”
The extraction of this promise from the British is one of the main reasons why the senseless war was kept going, and why America was finally dragged in. In Israel today, Balfour Day (November 2nd) is widely celebrated. The Palestinian Arabs observe it as a day of mourning.

“Dear Lord Rothschild” – Baron Walter Rothschild (left) received the Balfour Declaration from Lord Balfour.
Socialist Prime Minister Kerensky struggles to keep a bad economy afloat, an unstable coalition government together, and a tired Russian nation in the war. The time is ripe for the Reds to stage another violent attempt at power. This time, Trotsky, Lenin and their evil gang will succeed. With backing from some Red troops – many of whom had been brainwashed in 1905 Japanese POW camps by communist reading materials paid for by Jacob Schiff (12) – the Capital City of Petrograd (St. Petersburg) is seized during the October Revolution, (aka “Red October”).
Kerensky flees for his life and the new Soviet regime immediately moves to pull Russia out of the war (before Germany can beat them). Outside of Petrograd, the pre-dominantly Jewish Red government is not recognized as legitimate. A bloody civil war between the Jewish-led Reds and the Christian “Whites” is now in the making.

Red rabble-rouser Vladimir Lenin incites the hungry mobs.

“The Bolshevik leaders here (Russia), most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a world-wide social revolution.”
David R. Francis, U.S. Ambassador to Russia, January 1918
After the fall of St. Petersburg to the Reds, a counter-revolutionary civil war will tear Russia apart for three more years. The various opponents of the ‘Reds’ are collectively referred to as ‘The Whites’, led mainly by Admiral Kolchak.
When it becomes apparent that a Red revolutionary army composed solely of workers and some ex-Tsarist troops is far too small to put down the counter-Revolution, Trotsky institutes mandatory conscription of the peasantry into the Red Army. Opposition to Red Army conscription is overcome by terror tactics. Hostages and their families are tortured and killed when necessary to force compliance.

Admiral Kolchak’s Whites vs Trotsky’s Reds
Had it not been for America’s 1917 entry into the war, the stalemated parties would have ceased fighting on their own and millions of lives would have been saved. But it would not be until 1918 that sufficient numbers of trained American recruits would be ready to deploy in combat operations.
Before fresh new rivers of American blood would be shed (117,000 Americans would die of combat or disease-related causes between April and November of 1918), both Germany and Austria-Hungary again communicate their desire for a peaceful resolution; just as they had previously been proposing to make a mutually acceptable peace with Britain and France all along.
In an address before the U.S. Congress, the puppet warmonger Wilson is forced to admit that, in response to his recent “14 Points” Statement, Germany and Austria-Hungary have indeed expressed general agreement with Wilson’s high-sounding proposals.  But in the very next breath, Wilson casually dismisses these promising peace overtures (referring to them as ‘peace utterances’) as unacceptable. Wilsons’ New York handlers (Baruch, Schiff, Warburg, Morgenthau, Brandeis etc) want their long-awaited war for Globalism (the pre-planned ‘League of Nations’) and Zionism (the British theft of Palestine); and they certainly are not about to allow Germanic peace proposals to derail the NWO Express.

The most astonishing of Wilson’s lies is his rosy description of what the eventual post-war peace is to be like. The fact that so many naive and war-weary Germans will later buy into Wilson’s empty promises, will contribute to Germany’s bizarre unconditional surrender and disarmament in November of that same year, 1918.

1- “Tells Germany She May Be Equal” 2- Wilson’s phony peace talk carried the poison pill of the Globalists’ ‘ League of Nations’.

The Reds of Russia can’t fight a civil war at home and an external war at the same time. Lenin and Trotsky have no choice but to take Russia out of the war. Before the American troops can be deployed in large numbers, Germany diverts its troops from the pacified eastern front and stages a major western offensive. The operation begins in March with an attack on British forces in France. The Germans advance 40 miles and Paris is just 75 miles away! The Spring Offensive is so successful that Wilhelm declares March 24 a National Holiday. At this exact critical point, Marxists & Zionists in Germany stab their countrymen in the back. Marxist Trade Union leaders order factory strikes which deprive German troops of critical supplies. (15) The Jewish owned press, which had fanned war

passions in 1914, suddenly turns sour on the war and begins ripping on the German military. German morale begins to fall quickly, as does industrial output. Recent recruits arrive at the front-line with a defeatist attitude as anti-war protests and general discontent spread throughout Germany. The Great Offensive comes to a halt just as the Americans begin to arrive. German Zionists are betraying Germany so that Palestine can be taken from Germany’s Turkish ally and given to the Jews (Balfour Declaration). German Jewish Marxists and “Democratic Socialists” also see a German defeat as a means to destabilize the nation and stage a revolution.
After the war, the treasonous betrayal of 1918 becomes known as “The Stab-in-the-Back.” Modern liberal “historians” dismiss this allegation as a “legend”, but there is nothing mythical about it. On the brink of final victory, Germany was betrayed from within – plain & simple.

Post war cartoons depict Zionist-Marxists stabbing German soldiers in the back.
It had taken about a full year for America to get its military drafted, trained, and deployed under American command. By the summer of 1918, 10,000 fresh troops arrive daily at the front. About 120,000 of them will die in the Great War, 90,000 in combat, 30,000 from disease. In addition to the badly needed fresh blood, the French and British war machines are now being re-supplied by the industrial output of mighty America.

With the breakdown of the Spring Offensive, the tide turns against Germany and its allies. The Allied counter attack, (100 Days Offensive) begins in August. At the Battle of Amiens, the Allies advance 7 miles into German-held territory in just 7 hours. Back in Germany, the Jewish Press ignores the devastating effects of the Jewish-led factory strikes and Jewish-inspired defeatism. Instead, the newspapers blame General Erich Ludendorff for the recent German setbacks!

Fresh American boys arrived to kill German boys as the Jewish press of Germany shamelessly shifted the blame onto General Ludendorff.

1- Come on man! Join me in dying for Wilson’s lies! 2- Dead American entangled in barbed wire. If only his mother, father, wife, kids, friends could have watched him die. What would they say to Professor Wilson?

Tsar Nicholas II had hoped to be exiled to the UK while Kerensky was in power, but his British “ally” had refused to take him in. The Bolsheviks (Communists) now hold Nicholas, his wife Alexandra, his four daughters and young son under house arrest. Their Red captors force them to live on rations.
As a boy, Nicholas had witnessed the bombing murder of his grandfather, Alexander II, in 1881. Nicholas’s tragic error was in failing to execute the Red scum, such as Lenin and Trotsky, after their failed 1905 revolution. Now, his misguided mercy returns to haunt him, and his family.
On the evening of July 16/17, 1918, the royal Romanov Family is awakened at 2AM, told to dress, and then herded into the cellar of the house in which they are being held. Moments later, Jewish Reds storm in and gun down the entire family, their doctor, and three servants in cold blood. Some of the Romanov daughters are stabbed and clubbed to death when initial gunfire fails to kill them. News of the brutal murder of the Romanovs will send shock waves throughout Russia, and all of Christian Europe.

A beautiful family – shot and stabbed to death like animals! As the shooting began, the Tsar tried to shield his young son.


Britain’s previous campaign against the Turks had ended in failure (Gallipoli). Now, with fresh and strong Americans arriving to fight the Germans in Western Europe, British troops are freed-up to concentrate on the Ottoman Empire. Britain covets the oil fields of the Middle East, but the UK also has a debt to repay to the Zionist bosses who dragged the U.S. into the war. Assisting the Brits in the effort to steal Palestine are 10,000 American Jews who enlist to fight not alongside their fellow Americans in Europe, but with the British, who intend to seize their future home, Palestine.  See: The Jewish Legion
During this time, British airplanes drop leaflets over Germany. Printed in Yiddish, the Balfour leaflets seek to win Jewish support in Germany by promising the Jews a ‘homeland’ in Palestine after they have won the war.

1- Vladimir Jabotinsky (left) led Jewish units in the fight against Turkey. 2- Leaving the Americans to do the heavy lifting against Germany, the British head south to dismantle the Ottoman Empire.



“All Power to the Workers” really means all power to the New World Order!
With the Russian Civil War raging, the Communist International, known as “The Comintern”, is established in Moscow, Russia. The Comintern states openly that its intention is to fight “by all available means, including armed force, for the overthrow of the international “bourgeoisie” (the entrepreneurial class) and for the creation of an international Soviet republic (world government).” (18)
From 1918-1922, Comintern-affiliated Parties form in France, Italy, China, Germany, Spain, Belgium, the U.S. and other nations. All Communists operate under the direction of the Moscow Reds, who are themselves financed by the same Globalist-Zionist international bankers that created the Federal Reserve and brought about the Great War.


The Russian Communists plan to strategically use terror to intimidate their White adversaries into submission. On orders from Lenin and Trotsky, the “Red Terror” is announced by the Jewish Red Yakov. Sverdlov. The Red Terror is marked by mass arrests in the middle of the night, executions, and hideously creative tactics of torture. As many as 100,000 Russians are murdered in the Red Terror, carried out by Jewish-run Cheka (secret police). Among the atrocities committed, often in view of victim’s family members, are:
 40,000 White prisoners publicly hanged in the Ukraine
 Burning coals inserted into women’s vaginas
 Crucifixions  Rapes of women of all ages  Victims submerged in boiling oil or tar
“All Power to the Workers” really means all power to the New World Order!

 Victims doused with petrol and burned alive  Victims placed in coffins filled with hungry rats  Victims soaked with water, and turned into human ice-cubes in winter weather.  Priests, monks, and nuns have molten lead poured down their throats (19) The demoralizing terror takes a heavy psychological toll on the frightened Russian people. By 1922, many are broken into submission to the Red monsters of the Cheka.

1 & 2 – The horror of the Jewish Red Terror frightened Europe. Not since the days of Genghis Khan have so many Europeans been so brutally murdered. 3- Yakov Sverdlov was a mass murdering beast.
By the fall of 1918, it is clear that Germany can no longer win the War. Its policy now is “to not lose it either.” As he had in 1916, the Kaiser offers to negotiate peace on terms favorable to all. Though Germany cannot win, the Allies are not able to win either. Germany’s Eastern front with Russia is closed. There are no Allied troops on German soil, the Capital, .Berlin is 900 miles safely away from the front, and the German military is very capable of defending the homeland from any invasion. But the home front is collapsing. Treasonous politicians, Marxist labor union leaders, and Zionist media moguls, combine to demoralize the people and destabilize Germany. The Kaiser is forced to step down, exiling to Holland. On November 11, ‘18, Marxists and liberals of the newly formed “Weimer Republic” (formed in the city of Weimar) lie down and roll over for the Allies!

Incredibly, at a time when the Allies do not have a single soldier on German soil, the Weimar traitors order the military to lay down their arms and withdraw from the front. Based on Wilson’s empty promises of “peace without victory”, the ‘November Criminals’ place Germany at the total mercy of the New World Order.

1- The armistice trap was signed in a railway car in Compiegne, France. 2- Patriotic German cartoon depicts politicians stabbing German troops in the back. 3- Jewish Reds seize Berlin that very day

In 1915, Jewish Reds Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht founded the “Spartacus League” (named after NWO / Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt’s code name of “Spartacus”). In 1919, the group becomes the Communist Party of Germany. That same month, the Spartacists, aided by Jewish-Hungarian Red Bela Kun, take advantage of the post-war chaos, and stage a coup in Berlin. Kaiser Wilhelm, fearing the same fate as Tsar Nicholas, flees to Holland. He now regrets his past liberalism and denounces the “Jewish influence” that ruined Germany.
The Communist takeover of Berlin is short lived as veterans known as the ‘Freikorps’ reclaim control from the Jewish Reds and their followers. Luxemburg and Liebknecht are captured and executed. The “Freikorps” has saved Germany from the same deadly fate that has befallen Russia, but the new “democratic socialist” Germany will soon face other serious problems. Just like the hard core Reds of Russia pushed aside the socialist Kerensky, the Reds of Germany will keep trying to grab absolute power from the “democratic socialists” of Weimar.

The German Freikorps saved Germany from the Soviet-style Communist bloodbath that Jewish Reds Luxemburg and Liebknecht were planning. NOVEMBER, 1918 INJURED GERMAN ARMY CORPORAL REACTS BITTERLY TO NEWS OF THE SURRENDER As a 25-year-old ‘starving artist’, Adolph Hitler had volunteered to fight for Austria in 1914. By that time, both of his parents had passed away. Afflicted with tuberculosis during youth, Hitler was rejected for military service. Hitler then pleaded with Bavarian authorities to allow him to fight for Germany. He served with great distinction, and was promoted to Lance Corporal after being awarded the German Iron Cross 2nd Class for bravery. In October ‘16, he was badly wounded and spends two months in a military hospital. He could have stayed home but chose to return to the frontlines. In August of ‘18, Hitler is awarded the prestigious Iron Cross 1st Class. In October 1918, he is blinded by a British poison gas attack. While recovering his eyesight, Hitler hears of Germany’s shameful capitulation. He is confused and outraged. The sacrifice and suffering of the German soldiers had been for nothing. The brave unknown painter from Vienna wants answers, and he won’t rest until the ‘November Criminals’ (his term) are exposed and Germany’s honor restored.

Hitler, seated left, was a heroic and highly decorated soldier.


The Paris Peace Conference is the meeting of the Allied victors to financially crush Germany and determine the new borders of the defeated nations. The Globalists devise a series of treaties (Paris Peace Treaties) that reshape Europe and the world. At its center are the leaders of the three ‘Great Powers’: Woodrow Wilson (U.S.), Prime Ministers David Lloyd George (U.K.) and Georges Clemenceau (France). Germany is not invited and will have no say in the final decisions.
The Globalists will dismantle existing nations and create new ones. Austria-Hungary and Turkey are carved up; their disparate peoples re-assigned to new states. The Conference also creates the framework for a future World Government, The League of Nations. A Zionist delegation is also present. They had brought America into the war, and now it is time to collect payment for services rendered (Balfour Declaration). Former Arab territories of the Ottoman Empire are separated from Turkish rule and broken up into small states. Palestine is to become a British protectorate. See: British Mandate The Zionist statement establishes the Jew’s claim to a piece of Palestine, guaranteed by The League of Nations and exactly as Herzl had predicted in 1897! Jews from all over the world may now immigrate to British Palestine, but in controlled numbers. The Arabs of Palestine (a 95% majority) were not consulted about this deal, and they are angry.

Clemenceau, Wilson, & George front for the Globalist gangsters in Paris.
Out of the Paris Peace Conference comes the barbaric and infamous “Treaty of Versailles”. The cruelty of the Treaty is today recognized even by liberal historians. With Germany disarmed by its new government, the Globalists & Zionists proceed to rape the German nation; a nation that did not want war, had tried to avert the war, and had offered to make peace on numerous occasions after the war had begun.

The Treaty contains 440 clauses, 414 of which are dedicated towards punishing Germany for a war that was imposed upon her. Among the key provisions that a disarmed Germany and Austria (Treaty of St. Germaine) are forced to accept at gunpoint and while under a hunger blockade are:
1. Germany must accept 100% responsibility for the war.
2. German armed forces restricted to 100,000 men.
3. The industrial German Rhineland will be occupied by French troops for 15 years. 4. Kaiser Wilhelm II (safe in Holland) should be tried for “offenses against international morality”.
5. The German region of West Prussia is given to the new nation of Poland. Two million West Prussians are forcefully expelled from their homes, and East Prussia is left isolated from the rest of Germany!

6. The German Sudetenland region is put under the rule of the new nation of ‘Czechoslovakia’.

7. The new state of Austria is forbidden from uniting with their brothers in Germany.

8. Germany is stripped of African colonies. Britain, France, & Belgium take them.

9. The coal-rich Saar region of Germany is placed under League of Nations control for 15 years. During this time, its coal is to be shipped to France.

10. The Baltic Sea port city of Danzig is separated from Germany and declared a “”

11. Germany is forced to pay massive war reparations in the form of money and natural resources. The crushing debt payments (equal to 1 Trillion dollars in modern currency) will devastate the German economy and soon cause a hyper-inflationary monetary collapse.

Defenseless Germany is kept under the hunger blockade until she agrees to the harsh terms. About 100,000 Germans die as a result of the post-armistice food blockade.  The unjust and inhumane Treaty of Versailles will breed resentment and anger for year to come.

1- West Prussia is given to the new state of Poland. East Prussia is cut off from the rest of Germany! 2- German Sudetenland is assigned to the new state of Czechoslovakia


The Men Who Caused the French Revolution 1789

       In the previous chapter evidence was given to prove how a small group of foreign money-lenders, operating through their English agents, remained anonymous while they secured control of that nation’s economy for the modest sum of £1,250,000.  Evidence will now be produced to identify some of these International Jewish money-lenders and prove they, or their successors, plotted and planned, and helped finance, the Great French Revolution of 1789, exactly the same way as they had plotted and planned and financed the English Revolution of 1640-1649.  In succeeding chapters evidence will be produced to prove that the descendants of these same International Jewish Financiers have been The Secret Power behind everytime​ war and revolution from 1789 onwards.

The Jewish Encyclopedia says Edom is in modern Jewry.  This is a very important admission, because the word Edom means Red.  History reveals that a Jewish Goldsmith, Amschel Moses Bauer, tired of his wandering in Eastern Europe, decided in 1750 to settle down in Frankfort-on-the-Main in Germany.  He opened a shop, or Counting House, in the Jundenstrasse district.  Over the door of his shop he placed as his sign of business A RED SHIELD.  It is of the greatest importance to remember that the Jews in Eastern Europe, who belonged to the revolutionary movement based on terrorism, had also adopted The Red Flag as their emblem because it represented Blood.

Amschel Moses Bauer had a son born in 1743 and he named him Amschel Mayer Bauer.  The father died in 1754 when his son was only eleven years of age.  The boy had shown great ability, and extraordinary intelligence, and his father had taught him everything possible about the rudimentary principles of the money-lending business.  It had been the father’s intention to have his son trained as a Rabbi but death intervened.

A few years after his father’s death Amschel Mayer Bauer was employed by the Oppenheimer Bank as a clerk.  He soon proved his natural ability for the banking business and was rewarded with a junior partnership.  Later he returned to Frankfort where he secured control and ownership of the business which had been established by his father in 1750.  The Red Shield was still proudly displayed over the door.  Knowing the secret significance of the Red Shield Amschel Mayer Bauer decided to adopt it as the new family name.  Red Shield in German is Roth Schild and thus The House of Rothschild came into being.

Amschel Mayer Bauer lived until 1812.  He had five sons.  All of them were specially-trained to become Captains of High Finance.  Nathan, one of the sons, showed exceptional ability and, at the age of twenty-one, went to England with the definite purpose of securing control of the Bank of England.  The purpose was to use this control to work in conjunction with his father and other brothers to set up, and consolidate, an International Banking Monopoly in Europe.  The combined wealth of the International Banking Pool could then be used to further the secret ambitions his father had made known to all his sons.  To prove his ability, Nathan Rothschild turned £20,000, with which he had been entrusted, into £60,000 in three years.

In studying the World Revolutionary Movement it is important to remember that The Red Flagwas the symbol of the French Revolution and every revolution since.  More significant still is the fact that when Lenin, financed by International Bankers, overthrew the Russian Government and established the first Totalitarian Dictatorship in 1917, the design of the flag was a Red Flag, with a Hammer and Sickle, and THE STAR OF JUDEA imposed.

In 1773, when Mayer Rothschild was only thirty years of age, he invited twelve other wealthy and influential men to meet him in Frankfort.  His purpose was to convince them that if they agreed to pool their resources they could then finance and control the World Revolutionary Movement and use it as their Manual of Action to win ultimate control of the wealth, natural resources, and man-power of the entire world.

Rothschild revealed how the English Revolution had been organized.  He pointed out the mistakes and errors that had been made.  The revolutionary period had been too long.  The elimination of reactionaries had not been accomplished with sufficient speed and ruthlessness.  The planned reign of terror, by which the subjugation of the masses was to be accomplished speedily, had not been put into effective operation.  Even after all these mistakes had been made the initial purpose of the revolution had been achieved.  The bankers who instigated the revolution had established control of the national economy and consolidated the national debt.  By means of intrigue carried out on an international scale they had increased the national debt steadily by loaning the money to fight the wars and rebellions they had fomented since 1694.

Basing his arguments on logic and sound reasoning, Mayer Rothschild pointed out that the financial results obtained as the result of the English Revolution would be as nothing when compared to the financial rewards to be obtained by a French Revolution provided those present agreed to unity of purpose and put into effect his carefully thought out and revised revolutionary plan.  The project would be backed by all the power that could be purchased with their pooled resources.  This agreement reached, Mayer Rothschild unfolded his revolutionary plan.  By clever manipulation of their combined wealth it would be possible to create such adverse economic conditions that the masses would be reduced to a state bordering on starvation by unemployment.  By use of cleverly conceived propaganda it would be easy to place the blame for the adverse economic conditions on the King, His Court, the Nobles, the Church, Industrialists, and the employers of labour.  Their paid propagandists would arouse feelings of hatred and revenge against the ruling classes by exposing all real and alleged cases of extravagance, licentious conduct, injustice, oppression, and persecution.  They, would also invent infamies to bring into disrepute others who might, if left alone, interfere with their over-all plans.[1]

After the general introduction to build up an enthusiastic reception for the plot he was about to unfold, Rothschild turned to a manuscript and proceeded to read a carefully prepared plan of action.  The following is what I have been assured *// By whom, and based on what ? is a condensed version of the plot by which the conspirators hoped to obtain ultimate undisputed control of the wealth, natural resources, and man-power of the entire world.

1.  The speaker started to unfold the plot by saying that because the majority of men were inclined to evil rather than to good the best results in governing them could be obtained by using violence and terrorism and not by academic discussions.  The speaker reasoned that in the beginning human society had been subject to brutal and blind force which was afterwards changed to LAW.  He argued that LAW was FORCE only in disguise.  He reasoned it was logical to conclude that “By the laws of nature right lies in force”.

2.  He next asserted that political freedom is an idea and not a fact.  He stated that in order to usurp political power all that was necessary was to preach ‘Liberalism’ so that the electorate, for the sake of an idea, would yield some of their power and prerogatives which the plotters could then gather together into their own hands.

3.  The speaker asserted that the Power of Gold had usurped the power of liberal rulers even then, i.e. 1773.  He reminded his audience that there had been a time when FAITH had ruled but stated that once FREEDOM had been substituted for FAITH the people did not know how to use it in moderation.  He argued that because of this fact it was logical to assume that they could use the idea of FREEDOM to bring about “CLASS WARS”.  He pointed out that it was immaterial to the success of HIS plan whether the established governments were destroyed by internal or external foes because the victor had of necessity to seek the aid of ‘Capital’ which “Is entirely in our hands.” [2]

4.  He argued that the use of any and all means to reach their final goal was justified on the grounds that the ruler who governed by the moral code was not a skilled politician because he left himself vulnerable and in an unstable position on his throne.  He said “Those who wish to rule must have recourse to cunning and to make-believe because great national qualities like frankness and honesty, are vices in politics[3]

5.  He asserted “Our right lies in force.  The word RIGHT is an abstract thought and proves nothing.  I find a new RIGHT … to attack by the RIGH can get the guyT of the strong, and to scatter to the winds all existing forces of order and regulation, to reconstruct all existing institutions, and to become the sovereign Lord of all those who left to us the RIGHTS to their powers by laying them down voluntarily in their ‘Liberalism’.

6.  He then admonished his listeners with these words “The power of our resources must remain invisible until the very moment when it has gained such strength that no cunning or force can undermine it.”  He warned them that any deviation from the Line of the strategical plan he was making known to them would risk bringing to naught “THE LABOURS OF CENTURIES”.

7.  He next advocated the use of ‘Mob Psychology’ to obtain control of the masses.  He reasoned that the might of the Mob is blind, senseless, and unreasoning and ever at the mercy of suggestion from any side.  He stated “Only a despotic ruler can rule the Mob efficiently because without absolute despotism there can be no existence for civilization which was carried out NOT by the masses, but by their guide, whosoever that person might be.”  He warned “The moment the Mob seizes FREEDOMin its hands it quickly turns to anarchy.

8.  He next advocated that the use of alcoholicliquors, drugs, moral corruption, and all forms of vice, be used systematically by their “Agenturs”[4] to corrupt the morals of the youth of the nations.  He recommended that the special ‘agenturs’ should be trained as tutors, lackeys, governesses, clerks and by our women in the places of dissipation frequented by the Goyim.[5]  He added “In the number of these last I count also the so-called society ladies who become voluntary followers of the others in corruption and luxury.  We must not stop at bribery, deceit, and treachery when they should serve towards the attainment of our end.”

9.  Turning to politics he claimed they had theRIGHT to seize property by any means, and without hesitation, if by doing so they secured submission, and sovereignty.  He pronounced “Our STATE marching along the path of peaceful conquest has the RIGHT to replace the horrors of wars by less noticeable and more satisfactory sentences of death necessary to maintain the ‘terror’ which tends to produce blind submission.”

10.  Dealing with the use of slogans he said “In ancient times we were the first to put the words ‘Liberty’, ‘Equality’ and ‘Fraternity’ into the mouths of the masses … words repeated to this day by stupid pollparrots;  words which the would-be wise men of the Goyim could make nothing of in their abstractness, and did not note the contradiction of their meaning and inter-relation.”  He claimed the words brought under their directions and control ‘legions’ “Who bore our banners with enthusiasm.”  He reasoned that there is no place in nature for ‘Equality’, ‘Liberty’ or ‘Fraternity’.  He said “On the ruins of the natural and genealogical aristocracy of the Goyim we have set up the aristocracy of MONEY.  The qualification for this aristocracy is WEALTH which is dependent upon us.

11.  He next expounded his theories regarding war.  In 1773 he set down a principle which the governments of Britain and the United States publicly announced as their joint policy in 1939.  He said it should be the policy of those present to foment wars but to direct the peace conferences so that neither of the combatants obtained territorial gains.  He said the wars should be directed so that the nations engaged on both sides would be placed further in their debt, and in the power of ‘Our’ Agenturs.

12.  He next dealt with administration.  He told those present that they must use their wealth to have candidates chosen for public office who would be “servile and obedient to our commands, so they may readily be used as Pawns in our game by the learned and genious men we will appoint to operate behind the scenes of government as official advisers.”  He added “The men we appoint as ‘Advisers’ will have been bred, reared, and trained from childhood in accordance with our ideas to rule the affairs of the whole world.

13.  He dealt with propaganda, and explained how their combined wealth could control all outlets of public information while they remained in the shade and clear of blame regardless of what the repercussions might be due to the publication of libels, slanders, or untruths.  The speaker said “Thanks to the Press we have got gold in our hands notwithstanding the fact that we had to gather it out of the oceans of blood and tears…  But it has paid us even though we have sacrificed many of our own people.  Each victim on our side is worth a thousand Goyim.”

14.  He next explained the necessity of having their ‘Agentur’ always come out into the open, and appear on the scene, when conditions had reached their lowest ebb, and the masses had been subjugated by means of want and terror.  He pointed out that when it was time to restore order they should do it in such a way that the victims would believe they had been the prey of criminals and irresponsibles.  He said “By executing the criminals and lunatics after they have carried out our preconceived ‘reign of terror’, we can make ourselves appear as the saviours of the oppressed, and the champions of the workers.”  The speaker then added “We are interested in just the opposite … in the diminution, the killing out of the Goyim.

15.  He next explained how industrial depressions and financial panics could be brought about and used to serve their purpose saying “Enforced unemployment and hunger, imposed on the masses because of the power we have to create shortages of food, will create the right of Capital to rule more surely than it was given to the real aristocracy, and by the legal authority of Kings.”  He claimed that by having their agentur control the ‘Mob’, the ‘Mob’ could then be used to wipe out all who dared to stand in their way.

16.  The infiltration into continental Freemasonry was next discussed extensively.  The speaker stated that their purpose would be to take advantage of the facilities and secrecy Freemasonry had to offer.  He pointed out that they could organize their own Grand Orient Lodges within Blue Freemasonry in order to carry on their subversive activities and hide the true nature of their work under the cloak of philanthropy.  He stated that all members initiated into their Grand Orient Lodges should be used for proselytizing purposes and for spreading their atheistic-materialistic ideology amongst the Goyim.  He ended this phase of the discussion with the words.  “When the hour strikes for our sovereign Lord of all the World to be crowned these same hands will sweep away everything that might stand in his way.

17.  He next expounded the value of systematic deceptions, pointing out that their agentur should be trained in the use of high sounding phrases, and the use of popular slogans.  They should make the masses the most lavish of promises.  He observed “The opposite of what has been promised can always be done afterwards … that is of no consequence.”  He reasoned that by using such words as Freedom and Liberty, the Goyim could be stirred up to such a pitch of patriotic fervour that they could be made to fight even against the laws of God, and Nature.  He added “And for this reason after we obtain control the very NAME OF GOD will be erased from the ‘Lexicon of life’.[6]

18.  He then detailed the plans for revolutionary war;  the art of street fighting;  and outlined the pattern for the ‘Reign of Terror’ which he insisted must accompany every revolutionary effort “Because it is the most economical way to bring the population to speedy subjection.

19.  Diplomacy was next discussed.  After all wars secret diplomacy must be insisted upon “in order that our agentur, masquerading as ‘poltitical’, ‘Financial’, and ‘Economic’ advisers, can carry out our mandates without fear of exposing who are ‘The Secret Power’ behind national and international affairs.”  The speaker then told those present that by secret diplomacy they must obtain such control “that the nations cannot come to even an inconsiderable private agreement without our secret agents having a hand in it.

20.  Ultimate World Government the goal.  To reach this goal the speaker told them “It will be necessary to establish huge monopolies, reservoirs of such colossal riches, that even the largest fortunes of the Goyim will depend on us to such an extent that they will go to the bottom together with the credit of their governments ON THE DAY AFTER THE GREAT POLITICAL SMASH.”  The speaker then added “You gentlemen here present who are economists just strike an estimate of the significance of this combination.

21.  Economic war.  Plans to rob the Goyim of their landed properties and industries were then discussed.  A combination of high taxes, and unfair competition was advocated to bring about the economic ruin of the Goyim as far as their national financial interests and investments were concerned.  In the international field he felt they could be encouraged to price themselves out of the markets.  This could be achieved by the careful control of raw materials, organized agitation amongst the workers for shorter hours and higher pay, and by subsidizing competitors.  The speaker warned his co-conspirators that they must arrange matters, and control conditions, so that “the increased wages obtained by the workers will not benefit them in any way.

22.  Armaments.  It was suggested that the building up of armaments for the purpose of making the Goyim destroy each other should be launched on such a colossal scale that in the final analysis “there will only be the masses of the proletariat left in the world, with a few millionaires devoted to our cause … and police, and soldiers sufficient to protect our interests.

23.  The New Order.  The members of the One World Government would be appointed by the Dictator.  He would pick men from amongst the scientists, the economists, the financiers, the industrialists, and from the millionaires because “in substance everything will be settled by the question of figures.

24.  Importance of youth.  The importance of capturing the interest of youth was emphasized with the admonition that “Our agenturs should infiltrate into all classes, and levels of society and government, for the purpose of fooling, bemusing, and corrupting the younger members of society by teaching them theories and principles we know to be false.

25.  National and International Laws should not be changed but should be used as they are, to destroy the civilization of the Goyim “merely by twisting them into a contradiction of the interpretation which first masks the law and afterwards hides it altogether.  Our ultimate aim is to substitute ARBITRATION for LAW.

The speaker then told his listeners “You may think the Goyim will rise upon us with arms, but in the WEST we have against this possibility an organization of such appalling terror that the very stoutest hearts quail … the ‘Underground’… The Metropolitans … The subterranean corridors … these will be established in the capitals and cities of all countries before that danger threatens.

The use of the word ‘WEST’ has great significance.  It makes it plain that Rothschild was addressing men who had joined the World Revolutionary Movement which was started in the Pale of Settlement in the ‘EAST’.  It must be remembered that before Amschel Moses Bauer settled down in Frankfort, Germany, he had followed his trade as a gold and silversmith, travelling extensively in the ‘East’ of Europe, where he had undoubtedly met the men his son Amschel Mayer addressed after he developed from a money-lender into a banker and established THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD in the Jundenstrasse where the above meeting is said to have taken place in 1773.

As far as can be ascertained the original plan of the conspiracy ended at the point where it terminated above.  I am satisfied that the documents which fell into the hands of Professor S. Nilus in 1901, and which he published under the title ‘The Jewish Peril’ in 1905 in Russia, were an enlargement of the original plot.  There appears to be no change in the first section but various additions disclose how the conspirators had used Darwinism, Marxism, and even Nietzche-ism.  More important still, the documents discovered in 1901 disclose how Zionism was to be used.  It must be remembered that Zionism was only organized in 1897.

This matter is referred to later, when the intrigue leading up to the abdication of King Edward VIII is explained.  The translation Mr. Victor Marsden made of The Jewish Peril, was published by The Britons Publishing Society, London, England, under the title The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion in 1921.  This book is also discussed.  It appears logical to say that the discovery of the later document confirms the existence of the earlier one.  Little, if anything is changed, but considerable material is added probably due to the rapid development of the international conspiracy.  The only point upon which there seems to be grounds for disagreement is in regard to the titles chosen by Prof. Nilus and Mr. Marsden for their books.  Mr. Marsden definitely states the contents of his book are the Protocols of the meetings of the Learned Elders of Zionwhereas it would appear it was a plot presented to moneylenders, Goldsmiths, Industrialists, Economists, and others, by Amschel Mayer Rothschild who had graduated from money-lender to banker.

Once the spirit of revolt against constituted authority had been aroused within the hearts and minds of the masses, the actual revolutionary effort would be carried out under the impetus of a preconceived Reign of Terror.  The Reign of Terror would be conceived by the leaders of the Jewish Illuminati.  They in turn would have their agents infiltrate into the newly organized French Freemasonry and establish therein Lodges of Grand Orient Masonry to be used as the revolutionary underground and as their instrument for proselytizing the doctrine of atheistic dialectical and historical materialism.  Rothschild ended his discourse by pointing out that if proper precautions were taken their connection with the revolutionary movement need never be known.

The question may well be asked “How can it be proved these secret meetings were held ?” — and “If they were held how is it possible to prove what matters were discussed at such meetings ?”  The answer is simple.  The devilish plot was made known by “An Act of God”.

In 1785 a courier was galloping madly on horseback from Frankfort to Paris carrying detailed information regarding the World Revolutionary Movement in general, and instructions for the planned French Revolution in particular.  The instructions originated with the Jewish Illuminati in Germany and were addressed to Grand Master of the Grand Orient Masons in France.  The Grand Orient Lodges had been established as the revolutionary underground by the Duc D’Orleans after he, as Grand Master of French Masonry, had been initiated into the Jewish Illuminati in Frankfort by Mirabeau.  The courier was struck by lightning while passing through Ratisbon, and killed.  The documents he carried fell into the hands of the police who turned them over to the Bavarian Government.  A record of historical events told in chronological order connects the House of Rothschild with the Jewish Illuminati in Frankfort and the Illuminati within French Free Masonry known as the Grand Orient Lodges as will be shown.

It has been recorded how the Jewish Rabbis claimed the power to interpret the secret and hidden meanings of the writings of Holy Scripture by special revelation obtained through Cabala.  Claiming to have such powers was of little avail unless they had an organization, or instrument, in their hands to put the inspiration they claimed to have received into effect.  The money-lenders, certain High Priests, Directors, and Elders decided to organize a very secret society to serve their evil purpose — they named it “The Illuminati”.  The word Illuminati is derived from the word Lucifer, which means Bearer of the Light, or Being of extraordinary brilliance.  Therefore the Illuminati was Organized to carry out the inspirations given to the High Priests by Lucifer during the performance of their Cabalistic Rites.  Thus Christ is proved justified when he named them of the Synagogue of Satan.  The Supreme Council of the Jewish Illuminati numbered thirteen.  They were, and still remain, the executive body of The Council of Thirty Three.  The heads of the Jewish Illuminati claim to possess superlative knowledge in everything pertaining to religious doctrine, religious rites, and religious ceremonies.  They were the men who conceived the Atheistic-materialistic ideology which in 1848 was published as “The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx.  Marx was the nephew of a Jewish Rabbi but he disassociated himself officially from the Jewish High Priesthood when designated to perform his important duties, putting into practice once again the Joint Stock Co. principle of operation.

The reason the Supreme Council numbered thirteen was to remind the members that their one and only duty was to destroy the religion founded by Christ and his twelve Apostles.[7]  To ensure secrecy and avoid the possibility of Judas-like betrayal, every man initiated into the Illuminati was required to take an oath of Unlimited Obedience to the head of the Council of Thirty Three and to recognize no mortal as above him.  In an organization, such as the Illuminati, this meant that every member acknowledged the head of the Council of Thirty Three as his God upon this earth.  This fact explains how high level Communists, even to-day, swear on oath that they do not give allegiance to Russia.  They don’t.  They give allegiance only to the head of the directors of the World Revolutionary Movement.

The Supreme Council decided they would use the Ingoldstadt Lodge to organize a campaign by which the agents or Cells of the Illuminati would infiltrate into Continental Freemasonry and, under the cloak of social enjoyment and public philanthropy, organize their revolutionary underground.  Those who infiltrated into Continental Freemasonry were ordered to establish Lodges of the Grand Orient and use them for proselytism so they could quickly contact non-Jews of wealth, position, and influence connected with both Church and State.  Then, by using the age-old methods of bribery, corruption and graft, they could make them become willing, or unwilling, disciples of Illuminism.  They could make them preach the inversion of the Ten Commandments of God.  They could make them advocate atheistic-materialism.

Once this policy had been decided upon, agents of the Supreme Council contacted the Marquis of Mirabeau as the most likely person in France to serve their ends.  He belonged to the nobility.  He had great influence in court circles, he was an intimate friend of the Duc D’Orleans whom they had decided they would use as Front Man to lead the French Revolution.  But more important still, the Marquis of Mirabeau was devoid of morals and his licentious excesses had led him heavily into debt.

It was a simple matter for the money-lenders to have their agents contact Mirabeau, the famous French orator.  Under the guise of friends and admirers they offered to help him out of his financial difficulties.  What they actually did was lead him down the “Primrose Path” into the very depths of vice and debauchery until he was so deeply in their debt that he was forced to do their bidding.  At a meeting to consolidate his debts, Mirabeau was introduced to Moses Mendelssohn, one of the big Jewish financiers who took him in hand.  Mendelssohn in due time introduced Mirabeau to a woman, famous for her personal beauty and charm but without moral scruples.

This stunning Jewess was married to a man named Herz, but, to a man like Mirabeau, the fact that she was married only made her more desirable.  It wasn’t long before she was spending more time with Mirabeau than she was spending with her husband.  Heavily in debt to Mendelssohn, tightly ensnared by Mrs. Herz, Mirabeau was completely helpless … He had swallowed their bait hook, line, and sinker.  But, like good fishermen, they played him gently for a time.  If they exerted too great a pressure the leader might break and their fish might get away.  Their next move was to have him initiated into Illuminism.  He was sworn to secrecy and unlimited obedience under pain of death.  The next move was to lead him into compromising situations which mysteriously became public.  This method of destroying a man’s character became known as the practice of L’Infamie.  Because of scandals and organized detraction, Mirabeau was ostracized by many of his social equals.  His resentment produced a desire for revenge and thus he embraced the revolutionary Cause.

Mirabeau’s task was to induce the Duc D’Orleans to lead the Revolutionary Movement in France.  It was implied that once the King had been forced to abdicate he would become the Democratic Ruler of France.  The real plotters of the French Revolution were careful not to let either Mirabeau or the Duc D’Orleans know they intended to murder the King and Queen, and thousands of the nobility.  They made Mirabeau and the Duc D’Orleans believe that the purpose of the revolution was to free politics and religion from superstition and despotism.  Another factor which made the men who were The Secret Power behind the revolutionary movement decide that the Duc D’Orleans should be their Front man was the fact that he was Grand Master of French Freemasonry.

Adam Weishaupt was given the task of adapting the ritual and rites of Illuminism for use of initiation into the Grand Orient Masonry.  He also lived in Frankfort, Germany.  Mirabeau introduced the Duc D’Orleans and his friend Talleyrand to Weishaupt who initiated them into the secrets of Grand Orient Masonry.  By the end of 1773 Phillipe, Duc D’Orleans had introduced the Grand Orient Ritual into French Freemasonry.  By 1788 there were more than two thousand lodges in France affiliated with Grand Orient Masonry and the number of individual adepts exceeded one hundred thousand.  Thus the Jewish Illuminati under Moses Mendelssohn was introduced into Continental Freemasonry by Weishaupt under the guise of Lodges of the Grand Orient.  The Jewish Illuminati next organized secret revolutionary committees within the lodges.  Thus the revolutionary underground directors were established throughout France.

Once Mirabeau had succeeded in having the Duc D’Orleans amalgamate the Blue or Nationalfreemasonry in France with the Grand Orient rites, he led his friend down the same “Primrose Path” which had led to his own social ostracism.  In exactly four years, the Duc D’Orleans was so heavily in debt that he was PERSUADED to engage in every form of illegal traffic and trade to recuperate his losses.  But in some mysterious manner his ventures always seemed to go wrong and he lost more and more money.

By 1780 he owed 800,000 livres.  Once again the money-lenders came forward and offered him advice in regard to his business transactions and financial aid.  They very nicely manoeuvred him into the position of signing over to them as security for their loans, his palace, his estates, his house, and the Palais Royal.  The Duc D’Orleans signed an agreement under which his Jewish financiers were authorized to manage his properties and estates so as to ensure him sufficient income to meet his financial obligations and leave him a steady and adequate income.

The Duc D’Orleans had never been too bright in regard to financial matters.  To him the agreement he signed with his Jewish Bankers appeared to be a sound financial deal.  They had offered to manage his business affairs and turn them from a dismal failure into a great financial success.  What more could he want ?  It is doubtful if the Duc D’Orleans even suspected that there was a nigger hidden deep in the wood-pile.  It is doubtful if he even suspected he had sold himself body and soul to the Agents of the Devil… But he had done so.  He was completely in their hands.[8]

The Secret Powers directing the French Revolution appointed Choderlos de Laclos to manage the Palais Royal and the Duc D’Orleans’ estates.  De Laclos is thought to have been a Jew of Spanish origin.  When he was appointed manager of the Palais Royal he was acclaimed as the author of Les Liaisons Dangereuses and other pornographic works.  He publicly defended his extreme immorality on the grounds that he studied the politics of love in all its varied aspects because of his love of politics.

It matters little who Choderlos de Laclos was, it is what he did that is of importance.  He turned the Palais Royal into the greatest and most notorious house of ill-fame the world has ever known.  In the Palais Royal he established every kind of lewd entertainment, licentious conduct, shameless shows, obscene picture galleries, pornographic libraries, and staged public exhibitions of the most bestial forms of sexual depravity.  Special opportunities were provided for men and women who wished to indulge in every form of debauchery.  The Palais Royal became the centre in which details of the campaign for the systematic destruction of the French religious faith and public morals were conceived and carried out.  This was done on the Cabalistic theory that the best revolutionary is a youth devoid of morals.

Associated with de Laclos was a Jew from Palermo named Cagliostro, alias Joseph Balsamo.  He turned one of the Duc’s properties into a printing house from which he issued revolutionary pamphlets.  Balsamo organized a staff of revolutionary propagandists.  In addition to literature they organized concerts, and plays, and debates calculated to appeal to the very lowest instincts of human nature and further the revolutionary cause.  Balsamo also organized the Spy-rings which enabled the men who were The Secret Power behind the revolutionary movement to put into operation their plan of L’Infamie to be used for systematic character assassination.

Men and women, who were enticed into the Web spun by de Laclos and Balsamo, could be blackmailed into doing their bidding.  Thus it was the Duc D’Orleans’ estates were turned into the Centre of Revolutionary Politics while, under the guise of Lecture Halls, Theatres, Art Galleries, and Athletic Clubs, the gambling rooms, brothels, and wine and drug shops did a roaring trade.  In this revolutionary underworld potential leaders were first ensnared.  Their consciences were at first deadened by evil associations and then killed by indulgence in evil practices.  The estates of the Duc D’Orleans were turned into factories in which the Secret Power behind the World Revolutionary Movement manufactured the Pieces they intended to use in their game of International Chess.  Scudder, who wrote “Prince of the Blood” says of the Palais Royal :  “It gave the police more to do than all other parts of the city”.  But as far as the public was concerned, this infamous place was owned by the Duc D’Orleans, the cousin of the king.  Only a mere handful of men and women knew that the moneylenders controlled it and used it to create a revolutionary organization which was to be the instrument of their revenge and their manual of action to further their secret aims and ambitions.

After the secret documents found on the body of the Courier had been read by the police, the documents were passed on to the Bavarian Government.  The Bavarian Government ordered the police to raid the headquarters of the Illuminati.  Further evidence was obtained which exposed the wide-spread ramifications of the World Revolutionary Movement.  The Governments of France, England, Poland, Germany, Austria and Russia were informed of the International Nature of the revolutionary plot, but as has happened repeatedly since, the governments concerned took no serious action to stop the diabolical conspiracy.  Why ?  The only answer to this question is this :  The power of the men behind the world revolutionary movement is greater than the power of any elected government.  This fact will be proved time and time again as the story unfolds.

The malevolent men who plot and plan the W.R.M. have an another advantage over decent people.  The average person, who believes in God and finds pleasure and enjoyment in the beautiful things with which God has blessed us, just cannot bring himself, or herself, to believe a diabolical plan of hatred and revenge could be conceived by human beings.  Although all Christians believe most sincerely that the Grace of God enters their own souls as the result of attending their religious services, receiving the Sacraments, and saying their prayers, they cannot make themselves believe that through the ceremonies and Rites of the Illuminati, be it the Semitic Cabala or the Aryan Pagan Grand Orient type, the Devil does inoculate his evil influence and powers into the hearts and souls of the men and women who accept, as their religion, Satanism or atheism, and put the theories of their High Priests into practice.

A few illustrations will be given to show how individuals and governments have remained just as stupid and naive in regard to warnings given them concerning the evil mechanism of the real leaders of the World Revolutionary Movement.

After various governments failed to act on the information made known by the Bavarian police in 1785, the sister of Marie Antoinette wrote her personal letters warning her of the revolutionary plot;  the connection of the International Bankers;  the part Freemasonry was destined to play, and her own danger.  Marie Antoinette (1755 – 1793) was the daughter of the Emperor Francis I of Austria.  She married Louis XVI of France.  She just couldn’t bring herself to believe the terrible things her own sister told her were being plotted by the Illuminati.  To the repeated warnings sent by her sister, Marie Antoinette wrote long letters in reply.  In regard to her sister’s claim that evidence had been obtained that the Illuminati operating under the guise of Philanthropic Freemasonry planned to destroy both the Church and State in France, Marie Antoinette replied :  “I believe that as far as France is concerned, you worry too much about Freemasonry.  Here it is far from having the significance it may have elsewhere in Europe.”

How wrong she proved to be is a matter of history.  Because she refused consistently to heed her sister’s repeated warnings she and her husband died under the guillotine.

Between 1917 and 1919 the British Government was given full particulars regarding the international bankers who were at that time The Secret Power behind the W.R.M.  The information was submitted officially by British Intelligence Officers, American Intelligence Officers and confirmed by Mr. Oudendyke and Sir M. Findlay.  Mr. Oudendyke was the representative of the Netherlands Government in St. Petersburg (now Leningrad) at the time.  He looked after Britain’s interests after The Mob had wrecked the British Embassy, and killed Commander E.N. Cromie.  This aspect of the W.R.M. is dealt with in detail in subsequent chapters on Russia.

The majority of students of history believe Marie Antoinette was a woman who entered fully into the spirit and gaiety of the French Court.  It is generally accepted as a fact that she engaged in many affairs d’amour with her husband’s close friends, and indulged in reckless extravagances.  That is the picture Balsamo and his propagandists painted of her.  The fact that they made their L’Infamie stick enabled them to have the mob demand her life.  But their version of the conduct of Marie Antoinette is a pack of lies, as historians have proved.  The fortitude with which she bore the sufferings inflicted upon her by her enemies, the dignity with which she met her fate, and the resignation and courage with which she offered up her life on the scaffold, cannot be reconciled with the characteristics of a wanton woman.

In order to defame Marie Antoinette, Weishaupt and Mendelssohn thought up the idea of the Diamond Necklace.  At the time, the financial resources of France were at their lowest ebb and the government of France was begging the International Money-Barons to grant them further credit.  A secret agent of the arch-conspirators ordered a fabulous diamond necklace to be made by the Court Jewellers.  The order for this necklace, the estimated value of which was a quarter of a million livres, was placed in the name of the Queen.  When the Court Jewellers brought the Diamond Necklace to the Queen for her acceptance she refused to have anything to do with it.  She disclaimed all knowledge of the transaction.  But the news of the fabulous necklace leaked out as the plotters intended it should.  Balsamo put his propaganda machine into operation.  Marie Antoinette was deluged with criticism;  her character was smeared;  her reputation dragged in the mire by a whispering campaign of character assassination.  And, as usual, nobody could ever put a finger on the person or persons who started the slanders.  After this build-up, Balsamo uncorked his own special master-piece.  His printing presses turned out thousands upon thousands of pamphlets which claimed a secret lover of the Queen’s had sent the necklace as a mark of appreciation for her favours.

But those who operated L’Infamie thought up even more diabolical slanders to circulate regarding the Queen.  They wrote a letter to Cardinal Prince de Rohan to which they forged the signature of the Queen.  In the letter he was asked to meet her at the Palais Royal about midnight to discuss the matter of the diamond necklace.  A prostitute from the Palais Royal was engaged to disguise herself as the Queen, and involve the Cardinal.  The incident was played up in newspapers and pamphlets and the foulest innuendoes were circulated involving two of the highest personages of both Church and State.

History records that after the diamond necklace had served its foul purpose it was taken over to England and taken apart.  A Jew named Eliason is said to have retained the majority of the valuable diamonds used in its original composition.

Another piece of evidence which connects the English Jewish moneylenders with the plot to bring about the French Revolution was unearthed by Lady Queensborough, author of “Occult Theocrasy”.  While doing some research work she read a copy of “L’Anti-Semitisme” written by a Jew named Bernard Lazare and published in 1849.  With the leads obtained from this book Lady Queensborough claims Benjamin Goldsmid, his brother Abraham, and their partner Moses Mecatta, and his nephew Sir Moses Montifiore, were Jewish financiers in England who were definitely affiliated with their continental Jewish brethren in the plot to bring about the revolution in France.  Further evidence was found to tie Daniel Itsig of Berlin, and his son-in-law David Friedlander, and Herz Gergbeer of Alsace in with the Rothschilds and the plot.  Thus are revealed the men who at that time constituted the Secret Power behind the WorldRevolutionary Movement.

Knowledge of the methods these men used to manoeuvre the French Government into financial difficulty is of importance, because it set the pattern they followed in America, Russia, Spain and other countries afterwards.

Sir Walter Scott in Vol. two of The Life of Napoleon, gives a clear story of the initial moves.  He then sums up the situation with these words — “These financiers used the Government (French) as bankrupt prodigals are treated by usurious money-lenders who, feeding the extravagance with one hand, with the other wring out of their ruined fortunes the most unreasonable recompenses for their advances.  By a long succession of these ruinous loans, and various rights granted to guarantee them, the whole finances of France were brought to a total confusion”.[9]

After the Government of France was forced into the position of seeking huge loans because of debts incurred in fighting wars to further the secret ambitions of the International Conspirators, they very kindly offered to supply the money providing they could write the terms of the agreement.  On the surface their terms were most lenient.  But again they had placed a nigger in the wood-pile in the person of one M. Necker.  He was to be appointed to the French King’s Council as his Chief Minister of Financial Affairs.  The Jewish financiers pointed out that this financial wizard would pull France out of her monetary troubles in less than no time at all.  What he actually did during the next four years was to involve the French Government so badly with the Jewish financiers that the National Debt increased to £170,000,000.

Captain A.H.M. Ramsay sums up the situation aptly in The Nameless War.  He says :  “Revolution is a blow struck at a paralytic. … When the debt-grip has been firmly established, control of every form of publicity and political activity soon follows, together with a full grip on industrialists, [both management and labour].  The stage is then set for the revolutionary blow.  The grip of the right hand of finance establishes the paralysis;  while the revolutionary left hand that holds the dagger and deals the fatal blow.  Moral corruption facilitates the whole process.”

While Balsamo’s propaganda sheets damned the higher officials of both Church and State, special agents of the Illuminati organized the men who were to be used as leaders in the Reign of Terror planned to accompany the revolutionary effort.  Among these leaders were Robespierre, Danton, and Marat.  To conceal their real purpose, the men who were to release the prisoners and lunatics to create the necessary atmosphere for instituting the preconceived Reign of Terror, met in the Jacobean Convent.  Within the walls of the sacred edifice the details of the bloody plan were worked out.  The lists of reactionaries marked down for liquidation were compiled.  It was explained that while the criminals and lunatics ran wild terrorizing the population by committing mass murders and publicly performing rapes, the organized underground workers, under direction of Manuel, Procurer of the Commune, would round up all the important political figures, heads of the clergy, and military officers known to be loyal to the King.[10]  The men who were to emerge from the Jewish organized underground were formed into Jacobin Clubs.  Under leaders, who were well versed in the duties required of them to direct the “Reign of Terror”, they conducted the mass atrocities so they would serve the purpose of their hidden masters, and move them further towards their ultimate goal.

1 These were the original theories on which Class War was ultimately organized.

2 This statement in the original documents [What original documents?] should convince all but the biased that the speaker was not a Rabbi or Elder of the Jews nor was he addressing Elders and Rabbis because it was the Goldsmiths, the money-lenders and their affiliates in commerce and industry who in 1773 had the wealth of the world in their hands as they have it still in their hands in the 20th Century.

3 The Red Fog explains how this theory has been put into effect in America since 1900.

4 The word “agentur” means the complete organized body of agents … spies, counter-spies, blackmailers, saboteurs, underworld characters, and everything and every body outside the LAW which enables the international conspirators to further their secret plans and ambitions.

5 The word “Goyim” means all others than their own group.  The unimportant people.

6 The “Lexicon of Life” he referred to, was Almighty God’s plan of creation.

7 There were also thirteen tribes of Israel which could have some bearing on the matter of numbers.

8 The same Evil Geniuses used their agents to involve William Pitt in debt and forced him to resign as Prime Minister of England because during the early part of his ministry he obstinately refused to allow England to become involved in wars they planned to further their own secret plans and ambitions.  Pitt had learned a great deal regarding the part the International Money-Barons played in International Affairs when Chancellor of the Exchequer — 1785.

9 Because of his alleged anti-Semitic utterances Sir Walter Scott’s important works consisting of a total of nine volumes dealing with many phases of the French Revolution have been given the silent treatment by those who control the publishing houses as well as the biggest portion of the press.  They are almost unattainable except in Museum Libraries and are never listed with his other works.

10 Sir Walter Scott — “Life of Napoleon”, Vol. 2, P. 30 says “The demand of the Communauté de Paris, now the Sanhedrin of the Jacobin, was of course, for blood.”



Tomas de Torquemada (El inquisidor)


Torquemada. Para los oídos ingleses, el mismo nombre suena torturado y cruel. Y Tomás de Torquemada era eso. Era un hombre intolerante en una época de hombres intolerantes. Un judío, nacido en una familia de conversos, se volvió la mayor parte de su furia contra su propio pueblo. Con energía y conexiones, era inevitable que Torquemada subiera al poder. Después de estudiar teología en el convento dominicano de San Pablo en Valladolid, se convirtió en prior del convento de Santa Cruz en Segovia. También se convirtió en confesor de la corte real. Allí susurró a los oídos del rey Fernando y de la reina Isabel que muchos conversos judíos practicaban secretamente ritos judaicos mientras aparentemente fingían ser cristianos.

Ayudó a la pareja real a solicitar una inquisición sobre este asunto. La solicitud fue concedida. En 1483, Torquemada se hizo gran inquisidor.

Torquemada desarrolló una red opresiva de espías y policía secreta. Sus tribunales convocaron a miles de personas. La mayoría de ellos estaban completamente en una pérdida en cuanto a lo que se suponía que habían hecho. Un tercio fueron torturados.

Las tres torturas más comunes debían ser colgadas por los brazos hasta que fueran sacadas de sus órbitas; Ser forzado a tragar galones de agua; Y ser atormentado. La inquisición mantuvo registros de interrogatorios, y estos muestran a la gente pidiendo que se les diga qué admitir para que puedan escapar de su agonía. -He dicho que hice todo lo que dicen los testigos, señores, que me suelten, porque no lo recuerdo … por el amor de Dios, ten misericordia de mí -exclamó una mujer.

Un hombre sometido a la tortura insistió en que era un buen católico. Si querían que él dijera que era un hereje, lo haría por la tortura. Señor Inquisidor, ¿qué quiere que diga su señoría? Otra: “No sé qué decir … Oh Dios, Oh Dios no hay misericordia, ¡Oh Dios me ayude, ayúdame!”

Peor que las torturas era el miedo a la inmolación. Torquemada quemó a más de 2.000 víctimas “culpables”. Naturalmente, con tal expediente lo odiaron. Le pareció necesario ir con los guardaespaldas. Ni siquiera el Papa pudo detener su cruel trabajo. Cuando Sixto IV en un toro absolvió a todos los Conversos de cualquier error que pudieran haber cometido, Fernando se negó a quedar atado por el toro.

Torquemada continuó la persecución y Sixtus retrocedió. Torquemada alargó su alcance. Tenía todos los judíos inconversos expulsados ​​de España. Paradójicamente y trágicamente, este brutal negocio se hizo en nombre de Cristo, que nunca levantó un dedo para lastimar a nadie, sino que voluntariamente dio su propia vida por los demás. Sin embargo, la muerte nos alcanza a todos.

En esta fecha, 16 de septiembre de 1498, a la edad de 78 años, Torquemada murió. Si España esperaba con su muerte un cese de la brutalidad, esperaban en vano. Su aparato seguía viviendo tras él, aplastando nuevas víctimas mucho tiempo después de su desaparición.



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Tomas de Torquemada (The Enquisitor)


Torquemada. To English ears, the very name sounds tortured and cruel. And Tomás de Torquemada was that. He was a most intolerant man in an age of intolerant men. A Jew, born into a family of converts, he turned most of his fury against his own people.

With energy and connections, it was inevitable that Torquemada should rise to power. After studying theology at the Dominican convent of San Pablo in Valladolid, he became prior of Santa Cruz convent in Segovia. He also became confessor to the royal court. There he whispered in the ears of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella that many Jewish converts were secretly practicing Judaic rites while outwardly pretending to be Christians.

He helped the royal couple draft a request for an inquisition into this matter. The request was granted. In 1483, Torquemada was made grand inquisitor.

Torquemada developed an oppressive network of spies and secret police. His courts summoned thousands of individuals. Most of them were completely at a loss as to what they were supposed to have done. One third were tortured. The three most common tortures were to be hung by the arms until they were pulled from their sockets; to be forced to swallow gallons of water; and to be racked.

The inquisition kept records of interrogations, and these show people begging to be told what to admit so they could escape their agony. “I have said that I did all that the witnesses say. Señores, release me, for I do not remember it. . . . for God’s sake have mercy on me,” pleaded one woman. A man undergoing the torture insisted he was a good Catholic. If they wanted him to say he was a heretic, he would because of the torture. “Señor Inquisidor, what does your lordship want me to say?” Another: “I don’t know what to say. . . . Oh God, Oh God there’s no mercy, Oh God help me, help me!”

Worse than the tortures was the fear of immolation. Torquemada burned over 2,000 “guilty” victims. Naturally, with such a record he was loathed. He found it necessary to go about with bodyguards. Even the Pope could not stop his cruel work. When Sixtus IV in a bull absolved all the Conversos of any wrong they might have done, Ferdinand refused to be bound by the bull. Torquemada continued the persecution and Sixtus backed down. Torquemada extended his reach. He had all unconverted Jews expelled from Spain.

Paradoxically and tragically, this brutal business was done in the name of Christ, who never raised a finger to hurt anybody but willingly gave his own life for others. However, death reaches us all. On this date, September 16, 1498, at the stout age of 78, Torquemada died. If Spain hoped with his death for a cessation of brutality, they hoped in vain. His apparatus lived on after him, crushing new victims long after he was gone.


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PR Bankruptcy Plan.



After years of economic hardship, the government of Puerto Rico pulled the trigger on a bankruptcy-like filing on Wednesday, turning the page in a saga featuring public officials, creditors and the 3.4m residents who have lost control of the island.

At stake is more than $120bn of debt and pension obligations, with investors braced for billions of dollars of losses. What caused this crisis and what awaits the US territory? How did Puerto Rico get into this predicament? Many politicians and historians attribute the economic crisis to changes to the tax code in 1996, when incentives for doing business on the island were slowly phased out.

By 2006 economic growth had slowed markedly. As the credit crisis ravaged the US mainland, Puerto Rico struggled, too, and financial regulators were forced to seize several banks. Puerto Rico continued to decline. The government kept on borrowing to fund operations, running large budget deficits and now has bond debts of about $74bn.

A federal oversight board installed by the US Congress estimated the island could only afford a quarter of that amount. Anne Krueger, the former first deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund, remarked bleakly in her 2015 report: “Structural problems, economic shocks and weak public finances have yielded a decade of stagnation, outmigration and debt.” What does the bankruptcy filing mean for Puerto Ricans? Puerto Rico’s near $50bn pension system is vastly underfunded and could be fully depleted by the end of this year. That would shift as much as $1.5bn on to the government’s annual budget, weighing on its ability to fund other public services.

Pensioners are preparing for cuts to their retirement pay. A fiscal plan proposed by the government has sought to cut payrolls, reduce subsidies to the island’s university system and slash spending on healthcare. Those changes could spur additional migration from the island, one of Puerto Rico’s most pressing problems. With more than 45 per cent of Puerto Ricans living below the poverty line, Puerto Ricans are moving to the US mainland in search of work.

What is Title III? Puerto Rico, like other US territories, was in no man’s land before the passage of the Promesa rescue legislation in Congress last year. The island is not a US local government or public corporation so it does not have access to typical bankruptcy protections. The rescue law borrowed heavily from the Chapter 9 bankruptcy code, allowing territories to restructure their debts under the purview of a control board in a process known as Title III.

The island must first prove that it attempted good faith negotiations with its creditors before the board can sign off on a Title III filing. Once it has, John Roberts, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, will designate a district court judge to oversee the court proceedings. Title III includes cramdown provisions, which can bind dissenting creditors to a plan that is signed off by the oversight board and the courts.

These provisions prevent holdout creditors from blocking a wider deal and needs agreement from only a single creditor class within Puerto Rico’s complex web of debt issuing agencies. “Title III puts a lot of power in the hands of the board, including seeking to have the court cram their plan down on to any dissenting class of creditors,” says Jim Millstein, the adviser to Puerto Rico’s previous administration and the former chief restructuring officer at the US Treasury, where he led the rescue of insurer AIG. “The risk of cramdown should alter everyone’s negotiating strategy, hopefully to prompt a settlement sooner than later.”

Who are the losers? Mutual funds, including Franklin Templeton and OppenheimerFunds, which are large holders of constitutionally backed general obligation bonds and junior sales tax-backed debt, are among the biggest losers in Puerto Rico’s default. The two fought vociferously against proposals under the previous governor, who offered higher payouts than the current administration. Monoline bond insurers, which insure a portion of Puerto Rican debt, are also facing losses. Distressed investors are in a difficult spot after the oversight board projected this year that Puerto Rico could afford far less on bond payments than previously predicted. Those investors, including Aurelius Capital Management and Monarch Alternative Capital, have already filed lawsuits against the territory.

How soon will this be resolved? No one knows how long a restructuring of Puerto Rico’s debts, the largest bankruptcy in the history of the $3.8tn municipal bond market, will last. In a best-case scenario, creditors could begin to settle with the oversight board in the next few months.

However, many advisers fear the process could last 18 months to two years — or even longer — costing millions in legal fees and depressing economic activity on the island. Litigation between creditors could also make its way to the Supreme Court, with holders of the sales tax-backed bonds — known as Cofina by its Spanish acronym — and general obligation bond investors both claiming they deserve seniority in a restructuring. “With that bankruptcy now started, the governor has forfeited all power over the restructuring, and the economy of Puerto Rico will be put on hold for years,” says Andrew Rosenberg, a lawyer with Paul Weiss who is advising some of the general obligation bondholders. “Make no mistake: the board has chosen to turn Puerto Rico into the next Argentina.”


Los judíos controlan los jesuitas


Los primeros jesuitas eran criptojudíos. Ignacio El propio Loyola era un criptojudío de la Cábala Oculta. Un criptojudío es un judío que se convierte en otra religión y abraza exteriormente la nueva religión, manteniendo secretamente prácticas judías. Como explica John Torell: “En 1491 San Ignacio de Loyola nació en la provincia vasca de Guipúzcoa, España. Sus padres eran Marranos y en el momento de su nacimiento la familia era muy rica. Como un joven se convirtió en un miembro de la orden judío Illuminati en España. Como una tapadera para sus actividades judías del cripto, él hizo muy activo como católico romano. El 20 de mayo de 1521 Ignacio (como se le llamaba ahora) fue herido en una batalla, y se convirtió en un semi-lisiado. Incapaz de triunfar en la arena política y militar, inició una búsqueda de santidad y eventualmente terminó en París donde estudió para el sacerdocio. En 1539 se había trasladado a Roma, donde fundó el “JESUIT ORDER”, que se convertiría en el más vil, sangriento y perseguidor orden en la Iglesia Católica Romana. En 1540, el actual Papa Pablo III aprobó la orden. En la muerte de Loyola en 1556 había más de 1000 miembros en la orden jesuita, situada en un sin número de paises.

El secretario de Ignacio del  de Loyola, Polanco, era de ascendencia judía y era la única persona presente en el lecho de muerte de Loyola. James Lainez, que sucedió a Loyola como el segundo jesuita general, también era de descendencia judía. Los judíos fueron atraídos por la orden de los jesuitas y se unieron en gran número. Lacunza no fue la excepción. Era judío, lo que explica por qué introdujo la enseñanza escatológica de un retorno a los sacrificios de animales judíos durante el Milenio. (En un libro titulado La Venida del Mesías en Gloria y Majestad publicado en 1812, 11 años después de la muerte de su autor, Jesuita

Emanuel de Lacunza, quien escribió bajo el seudónimo ficticio de un judío supuestamente convertido, el rabino Juan Josaphat Ben Ezra, con el fin de ocultar su identidad y hacer sus escritos más sabrosos para los lectores protestantes. Promovió los escritos del sacerdote jesuita Francisco Ribera del siglo XVI, desarrollando una perspectiva futurista que limitaba las realizaciones proféticas en el libro del Apocalipsis al fin del mundo. Lacunza también escribió que durante un milenio después de la tribulación los sacrificios de animales judíos serían reintegrados junto con la Eucaristía (la masa) de la Iglesia Católica. Lacunza ha seguido las fábulas judías y reemplazado los mandamientos de Dios por los mandamientos de los hombres. Esa doctrina da a los judíos la primacía en el plan de Dios y relega a los cristianos a un paréntesis profético para ser suplantado por los judíos durante los mil años de reinado

Cualquiera que haya estado involucrado en la “búsqueda de la verdad” desde hace algún tiempo, seguramente se encontrará con la gente que tratará de convencerle de que la Orden de los Jesuitas (aka Sociedad de Jesús) está realmente en la cima de esta red mundial de delincuencia. Estas personas intentarán implacable e incansablemente llenar su cabeza con ideas de que los jesuitas de Roma realmente manejan el espectáculo desde detrás de las escenas y que todo lo demás es “desinformación”. Esta teoría parece haber llegado a ser más popular y de gran alcance en el Internet y usted verá más y más gente el loro esta materia fuerte y claro a cualquier persona que escuche ingenuamente. Voy a mostrarles que no sólo esta teoría es una tontería completa que es popular entre los locos, los perros, los judíos y los defensores judíos, pero que los jesuitas son en realidad criptojudíos. Por lo tanto, aunque esta teoría ridícula fuera verdadera, significaría que los judíos son y siempre han estado detrás de esta cábala criminal global.  ¿Quién promueve esta teoría y por qué? Primero vamos a discutir las mismas personas que promueven esta tontería y analizarlos para ver si nos da alguna indicación de cuáles podrían ser sus motivos. El promotor más grande y popular de estas cosas es un tipo llamado Eric John Phelps que escribió un libro patético llamado Vaticano Assassins en el que hace una serie de afirmaciones superfluamente sin fundamento alegando que el Vaticano y los jesuitas dirigen el mundo y está detrás de todo, desde JFK Asesinato hasta el 11 de septiembre. Este libro es más o menos un 99,99% inventado mentira.

Eric Jon Phelps

Literalmente hace las cosas a medida que avanza y no tiene fuentes para respaldar ninguna de sus reclamaciones. Como era de esperar, fue llevado a la escuela en un debate contra Michael Collins Piper, autor del gran libro Final Judgment. Eric Phelps tiene una conexión ridículamente palpable que ilustra claramente por qué promueve esta basura. En su sitio web en la sección de donaciones pide que todos los giros se envíen a la dirección de LOWVEHM Inc., la empresa que dirige. ¡Ahora si usted va al Web site de LOWVEHM usted verá rápidamente que es una compañía del diamante y de las joyas que recibe sus diamantes al por mayor directamente de Tel Aviv, Israel! Así que los ingresos del chico dependen de Diamantes de Sangre de Israel y él culpa a los jesuitas por todo. ¿Necesito decir algo más? No tendría que hacerlo, pero lo haré. No sólo esta cosa de diamante israelí lo hacen parecer un total shill para los judíos, pero él admitió que su esposa es un judío ruso y que él mismo es sionista cristiano. Él también mancha a cualquiera que no esté de acuerdo con sus tonterías llamándolos un “Coadjutor Jesuita” (que es sólo un patético compuesto por un término de ficción). Hay mucho más suciedad en el tipo que se puede encontrar AQUÍ, pero esto es tan over-the-top obvio que estoy gobsmacked que alguien realmente toma algo que este tipo dice en serio. Tienes que ser increíblemente estúpido, o un judío para promover este tipo y sus teorías conspirativas sobre los jesuitas que dirigen el mundo. Ya hemos terminado con él, no merece más atención, y por favor, nadie vuelva a traer a este artista nunca más

 ¿Por qué es que la cuenta paypal de Phelps funciona bien, cuando alguien que dice algo acerca de los judíos en su sitio web obtiene su paypal inmediatamente cerrar?

 La respuesta es obvia, los jesuitas no se ejecutan en cuclillas. Aparte de ese monstruo, la gente que suele promover el material de los jesuitas son judíos, sionistas cristianos, o simplemente kooks que se aburren de culpar a los culpables obvios y están buscando una teoría de la conspiración “cool” / “interesante” para fantasear en su Sótanos mientras jerking apagado a gay todo el día. He charlado con algunas de estas personas en YouTube y otros lugares y si echas un vistazo a sus perfiles que promueven casi cualquier cosa que suena loco y lejano como el “No Planes” y “Space Beams” en 9 / 11 teorías. ¿Por qué la mayoría de ellos también promueven esas cosas también? Porque son sólo teóricos locos de la conspiración que buscan algo “interesante” para obsesionarse cuando no están jugando World Of Warcraft en las computadoras de su mamá.

 Una de las cosas más devastadoras a la idea de que los jesuitas están en la cima de esta cosa es el hecho de que más de un montón de los jesuitas son de hecho judíos. La Orden de los Jesuitas es en realidad una Orden Judía disfrazada de católica como una tapadera, así que incluso si estuvieran en la cima, sigue siendo una conspiración judía. “Los jesuitas nos complacemos en admitir a los de ascendencia judía”. J. Nadal Morey “Los jesuitas nos complace admitir a los de ascendencia judía”. – J. Nadal Morey Un excelente recurso que documenta a todos los llamados jesuitas que son realmente judíos convertidos en católicos, por lo tanto “criptojudíos”, se puede encontrar en La Orden de los Jesuitas en su fundación era muy judía. Los cinco miembros fundadores fueron judíos marranos (es decir, judíos disfrazados de cristianos).

Ignatius Loyola – Fundador de la Orden de los Jesuitas (JEW) 

  Alfonso Salmeron – Judío

Diego Lainez – Judío

Nicolas Bodadilla –

 Simao Rodriguez Simao Rodríguez – Judío

En su artículo Sinagoga de Satanás, John S. Torell declara: “En 1491 San Ignacio De Loyola nació en la provincia vasca de Guipúzcoa, España. Sus padres eran Marranos y en el momento de su nacimiento la familia era muy rica. Como un joven se convirtió en un miembro de la Orden de los Illuminati judío en España. Como una cubierta para sus actividades judías del cripto, él hizo muy activo como católico

Los marranos son judíos españoles que se convierten exteriormente en una religión diferente, muchas veces católica, para evadir la persecución y la expulsión por sus acciones traicioneras, manteniendo secretamente la religión del judaísmo y practicando la cabalá.

Además, el secretario de Loyola, Polanco, era también de ascendencia judía y era la única persona presente en el lecho de muerte de Loyola. James Lainez que sucedió a Loyola como el segundo jesuita general también era de descendencia judía. (#) Añade un (W) después de la (E) en los jesuitas y qué se obtiene? Judíos Un nombre más apropiado.

Es muy gracioso cómo los promotores de las teorías de los jesuitas lo ejecutan convenientemente no mencionan estos hechos importantes y tratan de proyectar a los jesuitas como católicos puramente católicos. Y estos skumbags también tienen la audacia de llamarnos “antisemitas” mientras promueven teorías de conspiración descaradamente anticatólicas sin hechos en la mano. Los mismos jesuitas son criptojudíos y también los promotores de las teorías del Papa Negro. Los judíos se disfrazan como la religión de sus enemigos, continúan con su traición bajo esta falsa apariencia, y luego hacen que todos culpen su disfraz por los problemas del mundo. Ingenioso

 El Papa lleva un Yarmulke

Jewish infiltration of the Vatican stems back many hundreds of years, and it would be safe to say that the Jews have a strong vice-grip over that institution, from the inside out. One of the most blatant examples of the Jewishness of the Vatican is the fact that the Pope himself wears a Yarmulke.

Agente de Israel Hay múltiples casos en los que Israel y los judíos han intentado demonizar al Vaticano cuando no son cooperativos o subordinados a su voluntad. Un ejemplo es que los medios de comunicación controlados por los judíos están llevando a cabo una campaña de desmoralización masiva contra sacerdotes católicos (es decir, jesuitas) con acusaciones de pedofilia y satanismo. Aunque algunas de estas acusaciones han demostrado ser ciertas, muchas de estas afirmaciones podrían fácilmente ser embellecidas o fabricadas por los medios de comunicación controlados por los judíos cuando el Vaticano hace algo que a los judíos no les gusta – por ejemplo, cuando el Vaticano fuertemente opuso la guerra de Irak  ¿Chantaje a alguien? ¿Y para quién decir que estos pedófilos y satanistas de la Iglesia Católica no son sólo criptojudíos? Para arrancar, el hombre que salió con muchas de esas acusaciones fue Fr. Malachai Martin, que es un ex sionista jesuita que, durante el Concilio Vaticano II, redactó el documento que exoneraba a los judíos de la culpabilidad en la ejecución de Jesucristo. Por lo tanto, el hombre que escribe libros reclamando la Iglesia Católica está lleno de pedófilos y satanistas es un sionista que exonera a los judíos por asesinar a Jesús. Imagínate.

Otro ejemplo más reciente de los judíos que trataban de demonizar al Vaticano en la prensa era esta historia sobre cómo un folleto que estaba siendo transmitido a las tropas de las FDI en Israel afirmaba que el Vaticano estaba entrenando a Hezbollah para matar a los judíos. Es obvio que el Vaticano está infiltrado y chantajeado por los judíos, que pone totalmente en ridículo cualquier noción de que los “jesuitas” controlan algo, menos Israel y los judíos. Es al revés.

¿Quién controla el tesoro del Vaticano?



La Enciclopedia Judía (Volumen 2, página 497) admite que …

“Un número de católicos se comprometió a organizar un banco competidor para competir con el poder de Rothschild … alrededor de 1820. El Rothschild lo aplastó”.

Dice además:

Es una curiosa continuación del intento de establecer un competidor católico para los Rothschild que en la actualidad (1905) estos últimos son los guardianes del tesoro papal

Así que la dinastía bancaria judía Rothschild controla el tesoro del Vaticano.
Ellos no pueden explicar el obispo Williamson

Héroe de la verdad

Obispo Williamson – héroe de la verdad Si los jesuitas son tan malos y malvados, ¿cómo explican al obispo Richard Williamson? El obispo católico Richard Williamson es un gran hombre que ha declarado valientemente públicamente que el 11 de septiembre fue un fraude, una mentira y que el holocausto también era una mentira. Muchos de estos Popers negros se alejarán de cualquier referencia del obispo Williamson y nary una mención de uno de sus sermones excelentes que exponen 9/11 entre otros crímenes. Incluso he oído a algunos cretinos patéticos decir que él es “oposición controlada” como tapar los pequeños gusanos.

Estos cobardes no dudarán en difamar a una persona que tiene más valor en su uña que en todo su cuerpo. El obispo Williamson pone sus medios de vida y seguridad en la línea cuando habla sobre estos temas. Las cucarachas sin alma que lo atacan porque pone en vergüenza esta afirmación de “conspiración jesuita” son una completa pérdida de oxígeno.

¿Los jesuitas controlan los medios de comunicación, poseen Hollywood, la Reserva Federal y ocupan constantemente posiciones altas en el gobierno? Nope. ¿Han sido expulsados ​​jesuitas de 109 lugares desde el año 250 dC? Nope. ¿Los jesuitas dirigieron el comercio de esclavos africanos, instigar la Primera Guerra Mundial y la Segunda Guerra Mundial, inventar el comunismo y el neoconservadurismo, perpetrar los ataques del 11-S, atacar a los EE.UU. Liberty, asesinar a JFK, dirigir el distrito de diamantes, la industria porno, ejecutar el comercio de drogas? Nope. ¿Se le llama “anticatólico” por culpar a los jesuitas por todo lo que bajo el sol ni siquiera hacen? No, pero nos llaman antisemitas por culpar a la gente que TODA la evidencia demuestra son los responsables

Un complot judío secreto revelado por la Gaceta Católica de Inglaterra


 En el London Catholic Gazette  de febrero de 1936 publicó un artículo sensacional bajo el título:El peligro judío y la Iglesia católica   El órgano mensual de la Sociedad Católica Misionera de Inglaterra citaba discursos pronunciados en una serie de reuniones judías secretas en París. Unas semanas más tarde, el semanario parisino Le Reveil du Peuple” publicó un relato similar, añadiendo que las declaraciones se habían hecho en una reciente convención del B’nai B’rith (orden secreta masónica en la que no se admite ningún gentil) en París

El articulo de la Gaceta Catolica  decia lo siguiente:

Que hubo y sigue siendo un problema judío que nadie puede negar. Desde el rechazo de Israel, 1.900 años atrás, los judíos se han dispersado en todas direcciones, ya pesar de las dificultades e incluso la persecución, se han establecido como un poder en casi todas las naciones de Europa.

 En vista de este problema judío, que afecta de manera especial a la Iglesia católica, publicamos los siguientes extractos asombrosos de una serie de discursos realizados recientemente bajo los auspicios de una sociedad judía en París. El nombre de nuestro informante debe permanecer oculto. En la actualidad es conocido por nosotros, pero debido a sus peculiares relaciones con los judíos en la actualidad, hemos acordado no revelar su identidad ni dar más detalles de la reunión de París más allá de los siguientes extractos que, aunque a veces libremente Sin embargo, expresan sustancialmente el significado de las declaraciones originales .-Nota editorial se gloría en el hecho de que sin perjuicio de su propia unidad racial y carácter internacional, los judíos han sido capaces de difundir sus doctrinas y aumentar su influencia política, social 

Mientras exista entre los gentiles una concepción moral del orden social,  y hasta que toda la fe, el patriotismo y la dignidad sean desarraigados,  nuestro reinado sobre el mundo no VENDRA.

Ya hemos cumplido parte de nuestro trabajo, pero todavía no podemos afirmar que todo nuestro trabajo está hecho. Todavía tenemos un largo camino por recorrer antes de que podamos derrocar a nuestro principal oponente: la Iglesia Católica

Debemos tener siempre en mente que la Iglesia Católica es la única institución que se ha mantenido, y que, mientras subsista, se interpondrá en nuestro camino. La Iglesia Católica, con su trabajo metódico y sus enseñanzas edificantes y morales, mantendrá siempre a sus hijos en tal estado de ánimo, que los haga demasiado respetuosos de sí mismos para ceder ante nuestra dominación, y inclinarse ante nuestro futuro Rey de Israel…

Es por eso que nos hemos esforzado por descubrir la mejor manera de sacudir a la Iglesia Católica a sus fundamentos. Hemos extendido el espíritu de rebelión y falso liberalismo entre las naciones de los gentiles para persuadirlos de su fe e incluso para avergonzarlos de profesar los preceptos de su religión y obedecer los mandamientos de su Iglesia.

Hemos traído a muchos de ellos a jactarse de ser ateos, y más que eso, a la gloria de ser descendientes de los simios! Les hemos dado nuevas teorías, imposibles de realizer,  como el comunismo, el anarquismo y el socialismo, que ahora sirven a nuestro propósito…Los estúpidos gentiles los han aceptado con el mayor entusiasmo, sin darse cuenta de que esas teorías son nuestras y que constituyen Nuestro instrumento más poderoso contra sí mismos.


Hemos ennegrecido la Iglesia Católica con las calumnias más ignominiosas, hemos manchado su historia y ha deshonrado incluso sus actividades más nobles. Hemos imputado a ella los males de sus enemigos,y así hemos llevado a estos últimos a estar más de cerca a nuestro lado … Así que ahora estamos siendo testigos de nuestra mayor satisfacción,  las rebeliones contra la Iglesia en varios países … Hemos vuelto Clero en objetos de odio y ridiculización, los hemos sometido al desprecio de la multitud … Hemos hecho que la práctica de la religión católica se considere anticuada y una mera pérdida de tiempo

Y los gentiles, en su estupidez, han demostrado ser más fáciles de engañar de lo que esperábamos que fueran. Uno esperaría más inteligencia y sentido común más práctico, pero no son mejores que un rebaño de ovejas. Que pasten en nuestros campos hasta que lleguen a ser lo suficientemente grasos como para ser dignos de ser inmolados a nuestro futuro Rey del Mundo …

Hemos fundado muchas asociaciones secretas, que trabajan para nuestro propósito, bajo nuestras órdenes y nuestra dirección. Hemos hecho un honor, un gran honor, que los gentiles se unan a nosotros en nuestras organizaciones, que son, gracias a nuestro oro, floreciendo ahora más que nunca. Sin embargo, sigue siendo nuestro secreto que aquellos gentiles que traicionan sus propios y más preciosos intereses, al unirse a nosotros en nuestro complot nunca deben saber que estas asociaciones son de nuestra creación y que sirven a nuestro propósito …

Uno de los muchos triunfos de nuestra Francmasonería es que aquellos Gentiles que se convierten en miembros de nuestras Logias, nunca deben sospechar que los estamos usando para construir sus propias cárceles, sobre cuyas terrazas erigiremos el trono de nuestro Rey Universal de Israel; Y nunca deben saber que les estamos ordenando forjar las cadenas de su propio servilismo a nuestro futuro Rey del mundo.


Hasta ahora, hemos considerado nuestra estrategia en nuestros ataques contra la Iglesia Católica desde el exterior. Pero esto no es todo. Expliquemos ahora cómo hemos ido más allá en nuestro trabajo, apresurar la ruina de la Iglesia Católica, y cómo hemos penetrado en sus círculos más íntimos, e incluso hemos llevado a algunos de sus clérigos a ser pioneros de nuestra causa.

Aparte de la influencia de nuestra filosofía,  hemos tomado otras medidas para asegurar una violación en la Iglesia Católica. Permítanme explicar cómo se ha hecho esto.

Hemos incluido a algunos de nuestros hijosa unirse al cuerpo católico,  con la indicación explícita de que deberían trabajar de manera aún más eficiente para la desintegración de la Iglesia Católica,creando escándalos dentro de ella. Hemos seguido así el consejo de nuestro Príncipe de los Judíos, que tan sabiamente dijo:

  Que algunos de vuestros hijos se conviertan en cánones, para que destruyan la Iglesia

Lamentablemente, no todos los judíos convertidos han demostrado ser fieles a su misión. ¡Muchos de ellos incluso nos han traicionado! Pero,   por otro lado, otros han cumplido su promesa y honrado su palabra. Así, el consejo de nuestros Ancianos ha tenido éxito.


Somos los Padres de todas las Revoluciones, incluso de aquellos que a veces se vuelven contra nosotros. Somos los Maestros Supremos de la Paz y la Guerra. ¡Podemos jactarnos de ser los Creadores de la REFORMA! Calvino fue uno de nuestros hijos; Era de ascendencia judía, y fue confiado por la autoridad judía y alentado con la financiación judía para redactar su esquema en la Reforma

Martín Lutero cedió a la influencia de sus amigos judíos, y de nuevo, por la autoridad judía y con las finanzas judías, su complot contra la Iglesia Católica tuvo éxito …

Gracias a nuestra propaganda, a nuestras teorías del liberalismo ya nuestras tergiversaciones de la libertad, las mentes de muchos entre los gentiles estaban listas para dar la bienvenida a la reforma. Se separaron de la Iglesia para caer en nuestra trampa. Y así la Iglesia Católica se ha debilitado muy sensiblemente, y su autoridad sobre los Reyes de los Gentiles se ha reducido a casi nada.

Estamos agradecidos a los protestantes por su lealtad a nuestros deseos, aunque la mayoría de ellos, en la sinceridad de su fe, desconocen su lealtad hacia nosotros. Les estamos agradecidos por la maravillosa ayuda que nos están dando en nuestra lucha contra la fortaleza de la civilización cristiana y en nuestros preparativos para el advenimiento de nuestra supremacía sobre el mundo entero y sobre los reinos de los gentiles.

Hasta ahora hemos logrado derrocar la mayoría de los Tronos de Europa. El resto seguirá en un futuro próximo. Rusia ya ha adorado nuestro gobierno, Francia, con su gobierno masónico, está bajo nuestro pulgar. Inglaterra, en su dependencia de nuestras finanzas está bajo nuestro talón; Y en su Protestantismo es nuestra esperanza para la destrucción de la Iglesia Católica. España y México son sólo juguetes en nuestras manos. Y muchos otros países, incluyendo los Estados Unidos, ya han caído antes de nuestro esquema.


Pero la Iglesia Católica sigue viva.  . “Debemos destruirla sin el menor retraso y sin la menor misericordia. La mayor parte de la Prensa en el mundo está bajo nuestro control; Animemos, pues, de manera todavía más violenta el odio del mundo contra la Iglesia Católica. Intensifiquemos nuestras actividades en el envenenamiento de la moralidad de los gentiles. Extendamos el espíritu de la revolución en las mentes del pueblo. Se les debe hacer despreciar el patriotismo y el amor de su familia, considerar su fe como una farsa, su obediencia a su Iglesia como un servilismo degradante, para que se vuelvan sordos al llamado de la Iglesia y ciegos a sus advertencias contra nos. Permitimos, sobre todo, que sea imposible que los cristianos fuera de la Iglesia Católica se reúnan con esa Iglesia, o que los no cristianos se unan a esa Iglesia; De lo contrario, la mayor obstrucción a nuestra dominación será fortalecida y todo nuestro trabajo deshecho. Nuestro complot será revelado, los gentiles se volverán contra nosotros, en el espíritu de venganza, y nuestra dominación sobre ellos nunca será realizada.

Recordemos que mientras sigan siendo enemigos activos de la Iglesia Católica, podamos esperar convertirnos en Maestros del Mundo … Recordemos siempre que el futuro Rey Judío nunca reinará en el mundo antes de que el Papa en Roma sea destronado , Así como a todos los demás monarcas reinantes de los gentiles sobre la tierra “.

London Catholic Gazette of February 1936 

The Jewish Encyclopedia (Vol. 2, p. 497)

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