First Attempt For Independence

There is an event in our history that is quite unknown (not to say totally) by our people that happened 195 years ago, (1822) and which is one of the first attempts to free Puerto Rico from Spain. The protagonist was a German warrior (others say he was French and others, Swiss) named HENRI LOUIS VILLAUME DUCOUDRAY HOLSTEIN who had fought alongside Napoleon’s troops and later, along with Simon Bolivar. At the end of 1821, some people convinced him to participate in a revolution against the Spanish authorities of Puerto Rico, apparently with the support of the US government; Organizing an invasion from New York. In Puerto Rico he had an ally named PEDRO DUBOIS (native of Guadalupe and resident in Naguabo) who was in charge of getting BORICUAS (as these foreigners identified us) to join the cause. Duboy entrusted the plan to a French resident in Fajardo who denounced him to the authorities and that gave rise to that the Spanish mobilized internationally to make to fail the plan. The invasion would be given by AGUADA and PONCE and would proclaim a REPUBLIC called BORICUA. This tells the historian J.L. Vivas Maldonado: “the failed revolutionary, not obtante had given Puerto Rican history its first Proclamation of Independence. The document circulated in 1821 by Pedro Dubois and Pedro Brignet from Naguabo offered the Puerto Ricans the creation of the BORICUA REPUBLIC, with a Constitution that guaranteed the establishment of the 3 basic powers: legislative, judicial and executive; Free trade and equality of all before the law. ” PLEASE, SHARE IT WITH WHAT BORICUA YOU KNOW


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