The Evolution of Religion

Religious evolution in a nutshell

Thousands of years ago the ape began its way evolving into what we know as homo sapiens. Driven by an implanted religious parasite called fear, many of these homo sapiens became idiotic and erratic infecting the rest of mankind. Nowadays this parasite called fear is erroneously identified by the religious kind as “faith”.

History tells us that after many centuries of walking upright and for some strange reason, men decided to go back to bending down position and began to pray to an image of a deceased naked man nailed to a wooden cross. Even in modern times they still gather to celebrate their regression with a bloody and cannibalistic ritual. In this symbolic ceremony they drink the blood and eat the flesh of the deceased humanoid they call “Savior”.

In summary; religious stupidity proves man and ape are closely related.

Source: The Evolution of Religion


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