2 comments on “Intelligent Life Roamed the Earth Hundreds of Millions to Billions of Years Ago

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  2. The mistake that assumes the long time scale and not the biblical 6000 years since the creation is circular reasoning about the sediments – ie they look so ancient and are full of fossils which also must be old. But with a flood these sediments can be laid down in days . This happened at Mt St Helens – a very small flood compared to Noah’s – only 30 odd years ago – ancient looking sedimentary layers with fossils as well – 30 years old !
    Since nearly all the surface of the earth is sedimentary with trillions of suddenly killed creatures then this is 100% what we would expect with a global flood. Sediments are only laid down by water and especially flood waters which contain cementing salts that harden later.
    All the evidence points to the global flood of Genesis yet the stone bone hunters insist it the sediments have been laid down by lots of little local floods , but we all know water does not stand in columns.
    Fighting against the word of God will only lead to a wasted life – The Genesis flood happened only about 4500 years ago , 1500 years approx after the 6 day creation.
    The Leakeys wasted their lives trying to disprove the bible looking for ape to human bones and found zilch.

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