evolution of ancient technology

History books are wonderful windows into the human past but beware, they can also be misleading.  On the whole, historians do a remarkable job of piecing together what happened long ago but they too make mistakes and quite often these mistakes are deliberate.  It has always been the powerful, the winners and the secure that have the luxury of telling people what happened.  You can be sure that in most cases the story they tell makes them look good and fits with their ideological beliefs.  British history recalls how in 1558 a small but determined English naval fleet beat off the powerful and evil Spanish Armada.  Spanish history books tell a different story.  They tell how the evil British that had renounced the one true Christ and his servant the Pope survived only because of an accident of the weather. There are always two sides to a story.  Another important point about historians is that they like things to fit.  Who can blame them? The psychological Myers-Briggs profile of the average historian is that they are inward looking, analytical and somewhat insecure.  When information is presented that disrupts the perfectly recorded story it’s a real problem.  Let’s face it … you’ve just spent half your life recording and explaining what you understood to be true and then some smart guy comes along and says: “Hey, isn’t this amazing. Look at this circuit board I’ve just found in a lump of coal.”  For historians this is the stuff of nightmares.  How do they deal with these anomalies?  For the closed minded it’s a three stage process: Ignore, deny, debunk.  Still, for all their efforts the museums of the world are full of artifacts and records that don’t fit.  Some are hoaxes, some are mistakes … but some are remarkable and deserve better investigation.  Here are ten popular examples of direct and indirect ancient technology that have upset the official story.

Ancient Technology - The Antikythera mechanism 


The Antikythera Mechanism is currently on display in the Hellenic Museum in Athens, Greece.


This curious mechanical device is often described as the World’s first analogue computer was retrieved by sponge divers off the coast of Antikythera in or around 1900AD.  Scientists all agree that it is real and that it dates from some time during the 2nd century BC making it well over 2,000 years old.  It comprises of a complex system of dials, gears and cogs of extraordinary precision. Experts agree that it represents a standard of production that would not be seen again until the rise of complex clocks and clockwork in the 18th century.

After many years of research the current thinking is that it was used as an astronomy calculator to predict and measure the movement and cycle of the planets in relationship to the Sun, Earth and the Moon.  For decades after its original discovery the importance of the find was overlooked until archaeologists and modern scientist began to appreciate the significance of such early mechanical sophistication.  Since then it has been x-rayed many times using evermore advanced equipment.  Working reconstructions have been made and entire research groups established to unlock the secrets of its manufacture and its purpose.  Its existence has challenged many preconceived ideas regarding the technological abilities of the ancient civilisations.

Located approximately 450 kilometres south of Cairo in Egypt is the very ancient city-complex of Abydos.  Believed by many to be one of the most important historical sites relating to ancient Egypt it is also the location of a set of carvings that have caused a significant amount of academic controversy amongst archeologists and historians. Within the Temple of Seti the 1st (Seti I) you can find the outer Hypostyle Hall and on one of the lintels you can find a series of carvings that look very much like helicopters and futuristic space craft.  The Helicopter is particularly recognizable and this has led to questions being raised about how this can possibly exist.

Ancient Technology - The Abydos Helicopter and UFO


(Ancient Flying Machines?)

The Abydos carvings showing a helicopter and other futuristic Vehicles. Located in the Temple of Seti The First – Abydos, Egypt 

Naturally, every UFO enthusiast or believer in a once technologically advanced Atlantean civilization has pointed to these images as proof of their theories.  Equally, every mainstream Egyptologist has gone to great lengths to explain that they are nothing more than the result of older hieroglyphs that were plastered over and then carved again so that when the plaster later collapsed the modified images that were under the plaster reappeared but in their new and coincidental design.  This has been the official line debunking the Abydos Machines.  Quite complex charts have been created to show how the process took place. Further more, they have rolled out the old argument that because they have never found items of this nature they could never have exited.  Where are they now, they laugh?  Did they just fly away? Oh whoops!

Recently there has been some highly detailed and intelligent challenges to the theory that these images were simply the byproduct of re-carving.  The first is that this was an important building and the use of plaster would have been anomalous. Instead, the Egyptians would have used a special sandstone filler that they were well experienced in making that was much more robust.  The re-carving theory is also coming under scrutiny and recent practical experiments cannot duplicate the effect described by the experts.  Lastly, some researchers believe that the layout of the items has a strong and accurate relationship with the Golden Section concept.  Their point becomes quite interesting when they say that the coincidence that original carvings could be covered and re-carved and then still align to a set of perfect measurements is simply unbelievable.  Either way there is something persistent about this mystery and the debate will continue.  Did the Egyptians whiz around in strange futuristic craft or did they just witness something they couldn’t explain and carve it in stone as a record.  Perhaps time will tell but it hasn’t so far.

Ancient Technology - The Dendera Lights


One of the reliefs depicting the Dendera Lights. The other panels are even more impressive but not copyright free at this time.
Discovered in the Hathor Temple, Dendera, Egypt. 


There are three stone reliefs (carvings) that can be viewed in the Hathor Temple section of the Dendera Archaeological complex which is located on the banks of the Nile approximately 300 miles south of Cairo, Egypt. Some researchers’ claim that these images depict an ancient form of electrical technology or lighting system.  Mainstream Egyptologists strongly dispute that there is anything unusual about the carvings and claim that they merely represent aspects of Egyptian mythology and actual show the birthing of a snake from a lotus flower.  However, a close look at the picture does raise some interesting points and questions.

The lotus flower is easily recognisable but the beam (or bulb) is unusual.  The stem of the lotus is unusually long and cable-like – and does appear to connect to a device that is similar to the ancient Baghdad Battery. (Also featured in this section.) The pillar does look remarkably like a modern electrical insulator of the type that is used on national power-lines and from this device two arms reach up to support the bulb or beam.  The snake is a representation of power and energy and leaves the lotus in a manner very similar to the elongated filaments associated with industrial lighting. There have been many claims used to try and prove that these objects were real and these claims have subsequently been debunked.  This criticism has then been associated with the carvings too.  Those opposed to the electrical lighting theory have often argued that if these existed there would have been archaeological artefacts found to corroborate pictures.  They claim that no such artefacts have been found. This is a fallacious argument.  It depends on the idea that something can’t exist because humanity either hasn’t found it or can’t understand it.  This is a subject worth exploring in much more detail.

Located in the recently restored church of San Pietro, Montalcino, Italy, are three beautiful works of art.  The one located immediately behind the alter is called the Glorification of the Eucharist and was painted just before 1600 AD by the very talented artist Ventura Salimbeni.  What makes this painting both rare and unusual is the focal point which features a mechanical device that strongly resembles a satellite or observation drone.  Although this has been refuted as nothing more than a creation globe there are a few points worth noting that challenge this rather high-handed dismissal.

Glorification of the Eucharist by Ventura Salimbeni


Glorification of the Eucharist by Ventura Salimbeni circa 1599 AD depicting ancient technology. Located in the Church of San Pietro, Montalcino, Italy .

The device clearly has telescopic antenna, what appears to be a camera (or lens) as well as a spotlight.  According to some people the lens is a depiction of the moon and the light is a depiction of the sun. If this is the case then the moon is a double crescent and the Sun is depicted proportionally smaller than it should be. In addition, the antennas are clearly fixed to the globe with grommet-like devices and are tipped with aerial spheres. The globe also displays lines which have been claimed to represent early longitude lines on the globe of the Earth. (We should have better image soon.) In fact, the lines look like the joins in metal plates and perhaps that is what they are.
Ancient Technology - The Baalbek Magalith


One of the largest of the Baalbek Megaliths and known for some 


Located at Baalbek in Lebanon are the largest megalithic stones ever carved from the “living” rock of a quarry. Often referred to as Cyclopean, they range in size and mass but the most sizeable is estimated to weigh nearly 1,300 tons and lies unused.  It seems that thousands of years ago they were shaped into gigantic rectangles and moved over a kilometre to be used in the early construction of the Baalbek Archeological Complex which was expanded during the Roman period when the town was known as Heliopolis (City of the Sun).  They are not merely foundation

stones as it is quite clear that they rest on a deeper layer of smaller, but still very large, blocks.  These massive units each weighing approximately 750 tons were built into the western retaining wall of the plaza and known as the Trilithon. The precision with which these megaliths have been carved is incredible and would be nearly impossible to achieve even today.  How they were moved and placed within the construction of the greater Baal-Jupiter (Zeus) Temple plaza remains unexplained.  Over the years various experiments have taken place that show that while it is possible for vast numbers of men with levers and rollers to move large building stones of up to 300 tons for short distances these megaliths are more than twice as large.  The size of the largest megalith and the fact that moving it even with modern technology would be extremely difficult does suggest that the ancient civilizations may well have had more advanced technology than we currently believe.  Still, what that technology was and how it worked will have to remain a mystery for now.

This unusual discovery was made in 1908 in an underground temple depository linked to the ancient Minoan palace site of Phaistos, on the island of Crete.  Archeologist Luigi Pernier removed the disk from a layer of black earth which has allowed the artifact to be contextually dated to between 1850 BC and 1600 BC.  Made from fired clay, the disk is approximately 15cm in diameter and a centimetre thick with symbols imprinted on both sides.  The meaning of the writing has never been understood in a way that is acceptable to mainstream archeologists or students of ancient languages.

Ancient Technology - The Phaistos Disc


The two sides of the ancient Phaistos Disk showing the undecipherable symbols
On display in the Heraklion Museum in Crete.

It is unusual for a number of reasons.  Most importantly, it is one of a kind and no other item (with perhaps the exception of the Arkalochori Axe) bears any similar script. The writing itself has been created by pressing preformed characters into the soft clay which would make this the earliest recorded use of movable type.  It is important to note that it was found close to a second tablet with standard writing from this period know as Linear A.  Although there has been some controversy over the authenticity of the Disk it is widely believed to be genuine and is on display in the Heraklion Museum of Crete, Greece. Numerous theories have been suggested and range from the Phaistos Disk being a prayer token to a message from ancient aliens.  A recent and quite plausible theory is that it was a coded message that was read and then disposed of by dropping it into the pits.  If this is the case it would represent one of the earliest forms of sophisticated encryption.
Ancient technolgy - Baghdad battery


Reproduction of the Baghdad Battery that was discovered in 1936 in Iraq. Believed to be in the possession of the Baghdad Museum .


These strange artefacts were originally discovered in 1936 during an archaeological dig at village of Khuyut Rabbou’a which is located approximately 20 miles south east of the city centre of modern Baghdad and close to the Arch of Ctesiphon.

Described as 13 – 14cm in height they contained a copper cylinder and within this was suspended an iron rod.  In December 1939, shortly after the start of World War II a German archaeologist by the name of Wilhelm Konig came across the item in the basement of the National Museum of Iraq.

He immediately recognised their similarity to galvanic batteries and published a paper that suggested that these ancient electrical devices may have been used for electroplating precious gold onto silver. It is around this time that Adolf Hitler began a serious, if eccentric, programme to study the technology of the ancients.  Relatively modern films such as “Raiders of the Lost Ark” are based on this obscure reality.  There is no easy explanation for the Baghdad Battery and naturally this has created controversy, debate and disagreement in the scientific community.  Reconstructions of this device have proved that it could generate an electrical current of between 0.4 and 1.9 volts.  Naturally, some scientists dispute these claims and argue that the reconstructions are inaccurate. (Those scientist just love a good dispute – it’s the scientific equivalent of arguing with you history teacher to make sure that everyone else notices that you’re still in the class.)

During 1961 three rock collectors; Wallace Lane, Virginia Maxey and Mike Mikesell were hunting for geodes near the town of Olancha in the state of California, USA, when they discovered a potential specimen that would stimulate more than five decades of controversy.

While cutting through the geode they discovered that instead of the normal cluster of crystals they expected to find they discovered a white ceramic cylinder that had a central iron core that was surrounded by an accretion of rust coloured stone.

Ancient Technology - The Coso Artefact


1920’s technology in the form of a spark plug encased in a 500,000 year old stone geode. This is the Coso Artifact – real mystery or mistaken analysis? 

A faint hexagonal discolouring of the surrounding material could also be made out with the naked eye.  According to Ms. Maxey the artifact was examined by an experienced geologist who stated that material surrounding the cylinder was at least 500,000 years old.  X-rays of the Coso Artifact revealed further metal components that several independent experts have identified as parts of a 1920’s spark plug or something similar.  If the item is a genuine “Out of Place Artifact” then it throws our understanding of history into total disarray.  Today the Coso Artifact has been largely discredited for three reasons.  Firstly, iron objects that are exposed to rain and the correct type of sandy soil or clay can quite quickly build a concretion of rust that appears very much like sandstone.  Secondly, the artifact has disappeared. It may still be in the possession of one of the surviving discoverers but according to various sources they are no longer prepared to discuss the matter.  Thirdly, the identity of the geologist who dated the Coso Artifact has never been revealed.  We’ve only included this item in our list because of the persistent interest in the discovery and the ongoing conspiracy theory that the Item was confiscated by the US Government and a gagging order placed on those that found it.  (Not very likely)
Vimana - An Ancient Technology


Soviet stamp depicting the USSR’s space exploration ambitions alongside an interpretation of a Vimana from ancient india. Fins, nose cone detachable sections? 


This may be the most important section on this web page. It refers to a collection of historical records from ancient India that describe an array of incredible flying machines and weapons of a technological standard even more advanced than those in existence today.  The oldest mention of these machines is found in the Sanskrit texts known as the Veda and date back to approximately 1,500BC.  A modern translation reads: “jumping into space speedily with a craft using fire and water … containing twelve stamghas (pillars), one wheel, three machines, 300 pivots, and 60 instruments.”

In the Ramayana texts there are references to flying machines that were used for the convenience of the ruling class. In the Mahabharata texts there are descriptions of battle planes that fire missiles that use sound to find their target and beams of light that destroy anything they touch with their energy. Credit for these machines was attributed to the Yavanas who are believed to be the ancient Greek civilisations.  In or around the early 1950’s a more modern text was made available.  Called the Vaimanika Sastra (science of Aeronautics) it was allegedly the “inspired’ work of Subbaraya Shastry who claimed it was based on the writings of the great sage Bharadwaja thus giving authenticity to the scientific claims.  The picture is a concept drawing based on the written descriptions in the texts.  However, it could equally well describe the Russian concept rocket depicted on the adjacent stamp.  It is also worth noting that there are claims that the 1960’s Russian scientists took a deep interest in the Vimana phenomenon and strangely it is around this time that they made significant leaps forward in their technological achievements.  Still, this is probably just a coincidence.  Vimana are not unique to India and there are references from all over the world and include the Egyptian Saqqara Bird, the pre-Columbian golden airplane models, the Greek Icarus legend, the Chariot of Ezekiel, the Nazca runways (lines), The Abydos carvings, The Tassili rock paintings from Algeria and the Chinese references to Lu Ban’s wooden aircraft that flew great distances.  Naturally, these references are often dismissed by modern historians as simply impossible but there can be no doubt that humanity has a collective memory of have once been able to fly in ancient times.  Is this a coincidence based on the worldwide wishful thinking of past civilisations or is it a recollection of when it was actually possible. You must decide for yourself.

Fire has been used in war since the earliest records began and may thousands of years later modern man still depends on the same power taken to its extreme in the form of high explosives, cannons, missiles, guns and of course flame throwers.  However, sometimes a weapon is developed that is so far ahead of its time and the military capabilities of the other forces that it changes the course of history.  Greek Fire or Sea Fire as it is sometimes called was one such development and became the secret weapon of the Byzantine Empire.

Greek Fire - Ancient Technology


A section from the illumination of the Skylitzes Manuscript in the National Library of Spain, Madrid, showing the use of Greek Fire. 

At its most basic it was a fluid chemical mixture that could be ignited and then sprayed onto enemy ships and personnel.  Its effects were devastating because this fluid could not be extinguished with water.  In fact, it was said to be able to burn under water and that any attempt to damp it down only made the flames burn more fiercely.  It would cling to all materials and burn the flesh off the body of a man in seconds in a manner very similar to modern day phosphorus weapons.  The formula was kept so secret that no one today knows how it was made nor have scientists been able to recreate it using the ingredients available at the time.  Its invention has been attributed to the Syrian Engineer and architect Kallinikos around 675 – 673 AD who had fled from Baalbek (Heliopolis) in what is today Lebanon. An alternative source of the knowledge is attributed to an Angel who revealed the recipe to Constantine personally on the agreement that it should remain a secret of Christianity forever. The one person who did attempt to reveal the secret of the fire was allegedly struck down by a bolt from heaven. Whatever the source the discovery and subsequent use of Greek Fire certainly saved Constantinople from the Muslim conquest and held back the rapid invasion of Europe.  It was certainly discovered at a critical time that could not have been more opportune and it saved the Byzantine Empire.  This coincidence deserves much more investigation.  As to the recipe it is believed it contained an early form of refined petroleum, naphtha, sulphur, nitre, saltpeter and other ingredients that may have even included phosphorus.  Resins are also mentioned as a possible component and recently there has been the suggestion that iron dust may have been included. Until more accurate records are discovered how it was made will remain a mystery and yet another lost technology of the ancients.




Is Our Universe A Computer Software?

Alexander Light

Can We Handle the Truth?

In 1940, Konrad Zuse, one of the first humans to ever put together a computer, had a revelation! While working at his computer software he compared it to how the Universe works and asked himself the following question: “Is it possible for the entire Universe to work like a giant computer?” In other words: “Are we living a virtual reality?” Probably from this idea emerged the well-known movie called “The Matrix”.

Today, we have the means of creating learning robots, which are capable of expressing emotions similar to ours. We can copy and replicate all our feelings and emotions and upload them into a robot, similar to Sonny from the movie “I Robot” — because everything is software!

II. Pushing the Truth to the Limits


The Virtual World — The Matrix
From this idea, I want to push your imagination even further. Let’s assume that the US government decides to replicate our world in a PC program, similar to games like Sims or Second Life.

All they need is a good plan, great programmers & huge servers — all achievable.

Next, they create virtual individuals with the exact feelings, emotions and capabilities of a regular human being. They choose to call them “vihums”, from virtual humans.

The software allows them to live, eat, work, create, procreate and… die. Their planet is an exact replica of our planet and the vihums obey the same laws as we do.


Sonny winking — iRobot
The programmers start building a wonderful planet, with millions of species of trees, plants, animals, birds, fishes and insects. They decide that the vihums should start from scrap. They will have to discover fire, how to use tools and so forth. For the vihums to be different as individuals, the program spawns random characteristics for each new ‘born’ vihum.  Now, the newly created ‘Johnny’ likes ice-cream and soda, while his mother likes chocolate and apple juice. In one phrase, the programmers make their lives an exact replica of our lives, and their virtual planet the same as ours.


Screenshot from the PC game “Sim City 4”
But the programmers have one dilemma: should they also implement the necessity of sleep for their virtual humans, or is it just a loss of ‘time’? Eventually, they decide that ‘sleep’ is a helpful feature, because they will need to constantly upgrade and improve the servers, program, features, etc. The upgrade will be implemented during one’s sleep. For the human operators to directly interfere with the vihums, they decide to implement dreams, as well. Now, the operators can give suggestions to their virtual buddies about what to do, but of course is up to them if they decide to follow the dreams or not — this is the beauty of the game.

Let’s assume that the work is complete and the program runs smooth. The vihums have NO IDEA that they are not ‘real’ human beings and their world is in fact a virtual program, running on a gigantic server. 

But the programmers are not quite satisfied yet, so they decide to spice things up. They want to — somehow — interact with all the vihums at the same time, but without disrupting their normal lives. So they decide to create a hidden ‘grid’ and connect all vihums to it. Somehow similar to the concept of “common consciousness”. The programmers are now able to see what common goals their virtual buddies have and are also able to add some suggestions into this grid.

Later, the programmers decide to create a very important, but hard to achieve “level” in the program. Those who are able to achieve it, will learn all the secrets of their world. But who are those who deserve this privilege? The programmers decide unanimously that those who are able to ‘live’ their lives in harmony with the program are the ones who deserve this gift.

Just like in the real world, it’s not long before some of the vihums start making trouble. They disrupt the harmony and fights, crimes and murders start taking places everywhere. The programmers don’t have any means to punish the trouble makers without interfering with their lives in a visible way, not to mention that they don’t have the necessary time to deal with each single conflict.

They immediately understand that the only way to make this program work on a massive scale (billions of vihums) is to implement a feature able to auto-manage the program. But what feature? 

Luckily, one of the programmers is very familiar with the so called “karmic law” a.k.a. cause and effect or action – reaction. Everyone understands that this is the best feature for auto-managing the program and even more importantly, it’s completely fair.

Now, the vihums who generate positive things in their lives will be surrounded by harmony and bliss. Every positive action will be rewarded by this ‘boomerang effect’. Not only that the positive vihums will experience wonderful lives, but they will also be able to reach that superior level in the program that allows them unlock the mysteries of their existence.

At this point, the programmers can even speed the game up. They choose to speed it up 50 times and now, their creators live 50 times longer than the vihums.

Unfortunately, at this speed, the lifespan of a vihum is very short, compared to the lives of their creators. Plus, all programmers became attached to the first generated characters and they are curious to know how their favorite vihums will evolve. 

Luckily, one of them has a brilliant idea!

– “Guys, let’s assume reincarnation is real,” he said. “Why don’t we implement this feature in our program? Let’s create a secondary program and attach some ‘souls’ to their bodies. After they die, the souls will enter the secondary program and plan their next incarnations. Wouldn’t this be awesome?”

Everyone is excited by this idea and they soon bring the concept to a whole new level.

– “What if we actually interact with them while they are ‘dead’ and even help some of them plan their next incarnations?” the second programmer says, “and as soon as they respawn, they will simply forget everything that happened while ‘dead’, in the secondary program.”

The idea is gladly embraced by all and the general excitement suddenly boosts. Their favorite characters will be immortal and they will even be able to interact with them. It’s such a mind blowing idea! They start working to their new program, but they’ve had no idea how hard the work will be! This new program, this secondary life, is just as hard to create as the first one.

They need to implement a lot of new features, create new characters that will help & educate the vihums while dead. They call the helping characters, Angels, and allow them to access a specially-built data base, where they have access to a lot of the answers. They reward them with a permanent state of bliss for their hard work and the possibility to evolve to even higher levels, where the information becomes more and more elaborate.

They also decided that the vihums who were able to access the “hidden level” of the program and learn all the secrets, can now work in the secondary program and help their fellow vihums to achieve this level themselves. 

– “It’s simply useless to send them back if they’ve learned all the lessons. They are now much more valuable in the secondary program”, one of the programmers says.

They symbolically call them “saints”, because they behaved so good and added so much beauty into their virtual world.

The programmers have very high expectations now, because they see how easily their virtual world can become perfect. If all vihums understand the karmic law, they will most definitely create only positivity and their evolution will be fast and wonderful.

But the vihums disappoint them day after day!

At first, they begin hunting down animals for food. According to them, it is a lot easier to kill and feed, than to work the land and grow the food. They also start killing each other for materialistic possessions. This brings a lot of negative karma to their lives and they basically surround themselves with negativity from the beginning.

During their so called death, the programmers explain them how special they are and teach them to act like one single organism, because they actually ARE one — all made from the same thing (all computer programs, games or software are made from numerical patterns called BITS, a shortcut from Binary Digits. And the binary digits mean that all information is encoded in patterns of “1” and “0”. Their entire program is made from 1’s and 0’s, from vihums to their surrounding environment. They are all bits of information).


But, unfortunately, as soon as they respawn into the main program, they return to their useless, negative actions.

The only solution, without interfering too much, is to send few “messengers” into their reality and educate them. Hopefully, the vihums will accept the teachings and implement them into their lives. The programmers decide that the Angels and Saints should be allowed to incarnate once again if they decide to, but with much higher access into the secondary program. They will be guided and helped during their infancy and helped to remember who they are and what their missions are. Similar to our Jesus Christ and to other spiritual teachers.

But, unfortunately, most of the vihums are not very receptive. Some of them don’t believe a word, others accept the knowledge but don’t know how and what to change. The more powerful vihums perceive them as a threat to their small “empires” and decide to eliminate them.

Only few of the vihums are able to make a difference, but because they are either oppressed by the society or misunderstood, they decide to retreat into the mountains. They create small communities there and live in harmony with the entire Creation — just like the Buddhist monks and other spiritual communities.

The human programmers are very disappointed. All their efforts were in vain! Some of the vihums even created false cults and religions to benefit from the naivety of the others. They raised great fortunes preaching lies, and promoting them as facts. Instead of teaching the vihums how to achieve perfection and how to live in harmony, they confuse and scare them with a lot of nonsense and apocalyptic theories.

The programmers see all their efforts trashed!

Speeding the program even more, they now see a very evolved species of vihums, very similar to ours. There are small differences, of course, in fields like architecture, fashion or transportation. But seeing the wider picture, the vihums and their creators evolved in a very similar way. The programmers are now scared to watch into the future. The ongoing wars and powerful weapons are a constant threat to the fragile balance of their world.

The creators simply don’t want their hard work to be destroyed, so they slow the speed down and start searching for solutions. They want to help the vihums overcome all challenges.

III. The Final Stage

In order to find a solution, the programmers decide to create other worlds and other species, but only slightly similar to the vihums. The more diverse they are, the better the experiment. They want to see what it takes for a species to discover perfection.

Now, the creators assign themselves an even more difficult mission: to create an entire Universe, with thousands, or maybe millions of different inhabited planets and variations of vihums. Of course, it would be useless to create only original vihums everywhere in the Universe. The programmers already know almost everything about them, so they decide to create totally different worlds. These newly created species will look different, think different, communicate in different ways and they will even obey slightly different laws.

After several years, the programmers were able to create thousands of different species, only slightly similar to the original vihums. All these species and their home planets are now part of the same, gigantic, virtual program. 

Now, let us assume for a second that you are a vihum yourself, living in a completely virtual world, part of an elaborate program. Would you be aware of it?





This article introduces and discusses new discoveries made in the colossal ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon, and the possibility they are evidence of a past super civilization or, at least, technically advanced civilization of “prehistory.”


Baalbek is the name of an archaeological site in Lebanon. In Roman times it was known as Heliopolis or City of the Sun. An example of how ancient is the site can be found in that its holiest area (in pagan times) was the Temple of Baal-Jupiter — a hybrid between the ancient Canaanite god Baal (lord) and the Roman Jupiter. Moreover, this temple was built on a “tel” or ruin mound, indicating a place that had long been held sacred, though what had caused this area to be significant or “sacred” is unknown.

A panorama of ancient Baalbek, seen from a nearby hill. The ruins are the Roman temples of Bacchus (foreground) and Baal-Jupiter.


How old are the ruins?


Well, most date from Roman times. They, however, followed the pattern of building upon the “sacred” areas of cultures before them. This is also evident at Palmyra where the temple of Baal is also built upon a tel or ruin mound. The original Canaanite temples could be 2,000 years older than the Roman remains left today.

The question is, had the Canaanites done what the Romans did? In other words, did they build upon the site as well? If so, what caused the site to be considered sacred to them?

The oldest part of the ruins at Baalbek fit absolutely no known culture, and were originally employed for some mysterious purpose.


Back of the temple of Baal-Jupiter. Smaller stones of Roman date are haphazardly placed on top to form a medieval fortress. At the bottom of the picture, between the 2 trees, a man contemplates their size. Can you see how small he is compared?



Questions constantly crop up concerning these blocks. Baalbek may become a focal point for the dichotomy being uncovered throughout the world today between the prehistoric past we assume existed and our earliest cultures of history.

The massive and elegant Roman stonework and columns pale by comparison to the megaliths they were built upon. The temple very visibly incorporates into its foundation, stones of some 1,500 tons. They are some 68 x 14 x 14 feet! They are the largest worked stones on earth! It is a mystery how such stones could have been moved into place, even according to our science and engineering knowledge of today. It is also a fact the Romans did not use this type of stonework.

One stone left in the quarry, undressed yet. They are great, perfect rectangles. This is a picture of the largest worked stone on earth. Some have estimated it to be 2,000 tons.

To further increase their mysterious origin and original use, these megaliths are not “foundation stones” as they are always declared. They represent the top course of stones of the original edifice, whatever that may have been. Whatever its purpose, it was essential that the greatest stones had to be on top, not on the bottom. The whole edifice is inverted in concept, fact and layout. Below them at least 3 tiers of stones can be found, much smaller though still monumental in size.

Another example that they are separate to the Roman temple, is that while the Romans built the back of their temple wall flush with 3 of these stones, on one of the sides of the temple of Jupiter the perimeter clearly falls short of the width of the original megalithic structure, allowing a tier of megaliths to protrude obtrusively from the temple foundation— incongruous if they were simply foundation stones for the Roman temple. But it seems the Romans could not extend the building far enough to cover the layout of megaliths.

What the original edifice must have looked like—a massive platform


Another mystery is found in the stone wall on the far or backside of the temple, that side that is the most famous in pictures because it shows the remarkable proportion of the megaliths in contrast to other stones around them.

The great stones continue on this side as well, though their substructures are still buried. The Roman temple falls far short of these blocks, another indication they are not designed for the temple but predate it considerably.


This wall is made up of many ill-fitted stones, many of them reused from the ruined Roman temple by the Arabs, Crusaders, and Turks when the ruins were used as a fort. Some pieces of the Roman entablature can be seen, as well as slits cut into the rock for firing positions in the wall.

Because all these stones are piled one upon the other, it is clear to see an evolution of stone working. This reveals some of the stones piled upon the megalithsto be even older than Roman. These are also huge stones. Yet despite their size, they are still dwarfed by the megalithic blocks.

Extraordinary picture. This shows the famous backside of the temple. The stones of the ruined Roman temple were piled up to form a wall. There is even a column base. But see the huge stones next to the break in the wall. They are as big as the Bimini stones and cut flush with the other, rather than neat squares. This architecture, “Cyclopean,” is the oldest we know of, yet it appears sloppy and small compared to the great megaliths below them.


These cyclopean stones are certainly not Roman. The square cut Roman stones are heaped on top of them by the Arabs or Crusaders, whoever turned the ruins into a medieval fortress. Look at how small the two men are compared to the cyclopean stonework, let alone the megaliths upon which they are built.

The Funerary Temple of Kafre at Giza, 4th dynasty (about 2500 BC). Similar to the stonework seen above, noteworthy for economical cutting and fitting of imprecise angles in the blocks, unlike the precision seen in great megaliths here.

Left, the excavated walls of Kafre’s (Chefren) temple. It stands in the shadow of no less than the 2nd great pyramid at Giza, Egypt. Even this very ancient monumental wall seems later than the megaliths at Baalbek. They match some of the unascribed stones built thereon, however, possibly by later peoples or early Canaanites.

Their style is identical to the earliest cultures of monumental stone we know of like the Egyptian and the Pre-Incan Peru cultures, like those on Malta and, frankly, like those being encountered on the Bahamas Banks within the Triangle.

Excavating deeper, the other great mystery was found. Perfectly cut, though smaller, stones were found. The megaliths were not designed as the foundation of the original building, but were meant to be the top. Why? What for? The stones of the Roman temple can be seen built behind and on top of them.


This evolution in stonework is remarkable. From the small Roman and Turkish blocks, we go further down to monumental blocks identical with our earliest cultures. Yet lower than this, we come not to primitive mud bricks or shanty-hut foundations, but to the greatest stones worked by man. They are not clumsy artifacts, crude and compromised cuts like Stonehenge. They are perfectly fitted 1,500 ton stones forming a foundation not even a huge Roman temple could encompass. Our own science and engineering today cannot explain them, let alone what their function was. It would seem some unknown culture could move these great stones, place them on top of others, in perfect fit and alignment, before the dawn of our most ancient cultures. What caused them to pass away without leaving a clue as to who they were and to what purpose they built such a stupefying platform?  

Disclosure-Nearly-Identical-ET-Corpses-Found-In-Russia-And-South America






A fully intact ET corpse from South America, featured in the upcoming SIRIUS documentary, is nearly identical to another mummified body found in Russia in 1996.
Both beings emerged from egg-shaped craft. The Russian being lived with us on Earth for at least three weeks — and was completely benevolent.
See the astonishing comparison photos for yourself!
[UPDATE, SAME NIGHT: These same beings apparently visited Easter Island, were revered as Gods, and turned into little statues. See below.]
[UPDATE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH: New pictures found! Also, these folks may have been living on Earth for quite some time — and are the stuff of many legends.
DON’T MISS: Our surprising new article from early morning Monday the 4th. Super Bowl Blackout: An Alliance Strike Against the Cabal?]
[Please LINK to this article, and use small EXCERPTS from it, but do not RE-POST it on other websites. Thanks!]
This all started after Russia released six full hours of documentary footage based on our groundbreaking Financial Tyranny investigation.
“A Million For a Marriage” aired on January 16, 2013 — and “Shadow Gold” just aired on January 30, 2013.
Both of these shows were on prime-time Russian television — on one of the top networks — and seen by millions of people.
Yesterday morning, I wrote an update to this article that covered the fascinating story of a fully intact ET corpse — discovered in South America.
The award-winning director of SIRIUS, Amardeep Kaleka, lost his father in a tragic mass shooting at a Sikh temple. 
This occurred only nine days after Dr. Steven Greer announced that a genuine ET corpse would be featured in the SIRIUS film.
24 hours after we posted the last update, Russian readers revealed that a nearly-identical corpse had been found in 1996 — in the Ural Mountains.
The similarities between the two corpses are astonishing — as you are about to see for the first time.
At this point we do not know where the Russian corpse is being stored.
In order to set this story up, I will begin by repeating some of the information you saw in yesterday morning’s updates.
Is SIRIS going to be “just another Disclosure film” with high-ranking insiders — the likes of which we’ve seen so many times before?
Not exactly.
What if Kaleka’s film is about to present the world’s first intact, preserved specimen of an extraterrestrial humanoid?
[Or, as it turns out, the second specimen… of apparently the same species.]
On July 28, 2012 — two days after India accused the Nielsen Ratings of fraud in a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit — Dr. Steven Greer posted the following urgent message on his blog.
Amardeep Kaleka’s father was murdered in the Sikh temple shootings — just nine days after he and Dr. Greer went public with this message, and warned it could put them in danger.
We will inter-cut images from the SIRIUS trailer itself as we go.
The above X-ray might look like something you don’t want to meet, but this type of human is among the smallest visiting Earth — as it turns out.
The most recent SIRIUS trailer reveals this enigmatic corpse was found in the Atacama desert in South America — and indicates a Spring 2013 release date for the film.
There is a chance that we may be able to include in the film “Sirius” the scientific testing of a possibleExtraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE) that has been recovered and is deceased.
This EBE is in the possession of a cooperative institute, desiring further scientific evaluation of the possible ET.
We cannot reveal, at this time, the location of this being — or the name of the person or persons who possess it.
Dr. Jan Bravo– who is a STAR Board member and a fellow Emergency Physician— and I have actually visited the group that possesses this EBE — and have personally and professionally examined the being.
It is indeed an actual deceased body, and most certainly is not plastic or man-made.
It has a head, 2 arms and 2 legs — and is humanoid.
We have seen and examined X-Rays of the being.
Its anatomy, however, is not homo sapien (modern human) or any known hominid (predecessors to humans).
As you can imagine, the security and scientific issues surrounding the further testing of this potentially explosive and world-changing evidence are mind-boggling.
However, we feel we simply must proceed expeditiously but cautiously.
The costs of doing proper MRI testing, full and dispositive forensic-level DNA testing, and carbon dating with other isotope testing are considerable — and certainly not currently funded.
We must rule out other hominids, bizarre genetic defects and so forth.
But it is most certainly an actual biological specimen – and it may be – well, what it looks like.
If you can assist further with funding the campaign for Sirius, we will attempt to carry out this scientific inquiry — however daunting it may be.
We are currently investigating what these costs will be, but they will certainly be in the tens of thousands of dollars — and perhaps more.
Dr. Bravo, myself, Dr. Ted Loder, Professor Emeritus University of New Hampshire, and other scientists who wish to remain confidential will be doing the examinations and testing.
A top DNA lab will be engaged for appropriate DNA evaluation.
The only reason I mention this sensitive matter at this time is that in order for this possible ET body to be properly evaluated and disclosed in “Sirius” – which is planned for completion in December 2012 — we must act immediately.
[Note: Greer had hoped the film would be out by December 2012, as he wrote here. The anticipated release date is now Spring 2013.]
We will need your help with funding this and the rest of “Sirius”. And we cannot buy the safety and security that millions of people knowing about what we are doing can afford.
Shadowy classified projects would prefer for us not to proceed, just as they wished that we not proceed in 2001.
But we did.
And we are here to tell the tale — because millions of people knew what we were doing, well before that historic event.
You — the public — are our shield. You are our protectors, along with providence.
While the testing will be confidential, and done very discreetly until results are known– the fact that we are pursuing this evidence must be known by millions of people in order for us to be protected.
Tell everyone you know — now.
The worst case scenario is that this being is not what it appears to be. But if it is: My God!
[This section is a review of the events we revealed in yesterday’s update.]
India’s number one TV network filed a huge, billion-dollar lawsuit against the Federal Reserve-controlled TV ratings organization, the Nielsens.
India’s lawsuit was poised to explode the media corruption and propaganda at the core of Financial Tyranny.
The Caryle Group, a Bush corporation, is one of the directors of the Nielsen Ratings.
Four days after this groundbreaking lawsuit appeared, India lost its power.
In two back-to-back incidents, half of the entire country blacked out.
Then, less than a week later, a mass shooting struck at the heart of the Indian people in America.
I don’t want to depress you by pointing this out. None of us have stopped fighting for freedom.
These are the actions of a desperate Cabal — willing to do huge, cowboy moves in order to try to beat back the opposition.
Now — at last — I feel that the risks I took with my own life, the failed assassinations, and the deaths of my friends and colleagues have not been in vain.
The information has been released. A full-length book, six hours of prime-time documentaries in Russia, and news coverage from India has now emerged.
Once the truth is set free, it can never be stopped.
The sooner we inform others — and are brave enough to stand up and spread the word — the sooner this planet will heal.
This is only the beginning.
The first few rocks of the avalanche are falling around the Federal Reserve and their shadowy controllers.
Do you hear that sound?
It is the sound of freedom.
There is additional, interesting information on Greer’s blog about the recovered ET corpse — as we see in the following excerpts.
Amazing New Results from Possible ET Body
Published October 18, 2012 | By drgreer
After many weeks of travel, we are back to report that amazing results have been obtained from our study of the small possible ET body, which was discussed in an earlier blog post.
Dr. Bravo, Emery Smith and I traveled to the country that is now home to this small, possible ET body — and were able to successfully obtain extensive X-Ray and CT Scans of the entire body.
We were also able to obtain DNA samples under sterile, surgical conditions. These DNA samples are now being studied by one of the world’s top geneticists.
The X-Ray and CT scan show an intact, actual biological humanoid organism — without question.
Astonishing 3-D images were able to be constructed of the body from the detailed CT scan, and we were able to see internal organs such as lungs, and what I am fairly sure is a heart structure.
These images have just been examined by the world’s foremost authority on skeletal abnormalities, dysplasias and fetal skeletal syndromes.
He has stated that this being is unlike any known skeletal structure found in humans.
We also know that it is not an ancient hominid, and while humanoid, not apparently human.
Both this expert, as well as the radiologist who is head of the imaging center where all X-rays and CTs were done, have stated that the bone density precludes the body being that of a 20-22 week, aborted human fetus.
There is just too much calcium in the bone for this being to have been the result of a fetus of that age.
Both doctors feel that the being was post-natal at the time of death (that it had lived for some time outside the womb, if indeed a womb is involved…).
The procedures for the DNA studies are complex and time-consuming.
Literally, the state-of-the-art technology available on earth will be brought to bear on this study.
The team of experts are, without a doubt, the most advanced and professional team that could possibly be assembled.
The DNA studies will take around 2 months — and possibly longer.
We hope to provide some of these results, and the detailed CT and X-ray images, in the film Sirius. (
Since this is a story that is probably about to get much, much bigger, it’s good to cover the facts — including this writeup from Greer’s site administrator.
December 19, 2012
Years ago, Dr. Greer met with the principals at the Institute that has possession of this little Being.
They spoke at length — and described how it was found in the Atacama desert in South America, and how people near where the Being was found spoke about seeing these Beings — and egg-shaped ET craft.
Dr. Greer put that information together with the testimony of Jonathan Weygandt — who, as a Marine, was in that area — at the site of a downed, egg-shaped ET craft.
Both the film interview with Weygandt, and his transcribed testimony, have been provided to the filmmakers.
Weygandt’s testimony is fascinating, because not only was he right next to this craft that he describes as “shaped something between an egg and a teardrop”, “dynamic” and “really organic” — but he felt the occupants of the craft were trying to communicate with him.
Extraordinary!  And from a Marine!
(You can read his testimony in “Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History”.)
The day after I wrote and published the above, we found out that an astonishingly similar, fully intact ET corpse appeared in Russia in 1996.
This story was revealed to the Russian people in 1996.
In this case, the being apparently died with its jaw closed, instead of the jaw being open as in the one from the SIRIUS documentary.
The eyes also appear to have mummified into the Russian corpse — instead of the empty sockets we see in the South American version.
There is also a whitish deposit around the mouth of the Russian corpse that is not seen in the South American version.
Unlike the South American being, which died with its arms at its side and its mouth open, this being crossed its arms and closed its mouth.
This makes its face appear slightly more boxy than the South American corpse.
Notice, however, that the semi-circular skull fissures around either side of the forehead are basically identical in the two corpses — as well as the pointy top.
When we see the Russian corpse from the back, it has nearly identical shoulder blades as the South American corpse.
The Russian corpse is slightly taller — but only by about two inches at the most.
This could be due to the Russian corpse being a full adult, and the South American corpse being a young adolescent.
Other than that — and the difference in whether the jaw is open or closed, and whether the eyes are still in the sockets — they are nearly identical.
Here is the 1996 Russian video that all of these shots were taken from.
All the dialogue is in Russian, unfortunately, but the pictures say it all.
The case becomes even more fascinating when we discover that both ETs were seen emerging from egg-shaped craft while they were alive.
This is revealed in Russian documentaries about this case — including some from REN-TV — and Dr. Greer’s updates we read above.
And that’s not the strangest part.
The Russian corpse was not always a dead body.
It started as a living being.
It was found outdoors — by an elderly woman in the southern Ural Mountain region of Kyshtym.
The being had emerged from an egg-shaped craft — just as the one found in South America.
It is not yet clear why the being was left behind, without its craft — as in the case of the South American corpse.
Since the details surrounding the South American corpse have not yet been revealed, it may have a similar story.
The South American being may also have emerged alive, and lived with people here for a period of time before its death.
Kyshtym was a major hub of plutonium production for the former USSR.
The ETs often have taken a direct interest in protecting us from unexpected nuclear disasters.
The old Russian woman actually brought the being, alive, into her apartment in the town of Kyshtym. 
The being lived with her for at least three weeks — but apparently could not survive in our environment for very long.
At least three other people witnessed the being while it was still living in her home — and they are also featured in the video interviews.
The entity is usually referred to as the Kyshtym midget or Alyoshenka — after the name the old woman gave it.
Then, two Japanese TV companies made documentaries about the case in the late 1990s. We are still attempting to locate these videos online. 
At the moment, there are seemingly no videos about this entity in English.
Link 1 — (1min 52 sec.): These are segments from the video, as seen above, that was made by a local police detective — who conducted an unofficial investigation into the case of Alyoshenka in August of 1996.
Link 2 — (3 min 52 sec.): This is an excerpt from a 2004 REN-TV show about it.

Link 3 — (21 min 14 sec.): This is a 2007 Russian NTV Channel show about Alyoshenka’s case.

Link 4 — (42 min 58 sec.): This is the full 2004 REN-TV documentary film about the being. It is called “The Unsolved Mystery of the Visitors: The Kyshtym Midget.”

Last November, I met Lloyd Pye in person. I held a perfect stereo-lithographic copy of the Starchild Skull in my own hands.
The bone is twice as light as normal human bone — but also twice as hard.
There are tremendous physiological differences between the Starchild skull and a normal human skull.
This video is of Lloyd introducing the skull — three years ago.
There is a wealth of evidence that this is a genuine extraterrestrial human skull — including DNA testing.
If you search YouTube for videos on this stunning case, you will find several very good ones.
The Cabal are masters of psy-ops, disinformation and fear-mongering.
Tens of billions of dollars have been spent on propaganda — leading us to feel absolutely terrified of non-terrestrial humans.
Is the death of Kaleka’s father really a “coincidence” — given the power of this evidence to free humanity from the Cabal?
The connection between Greer and Kaleka’s specimen and the Russian specimen is astonishing.
There seems to be little doubt that both of these beings are the same species — from the same civilization — with the same technology.
I am honored to be featured in the upcoming SIRIUS documentary — and to be participating directly in this historical event as it unfolds.
We now know that the Russian being was totally benevolent — and gave its life to inspire the Russian people, and now the world.
Even if the visitors WERE negative — and the vast majority are not — we STILL should be given the technology that was recovered.
This technology can literally save our planet — and propel us directly into the real Space Age.
There is nothing funny about that. This is a matter of life and death — for everyone.
Honestly, when seemingly normal people attack this information, you have to wonder why.
“There is No Evidence” is a statement people have been mind-controlled into believing — by years of Cabal propaganda.
Let’s not dishonor the brave, and utterly innocent men and women who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.
I prefer to focus on the 99 percent of you who are sending us your love, support and encouragement.
If this information is true — and I definitely believe it is — then we have the real, practical ability to turn this global nightmare around.
The fight for freedom is never easy. Terrible sacrifices have already been made.
But we can do it.
And we will.
Comment #7 from Moji alerted us to the Kava Kava Moai statues, which he synchronistically was reading about the same day he saw this.
These little people visited Easter Island — and were treated as Gods.
The statues are the same size and shape as the bodies we see — and were worn on the necks of ritual dancers, for ceremonial purposes only.
They were “ancestral beings, bearers of knowledge, dispensors of wisdom and technology,” according to the Vatican Museum.
There are stunning similarities between the Kava Kava Moai statues and these beings we’ve just seen.
Most likely, the statues were slightly changed — specifically in their facial features — after the original beings had come and gone.
The modifications made their faces look more human. This probably occurred well after they had become a legend — and were no longer seen.
However, the exact shape of the body — including the exposed ribs, exposed shoulder blades and the curvature of the back — is nearly identical.
We can even see a bony extension on the bottom of the jaw that is re-interpreted as a small goatee on the Kava Kava Moai statues.
Figure of Moai Kavakava ancestor
Prior to 1924
sculpted wood
Easter Island (Rapa nui)
cat. 100200
According to ancient myths, these skeletal sculptures represent the moai kavakava — deified ancestral beings, bearers of knowledge, dispensors of wisdom and technology.
Worn hanging around the neck of the men who took part in the ritual dances during public ceremonies, they were shown to everyone with great pride.
When they were not used, they were wrapped in bark cloth and kept at home.
The one shown here was lent to the Borgiano Museum of Propaganda Fide of Rome for the Missionary Exhibition of 1925 and subsequently donated to the Ethnological Missionary Museum.
Let’s remember something very important before we close out this new update.
We do NOT have to wait for “The Government” to tell us the truth.
All we need to do is CARE enough to explore the evidence that is already available.
Fear is what stands in the way of the truth coming out.
It definitely does not appear that beings like Alyoshenka want to do us any harm — despite their unfamiliar appearance.
UFOs have repeatedly been seen over nuclear missile installations — ensuring they cannot be used to destroy our planet.
This was a consistent theme we heard from Dr. Greer’s original Disclosure Project witnesses in 2001.
Alyoshenka landed near a major plutonium deposit in Russia.
This being — and quite probably the South American one as well — cared enough about us to sacrifice his or her life.
They also apparently were of immeasurable benefit to the people of Easter Island — giving them wisdom and technology.
Now — in our post-2012 world — this story is finally breaking loose in the Western world.
Once we stop pretending that “There Is No Evidence,” and begin seriously considering the evidence that IS available, the dam will break.
It is time to grow up. It is time to know the truth. We are not alone.
And that knowledge can literally save the earth.
A commenter just alerted us to the original source of Dr. Greer’s ET corpse.
As it turns out, these pictures are MUCH clearer — and show a lot more detail around the face and particularly the mouth, letting us see the open jaw.
It appears this little being was stored in a freezer — and you can see ice crystals on the shoulder blades.
You can also see the back of the skull BEFORE Dr. Greer’s surgical team used a fine bone saw to remove a circular area for a tissue sample.
It also appears that the jaw area, due to how thin it is, had degraded from freezer burns and turned dark brown by the time Greer’s team analyzed it.
In these pictures, everything is much more easily visible.
Here is an excerpt from the article that featured this fascinating case.
Small Beings from the Cosmos
The remains of [this] creature were found in a former garbage dump in the village La Noria Pozo in Almonte, 100 kilometers of Iquique.
It was wrapped in cloth with a red ribbon.
It is a creature of approximately 15 cm. in length, with sharpened teeth and one strange protuberance in the skull, besides owning 9 ribs.
Ufologists could not agree what it was, and while some think that it can be a human fetus, others discard this option because the skull does not present or display fontanelas.
For Mario Pizarro, representative of Aion, is taken precaution to avoid that the evidence is lost.
He considers that the skeleton of the Chain dump has nothing has to do with a fetus of our species.
This same article revealed that an even smaller humanoid ET was found by a boy in Chile.
Like Alyoshenka, it was alive when he first found it — but soon died, perhaps from physical injuries sustained during transportation.
Small Beings from the Cosmos
The following I found on a Spanish website
Armando Henríquez Carreño, a 15 old boy was visiting relatives in the Octava area, in Chile, and found a small being of about 7.2 centimeters long.
Running around outside, he found a small creature near the road, in the grass. It was so unusual that he decided to wrap it in paper and bring it home.
Having arrived at home, the creature started to bleed. The boy, not sure that he had cause this, didn’t say anything to his parents.
After a couple of days (about eight), the creature died. The boy returned to his home in Santiago, and then a journalist heard about it and printed a news story.
There has been a discussion going on about what it could be. For a slideshow of more and bigger pictures go to here.
Here are some of the most surprising photos from the Chilean photo gallery linked to above.
This definitely does not appear to be the same species as Alyoshenka, but has certain similarities.
Clearly it was not hostile, as it apparently did nothing to try to hurt the boy. This being, again, may have given its life to help move Disclosure forward.
In this case, based on the shape of the face, this may be one of the Bird Tribes.
These are human ETs that evolved out of birds on another planet, following similar DNA harmonics — thanks to the science explained in The Source Field Investigations.
Although this could possibly be a fake, it would be a very good one — and it seems unlikely that this boy or his family would go to this much trouble.
A Face Only a Mother… a Bird… or a Fellow E.T. Could Love?
Watch out — he might bite ya!
Oww! Quit it!
These same folks — or at least others who are slightly taller — may have visited many other traditional cultures as well. Our insider Daniel just tipped me off to this.
“Little People” Legends Are Widespread
Oral traditions of many Native American tribes, including the ArapahoSiouxCheyenne, and Crow, tell of “little people” who stand from just 20 inches to three feet tall.
In some tribes they are known as “tiny people eaters,” in others they were known to have been spirits and healers, and some believed them to be magical, similar to leprechauns or fairies.
In any event, the legends were well known among Indians across the nation, long before the Europeans set foot upon these lands….
In 1876, another ancient graveyard was documented as having been discovered in Coffee County, Tennessee.
The reports indicated the cemetery, covering some six acres, held the remains of thousands of dwarf-like people.
In a rather blatant example of synchronicity, the very next email I received after Daniel’s was linking to another, separate article — about the same subject.
Cherokee Little People Real, May Be From The Stars — by Mary A. Joyce
I never heard of Cherokee Little People until I moved to North Carolina in 1998 and began making friends with some of the Cherokees. 
Then in the summer of 2000, I started my own research into the subject — and eventually interviewed eleven people, mostly in their 80s, who had seen evidence that the Little People were real.*
That research came back to mind in January 2013 when I read “Encounters with Star People: Untold Stories of American Indians.”
The book was written by an American Indian, Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, who interviewed American Indians around the United States about their Star People encounters.
The following quote describing “Moon People” (another Cherokee name for “The Little People”) implied they were not originally from Earth.
The Cherokee Indians tell that when they first came to the southeastern United States, they found many well-tended gardens but not the people who cared for them. 
Eventually, they discovered a group of people who lived underground and came out only at night to tend the gardens.  They harvested the food and took it underground to their cities.
As our excerpt goes on, we find that although these people looked human, they were very, very different.
Cherokee Little People Real, May Be From The Stars — by Mary A. Joyce
These people were small, had blue skin and large black eyes.
The sun rays were too harsh for them, so they built their cities underground — and only came out at night using the light of the moon. 
The Cherokee called them the “Moon People.”
When I read this, I remembered something specific from my interview with T. Walter Middleton, who told me:
In my opinion, there were two different kinds of Little People. The ones I’ve been talking about were more like the Cherokee. Evidently, they were black-headed and black-eyed and had a dark complexion.
The other Little People had come from a different source, because they had reddish whiskers and theysquinted their eyes as if the sun hurt their eyes. . . .
We may soon need to accept, on a global level, that human ETs come in all different sizes — including those who are barely a half-foot tall.
Some of them may defend themselves if we get too close — but the species we see in Russia, South America and Easter Island were certainly benevolent.
The story of Alyoshenka is continuing to get more intriguing as we go. Apparently, according to Pravda, he / she may have been murdered.
This article has a lot more content than I’m featuring here — so I do recommend reading the whole thing.
April 5, 2007: Mysterious, Dwarfish Alien Brutally Murdered in Russia’s Remote Village
Researchers looking into the case of “Alionshenka the Alien” have arrived at a sensational conclusion: the mysterious creature did not catch his death of cold as previously thought.
They believe the supposed alien was killed. Read part first of the article about the Russian alien here
“He didn’t die from natural causes,” said Vadim Chernobrov, a coordinator with the public research centerKosmopoisk. “We found out that his skull had been fractured,” Chernobrov added.
The mysterious dwarf was found near the town of Kyshtym of the Chelyabinsk region.
Stanislav Samoshkin is a morbid anatomist who performed autopsy on the body of the dwarf in a local hospital. He was the first to claim that the creature was a non-human being.
“The human skull consists of six bones. The skull of that creature was made up of four bones,” Samoshkin said.
Notice the absolute similarity in bone structure between the two. One plate sticks up higher at the top than the other.
Coincidence? Not!
Russian and foreign researchers have been trying to unravel the mystery of the “Uralian alien” for eleven years. The story looks like a detective novel in progress.
The body of the dwarf was reportedly stolen. The key witness to the case, an old woman who actually named the dwarf “Alioshenka”, died a sudden death.
Lost in translation
The dead body of Alioshenka disappeared. In fact, the investigator assigned to the case reportedly handed the body to some perpetrators who walked away with it.
“They introduced to me as ufologists. I was pretty sure they were real scientists, it never occurred to me they could be the impostors,” Major (Ret.) Vladimir Bendlin said.

8,500-year-old footprints and graves are rewriting the history of Istanbul








The discovery of more than 1,500 footprints and a number of graves dating back 8,500 years has shed new light on the Istanbul’s history, which was previously thought to have begun less than three millennia ago.

Until a few years ago, it was thought that the first human settlements in Istanbul dated back 2,700 years when Greek colonists from Megara in Corinthion peninsula (near Athens) sailed and first settled in Chalchedon (present day Kadikoy) on the Asian side in 675 BC. Approximately 16 years later King Byzas, settled on the opposite side of Chalchedon, an area chosen for its strategic location on the sea routes from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.  King Byzas named the city Byzantium after himself.

However, the belief that the Greek colonists were the first was upturned when excavations for the Yenikapi subway station and the Marmaray undersea tunnel to cross the Bopshorus uncovered Neolithic settlements, with the oldest dating back to 6,700 BC.

Speaking at a conference titled “İstanbul as an Archaeological Site” held recently by the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Anatolian Culture and Art Research and Implementation Center (AKSAM), archaeologist Aksel Tibet said that the footprints are the most exciting archaeological find in recent history, according to a news report in Today’s Zaman.


A team of archaeologists work at the Yenikapı Marmaray construction site in this 2011 file photo. (Photo: Sunday’s Zaman)

Excavations have been ongoing at the site, which covers an area of 60,000 square metres, since 2008, and recoveries of thousands of artifacts are rewriting the history of Istanbul. So far, archaeologists have discovered 37 shipwrecks, wooden tombs containing human remains, leather and wooden sandals, wooden cups, amphorae containing fruit and nuts, and tens of thousands of other relics from the Ottoman, Byzantine and Neolithic eras.


One of the shipwrecks uncovered at the archaeological site. Photo source.

Researchers are particularly excited about the discovery of more than 1,500 footprints dating to 6,000 – 6,500 BC.  The arrangement of the footprints suggests that they were made during a ritual, and archaeologists suggest that they might have been preserved thanks to an unusual natural event. The ritual might have been held in a riverbed, where the ground was muddy. Footprints formed in this way can dry out and solidify. Later, floods might have brought silt or alluvial deposits that covered and preserved the prints.

Visiting the dig site, President Abdullah Gül wrote in the guest book: “It is clear that the archaeological finds discovered on the site will shed light on İstanbul’s glorious past as well as on various epochs in humankind’s historical adventure.”