The name “Canberra” is derived from an aboriginal word meaning “meeting place”


Canberra mysteriously designed is based on pyramidal shapes and circles.

Basically there are four pyramids, each built upon the other. There is the upper pyramid that has its base in front of Old Parliament House.

Then there is an extended pyramid which is what is termed the Parliamentary Precinct, accommodating the High Court of Australia, and other government identities,  Next is the larger and more obvious large pyramid base that runs from London Circuit over to the US memorial column. The pyramidal concept is unmistakable.At the apex of the pyramid is the double ring, possibly symbolic of inner and outer knowledge.

The diagram here is by Marion Griffin (Freemason) and was the winning entry to the Canberra design competition held by the Federal government. (The diagram was submitted my Marion on its north-south axis, not as is shown here on its pyramidal base.) Parliament then is situated as an all-seeing-eye. The areal photograph below shows clearly the inner and outer rings of the eye, as well as the slightly raised pyramidal structure of Parliament House under construction. The pyramidal structure rises out of Capital Hill.

The Canberra eye is a traditional eye of providence design, more famous on the American one-dollar bill. It has been used in art for many hundreds of years. The eye of providence is simply the all-seeing eye of God. Similar earlier eye symbolism dates back thousands of years to the Egyptian eye of Horus (also the eye of Ra), used as a talisman to ward off evil and bring good fortune. In Buddhism, the same symbolism is the eye of the World. As is traditional with an eye of providence design, the Canberra eye is sited within a small pyramid. And as in the US dollar bill, that small pyramid is situated within a larger pyramid.

The inner and outer rings have been suggested as possibly representing the two knowledge of the religions of Egypt, Greece and Rome, predating Christianity. The outer ring represents those outside, such as the masses, who take their doctrine literally. The inner may represent real knowledge of the universe, available only to a select esoteric few. But, of course the two ring s may just simply represent the upper and lower houses of our parliament. Pyramids are found in Egypt, Peru and Central America and are said to align universal energies  and promote positive growth. The Griffin concept has been adhered to.

Parliament House on Capital Hill follows the original shape envisioned by Griffin. Today lawn grows up most of the raised slopes, playing down a further pyramidal shape. Over the top of the building is a large metal pyramidal frame, with a central flagpole. The flagpole points down (as though like an energy conductor) from its high apex down to a small glass pyramid skylight below. So for those who like mysteries and symbolism, the Canberra layout is worth a look.

Now with that background laid out here is an aerial view of the Parliamentary Triangle in Canberra.

[Image: trianglelabelledlx2.jpg]
The Parliamentary Triangle here can be seen clearly outlined by the roads Commonwealth Avenue, Parkes Way and Kings Avenue. The capstone of the triangle is actually Parliament House which represents divine knowing which is the initiating force required to bring mankind into a perfect utopian order. While I don’t subscribe to that teaching the adepts of the Mysteries do and they in turn hold a lot of power which directly effects all of us.

A square in a circle is also evident which is representative of dualism.

Also to note in the above photograph is the location of the Masonic Lodge which is in Barton. I have spent a lot of time in this Lodge on various open days and I have noted that the east wall of the lodge is facing Parliament House directly. Geographic east is not to be confused with the east in a masonic lodge room where the Grand Master, Past Master and a special guest (if any) are seated. The east is symbolic in the Mysteries as this is where the sun rises and is thus the source of illumination.

Parliament House in Canberra was designed by a man named Romaldo Giurgola who was a close associate of Loius Kahn who has been noted as the ‘Mystic Architect.’ While there is no evidence that I am aware of that would directly link Romaldo Giurgolo to any occult organisations the man has often alluded to the philosophical and mystical aspects of his work in several of his addresses. I have no doubt that he familiarized himself with the work of Burley Griffin and the underlying philosophy which he thus incorporated into his own design.

Peter Proudfoot supports this contention and states on page 109 of ‘The Secret Plan of Canberra’…

Quote: Giurgola draws a veil over the true nature of the Parliament House design
in his writing, denying the ancient paradigms which underlie the
geomagnetic matrix established by Walter and Marion Griffin: the geometry
to which his work in fact responds.

[Image: triangleflippedrd9.jpg]
Here is a  previous image so people can clearly see what appears to be an eye at the pyramid apex. This is a fairly large pool of water which is located in the grounds before the main entrance to Parliament House.

Here is a picture of the central part of the roof on Parliament House and this is situated above the Members Hall. You’ll notice the square pyramid which serves as a skylight. This is the capstone of the Parliamentary Triangle. Surrounding this pyramid are thirty-two polished stone blocks consisting of eight on each side which are divided into two sections of four. Four of these stones are clearly visible in the above photograph.

Directly below the skylight pyramid, in the middle of Members Hall is a reflecting pool which consists of a polished square of black granite over which water is flowing (many buildings actually have this feature and a notable example was the World Trade Center in New York). This is said to absorb the sound of conversations between sitting members who are in the hall. In reality though the reason for its placement is purely symbolic, the pyramid above is metaphorical for the Generative Force with the reflecting pool being symbolic of the receptive force. Black granite is known as a foundation stone in the earth and is symbolic of matter or the base man. When the base man reflects the light from above and he is thus reborn.

[Image: parliamenthouserooflabebh8.jpg]
This photo is taken with the center looking right down at ANZAC Parade with Mount Anslie in the far background. This is a good vantage point to view the Parliamentary Triangle from ground level as you can see both Commonwealth Avenue and Kings Avenue to the right and left. In addition to the thirty-two stone blocks illustrated in the previous photo there are a further forty-two blocks which are set in an outward pattern from the four corners of the pyramid skylight. These run diagonally down the hill from the skylight pyramid next to the retaining wall with twelve blocks on each apex. Thus Parliament House clearly depicts the significant numbers of thirteen and thirty-three.





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