Why there is no Wal-Mart in Germany ?

@ OliverOSanchez


In the main streets and shopping centers in Germany, richest nation in Europe and one of the GDP’s highest per capita in the world NO Wal-Marts. When the chain tried to position themselves in this country with its slogan: “Save money and live better “(Save money, live better) society and its laws are among the most robust in the world, decided not to give way to giant Sam Walton, while transnational with over 6,500 stores and 175 million customers a week could not the German iron curtain. The question is why? First, Walmart inevitably affect many small local businesses. For Germans, the local is the best and the home is and should be quality. Rely on its products and its people, wary of what comes out. If a local product fails, strongly require owners as quality “Made in Germany” is a matter of pride and patriotism. The German local brands are known to be of high quality: Bosch, Siemens, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Osram, Playmobil are examples. The most popular soft drink is not cola Coca Cola, the winner is called Fritz Hamburg Cola (a brand refresh local queue with paper label and traditional flavor) The same applies to cereals, beers and services. Moreover , multinational policies were not well accepted. It was welcomed by example “anonymous tip line to reveal faults to regulation.” In Germany nobody Czech you if you do things right or wrong. The informers are not well regarded by the transnational. was also rejected by the court point prohibiting 2 employees have relationships. Was well either view the policy to hire more people to open the doors and welcome the shops as seniors is revered for his knowledge and experience and are not given work to shame. Yet another to the list: In Germany is prohibited Dumping (Selling below cost to attract customers), very common practice that takes all these savings in the “promotions and discounts” suppliers, leading sometimes to put aside their profits just to keep selling. For them, good cost and if very good, cost much. This encourages people to do good things because they know that their work will be valued by others. Germany was destroyed completely 2 times, today is the fourth largest economy in the world with a per capita monthly income (average Amount earned every German month) of $ $ 3,900.00, a population of 80 million people and one of the lowest GINI index (index that measures inequality) in the world.


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