FDR Knew About Pearl Harbor in Advance


Why do schools continue to teach students the wrong historical narrative regarding WWII? 

The American public were duped to believe that US entrance into WWII was merely a reaction to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. Long before Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was on record stating he hoped an attack in the Pacific by Japan would happen in order to ‘unite public opinion behind the war’ – sound familiar?

Surprise Attack? Not Quite

In the mass media, this issue is barely raised and if it is, it’s raised to dismiss it as a half-baked “conspiracy theory.” But in serious academic military history circles, the consensus of real historians is that the US not only deliberately provoked the Japanese into the attack on Pear Harbor, they also knew it was coming and let it happen. 

The comment by the Project for the New American Century, headed by people like Dick Cheney, that the US needed a “new Pearl Harbor’ takes on new significance in the light of these facts. 

Just how cold blooded at the people at the top? Very cold blooded indeed. Watch:

It was even printed in LIFE Magazine in 1945, that FDR “knew in advance” that the Japanese were going to attack…


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