The Part of History that Will Never Be Taught……Part 2

In the first part we talk about all the ancient structures found in South Africa that predate what religion and main stream science have told us for centuries. Now What was  this activities all about? It is all about Gold. You cannot separate human history from gold. And it is not human obsession with gold; it is the gods obsession with gold. In Genesis 2 it gives us that very specific clue. Adam is alone on earth, there is no Eve, she has not yet been fashioned from his rib, god comes to him and says there is a place called Havilah, where the land is good, there is water and by the way buddy, there is gold. I want you to go there and dig it for me. Why Adam needed it gold? He was along..Why god specifically mention gold and other metals as soon as he was created? It is not man’s obsession, man inherited this obsession from the gods. And that is where I try to explain to people the difference between God with a big G and god with a small g. I am amazed at scholars and researchers who have checked this for decades and still constantly cross that line, between the divine creator of all and the small gods, advanced beings that are hungry for gold, using it for their monatomic purposes, to enhance their auras or to fix their planets ozone layer and all this kind of stuff. Their obsession was with gold, this was not the obsession of the divine creator of all things in the universe. Clearly a dividing line there!

Wherever there are gold mines, there are stone circles and that seems to be the pattern around all of Southern Africa. There are at least 75 000 of these gold mines, added into the side of the mountain that have been found near the Lydenberg area. Ancient mines had been found in the 1930’s already all over South Africa.

De beers in 1992 found an ancient mine that went 22,000 feet deep. It was cut with absolute precision indicating advanced laser technology. Anglo American has a secret file. It was told this by the chief Anglo American geologist:” Whenever they come across an ancient mine, they cover it up, file it away and move on”.

Anne Kinsinger is head of geology at Zimbabwe University. She came to the conclusion that these are not slave pits or animal pits but where actually extraction flotation tanks for the processing of gold, some of them using as much as 1.78 grams per ton of gold. I suggest you find her papers online.

Who was in charge of this large gold mining operation in Southern Africa? The Sumerian god Enki.

“In the Abzu Enki’s plans was conceiving where to build his house, where for the heroes dwellings to prepare, where the bowels of the earth to enter.”

It tells us everything, Enki’s house, the mines and the technology.

“An abode by the water, Enki for himself established, in the midst of the Abzu, a place of pure waters Enki betook…

“The earth splitter, Enki there established …

“The earth there a gash to make, by way of tunnels, earths innards to reach, the golden veins to uncover…”

This comes directly from the Sumerian tablets. I think it tells us very clearly what the hell was going on here and why there are more than 10 million ruin structures and this vanished civilization that we know nothing about. Is there a ruin that could be Enki’s house? Great Zimbabwe.

If you speak to people that do dowsing and energy work; Prof. Paul Greyvenstein and many others found that in Great Zimbabwe has  Enki’s energy all over it. You see from various aerial shots it is very similar in structure and there is a lot more stuff under the soil, as you can see huge amounts of sedimentation that have not really been excavated.

Great Zimbabwe is very confusing because it has been rebuilt by civilization after civilization, and this is why it doesn’t make much sense today. And then there are two conical towers. We are only told about one. The other one is virtually broken down.

 Enki’s calendar (Adams Calendar) is the flagship of these stone ruins. It is clearly a calendar site of absolutely amazing precision. It is badly ruined, it is very old. It is a calendar because the setting sun casts a shadow from the one rock and onto the other. This is the stone man that was removed in 1994 by ignorant governments.

This is the view the stone-man would have had.

Baba Credo Mutwa was initiated at Adams Calendar in 1957. He refers to it as ‘Inzalo ye langa.’ Not necessarily birth place of the SUN, but SON, the birthplace of the son of humanity. This is where humanity was created and actually the cloning process, the fertilization and insemination into the Annunaki females if that was the case, happened here at Adams Calendar.
How do we date these stones? you followed the clues, the evidence and reached a conclusion. Magnetic alignments, sand shift, geology, erosion, lichen growth, archaeo-astronomy, stellar alignment, patina growth and psychic revelation. Geology tells us that these stones were brought from somewhere else.

There is the rock from the area, anthracite rich in gold and there is all the dolerite brought in to build Adam’s or Enki’s calendar. This is black reef quartzite, it is on the edge of this cliff.

We have physical evidence of giant disturbances on planet earth, possibly the events that lead to the great flood is sitting encoded in Adams calendar. There is also an Orion’s belt connection. All ancient cultures are linked to Orion’s belt. The astronomers gave alignments of 70 000 to 60 000 years ago. Those numbers don’t really apply because we didn’t take that 3 and quarter degrees into account.


There is even a guardian bird at Adams calendar. Which bird in Egypt marks the rise of the sun? It is the Horus bird. Horus lines up with the rising sun, just like in Egypt – Horus looking at the rise of Orion. Beautifully carved, it has a flat belly. The nose is broken off. If you stand it up, it stands about 3 meters high.

Some of these stones are covered in lichen growth. The lichen is so thick on some of these stones that the mind boggles. You can do a study on lichen growth. I was told recently you can measure how much lichen growth and how long. There is layer and layer of lichen and this particular type grows at 1mm per annum, so this is about 2000 years of growth if the conditions are right. The erosion is quite spectacular.

The archaeo-astronomy is phenomenal here. These ancient civilizations did not make mistakes. If they did something, they did it consciously. The first thing that strikes you is that North South is not aligned at 12 o clock. It is out by 3 degrees 17 minutes and 42 seconds anti clockwise. This is a strange anomaly that does not make much sense. If it was Enki that built it they wouldn’t make mistakes. We are probably dealing with the best evidence that Charles Hapgood would have been extremely excited about that shows us there has been a crustal shift or a crustal displacement that has caused that drift or deviation from true North to that. There is a lot of research to be done there.

The temperature at Adams Calendar can be measured at 80 degrees which would suggest that there is a volcano under your feet. At Adams Calendar we measured more than 380 gigahertz, 1800 mega volts between the two stones and more than 80 degrees heat signature. We do not have the technology to measure the frequencies, they all maxed out. This is what freaked out the technicians who came.

We are dealing with ancient frequency and saser, technology to generate this – not laser – focusing sound to generate energy, using the laws of nature through tapping into the cymatic shapes of the energy force and magnifying it through the structures of the magnetron devices.

The ancient civilizations understood how to use frequency and the generation of energy. They used it for their gold mining operations and channeled this energy into hundreds of thousands of agricultural terraces that helped to grow the crops using this energy field. As above so below. The earliest civilization were using this energy some 300 000 years ago. The stone circles are still there giving us frequency and energy every day. We just need to learn how to use it.



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