The Part of History that Will Never Be Taught……

Don’t believe a word I say. I want you to take this in absorb it and come to your own conclusions. I am going to present to you a bunch of facts and some interesting discoveries. I hope you take something away with this that makes you think.

The history of our planet is not as it seems. This is a very important and crucial little bit of information that we need to sink into our subconscious. We come out of school and for those who are privileged enough to come out of university, it is often associated with ego. The higher education the more probable it is to have the wool pulled over your eyes and I am one of those perfect examples. I have taken a long time to try and figure this out.

Things are not as they seem. There has been a lot of stuff happening on this planet that makes no sense. And when you start researching origins of human kind and asking those questions, who are we, where do we come from, why are we here? I bet many people have asked those questions? And here we are, still not sure: Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? What I call the great human puzzle.

There are some very special revelations the African continent is giving us right now in this very special time of human history. It is very important to take these things into consideration. These things do not happen by coincidence.

When you go back and start searching in history and looking at the anomalies that don’t make any sense, you realize you can’t stick to geology or history or archaeology, you got to just open your mind and research everything that crosses your path. If you don’t, you will miss pieces of this puzzle. And a lot of the very important pieces of the puzzle came from ancient indigenous knowledge. You will see that this ties beautifully into some very modern advanced discoveries.

The other fascinating thing is you realize that all these areas of research; astronomy, archaeology, physics, mathematics, quantum physics, metaphysics and paranormal activity are linked. You realize that all these areas cross over. You cannot separate anything from anything else. There is some sort of common denominator that holds them all together. Some sort of a weird energy field that holds all this information together. And that becomes very exciting and if that happens for any researcher it is a life changing experience, and that it was for me. And at that moment you realize that everything is related, that is a beautiful moment to reach in your life as a researcher aficionado when you get to a point where everything that you’ve been thought, comes to question.

It is a beautiful example of sacred geometry hovering in the midst of space, perfectly relating to everything around it in absolute balance and harmony. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be there.

To support that history is not as it seems there is a giant footprint in Swaziland near a place called Kwaluzi.

You got two choices as an archaeologist or scholar or even a everyday person. You can either reject it as some hoax or you can take it seriously and realize that this is the real thing. The moment you do that and you speak to geologists, it sends shivers up geologists spines because they realize that this was not what they were taught at school. This is 200M to 3B years old. Something else has been going on this planet for a very long time and we are just only touching the surface of this body of knowledge.

So if history is written by the victors how much do we really know about human history? This is a fascinating subject because we get thrown these idioms every day. This means a great deal. If you take that statement at face value, it means you lose 50% or more of the information in every war or conflict. That presents a huge problem for those who write our history books and the stuff we read in those history books. What we know about history is so far removed from what really happened that we can’t trust anything. And we have to evaluate and re-evaluate everything all the time.

The Sumerians were supposed to be the first civilization on earth. They emerged about 6,000 years ago or more in Mesopotamia and they gave us all the knowledge we have today.(Lets consider that they just didn’t bloom with knowledge) Our knowledge of poetry architecture, music and even recipes in cooking and all the technical stuff we use today we pretty much inherited from the Sumerians. If they were the first civilization and they started more than 6,000 years ago. Throw out a number, how many wars have we had in 6,000 years?


If you put 6,000 wars in 6,000 years and put it into a statistical model and see what it spits out. At year 1 we have 100% knowledge and information. By the time you get to year 8 we already know less than 1% of the original truth. After 124 years you reach 10 to the minus 34. That is how much we know. Planks constant. Everything after that is entirely insignificant. By the time we go past 124 years from this human civilization, we know less about our human origins than is permissible by the laws of physics.

We live in an electromagnetic universe. Everything spins and vibrates. And because it spins and vibrates we can detect it and know its presence because everything has a frequency. Everything has a frequency from subatomic particles to planets, solar systems, galaxies, vortices. Even the entire universe has a spin motion.

Leading physicists like Nassim Haramein point out very beautifully how this all fits together and how they generate the energy and how they regenerate the twisting vortex motion energy. Everything spins and vibrates and because of that we can detect it.

This is how the electromagnetic universe is presented to us.

It is infinite in both directions. Everything you can imagine vibrates at its own specific frequency. Once you know its frequency you can affect the positive with the negative. This understands vibration fields. The amazing thing is out of this entire electromagnetic spectrum we can only see a little piece and a sliver of light what we call visible light over there. Everything else as far as we are concerned is invisible. There is not always physical evidence for the start of the universe. You don’t always have to see it to believe it. How did the ancients respond to all this stuff they could not see? The ancients had a very keen understanding of this. They called it the third eye, the pineal gland. You will see the third eye echoing through all ancient cultures. Somehow they knew more about this psychic ability, this ESP of being able to feel, read and understand the other frequencies that are not necessarily visible to our eyes. There have been huge amounts of research and it is amazing when you realise how important the pineal gland is in our anatomy. And how this has been manipulated to control us, it becomes quite spectacular. Basically what the pineal gland is, is a frequency receptor like our eye, they pick up the frequency of the visible light and convert it into something that our brains understand. It picks up the other frequencies and converts it to understandable information. There seem to be some people who are awakening and using their ability to use the pineal gland.

Frequency equals energy: Ancient civilizations understood frequency and how to convert it into energy. Ancient civilizations and modern physics overlap very comfortably.

Sound and frequency are the common denominators of all religion. The Primordial Word, let there be light the sound of God that created the universe and all things in it. In Eastern philosophies, it is the primordial sound, the Aum that created all things. Sound is the primordial source of all things in the universe. This lays the foundation for nature’s law, which is sometimes referred to as sacred geometry. Sacred in Greek means fixed.

We are dealing with fixed geometry as it is fixed by the divine creator and the primordial source of all things and we realize there is only one law of nature. And that is the law of nature.

Take for example) the six aspects of Aum. OM MA NI PAD ME HUM, the six sound frequencies. Suddenly in the symbol of Aum you see these beautiful shapes that actually are the representations of sound manifesting itself in physical form. This goes back to the 1700’s with the plates and then Hans Jenny’s research in the 60’s and 70’s you see some fantastic things that come to light. And that is sound manifesting itself in physical form. The six aspects of Aum are represented in sacred geometry. The six sounds represent the six days of creation. We are combining all this into the laws of nature and it starts to show us the source and origin of these things and it seems to come from sound. The number six is not just restricted to Hinduism and Christianity.

Egyptian religion talks about the six aspects of the divine eye of Ra. The five primary Platonic shapes that give rise to all other matter and frequencies are inextricably linked to the six days of creation as first there was a void. All this fits together as the essence of God moves across the waters, across the Void.

When you get exposed to the wonderful work of Willem de Swart in the ‘Secret numbers of God’ you understand that this number 6 represents the physical world, the manifested imagined world we see around us, this thing called the nature of reality.

Vibration Frequencies Harmonics Resonance; that is the stuff that makes up the universe and everything in it. Ancient civilizations used numbers. They knew exactly what they were doing. They understood the laws of nature. And that is evident when we start analyzing the monuments in Egypt and everywhere else and that does not exclude South Africa.

The number 3 is the Holy Trinity. The way you explain it in music and frequency is 3 notes make up a harmonious chord. Only when you play the third note you complete the holy trinity, you complete the tri-chord, you complete the harmonic chord. You can manipulate that chord you can make it a flattened third or a pointed seventh and you can manipulate people’s emotions. Soundtracks make you weep in movies. It is not the visuals, it is the sound that harmonizes and vibrates with your soul that moves you.

What have the numbers 7 & 8 got to do with it? There are 7 whole notes in a harmonic resonant octave; the 8th note is the end of that octave and the common note between that and the next octave so it binds them together. And that is how all these harmonic vibration frequencies and bubbles of the universe are linked together. Are there common boundaries, are there harmonic frequencies? The number 12 & 13 does the same. When you take 12 spheres and place them they fit perfectly around the 13th sphere so they touch. 12 disciples around the Christ, you see the symbology coming out of that. It all comes back to the laws of nature and sacred geometry. 12 notes in a resonant harmonic octave the 7 whole notes and the 5 semi tones. And that 13th note is the boundary of that harmonic octave and the common boundary between the next one.

And then you suddenly see this number 22 appear everywhere. 22 is one of the cosmic numbers – the ratio of 22 over 7 is phi the common denominator between all circles and all spheres. That is the ratio by which they are linked. And ratio is a fundamental thing that we need to pay attention to; to understand what ancient civilizations were getting up to. It gets more and more exciting.
Pioneers of sound frequency: There have been a number of people over the years who have embraced sound frequency to do all sorts of amazing things. Unfortunately these people have been removed from the mainstream of society as their information was highly dangerous to the mainstream of society.

In 2006 three high-school students and 2 undergraduates at the University of Tennessee discovered that sound travels faster than the speed of light.

Royal Raymond Rife was quoted to be the man who discovered the cure for all diseases in 1931 and also made the first microscope which could see cells and bacteria for the first time. When he found the cure for all disease you can imagine what the pharmaceutical companies did to him. Unfortunately he didn’t get very far with his cure for all disease. He was using sound frequency and other forms of frequency. He used about 750 different frequencies to cure cancer and all kinds of other diseases

Recently I found a guy in South Africa by the name of Paul Greyvenstein. He gave me permission to talk about him and talk about his work. He is the new modern day Royal Raymond Rife. He cures all disease. Paul is a simple, humble farmer who has this gift and he knows exactly what to do. He uses more than 50 000 frequencies to cure all these diseases. He has the ability to identify frequencies of everything you can imagine. In my longer lectures I speak in greater detail about how he works and what he does. Take note of Paul we need to make sure we build some sort of energetic field around him.

John Keely in 1888 showed the world how sound could be used for a variety of things. Lift giant blocks, crush them into fine powder, drill holes to almost perfect accuracy. He disassociated water with sound and did all types of amazing things. He also said the earth rings like a bell and he designed a musical Dynasphere directly associated with frequencies of the earth. And through the frequencies of the earth you could tap into them and use them as a source of energy and guess what?

Nikolai Tesla said the same a couple of decades later when he built a Tesla tower. Tesla gave us free energy. I heard from Andrew Collins the other day that one of his tests, he lit 20,000 homes in one night on Long island with his radiant energy from his Tesla tower on Long Island. He also said that the earth rings like a bell. And wherever you are on the surface of the earth you can tap into that sound frequency and use it as an inexhaustible energy.

He either drew the energy fields from the ionosphere or he tapped into the surface of the earth and the sound frequencies. Carmen Boulter believes this and he pulled it up to the top of the tower and converted it into his radiant energy forms. He created the cordless light bulb which picks up the energy from your body and lights up in your hand. We can do that today.
There is a company here in Johannesburg called High Pressure Heating. They do it with neon light tubes. They are in the wood drying business and they have these long machines that they slide these tree trunks into. They expose it 13.56 megahertz to suck all the oxygen out. The way they test their machine is calibrated correctly is by taking a tube of neon light, they stand above the machine and if the light lights up in their hand they know that the machine is calibrated correctly.

Tesla, Keeley and all these others rediscovered what ancient civilizations knew very well a long time ago in Southern Africa. They understood frequency and energy and how to put that to use in all possible ways. Everything is just frequency including your thoughts. Be careful what you think. We have all seen or heard about ‘The Secret’. It is real stuff, ground-breaking scientific research showing how our thoughts can manifest our own reality.

That is why they call them mad scientists.

How do you take what you see in the lab and what you study and share it with the people on the street they are going to think you are goofy? Many common folk think that science has got it all figured out. Science does not have all things figured out. If you speak to any scientist worth his salt, they will tell you 95% of science is unexplained, we observe it but we don’t understand it. I have it from very senior scientists in South Africa who have told me exactly what they observed in their laboratory.

We are dealing with something very unique. Evidence of antiquity and advanced ancient technology is all around us. Ancient civilizations understood frequency and energy and how to convert frequency and energy.

We don’t have any idea how they did this until we start embracing the thought of frequency manipulation and sound manipulation.

In Carmen Boulter’s wonderful documentary Pyramid Code she shows that the Pyramids were nothing else but for the generation of energy. After years and years of use and being gutted they have not lost their energy fields. There is an amazing photograph taken with a special lens that shows you that there are still some weird electromagnetic frequencies that come out of there.
We will be doing this photography at Adams Calendar and some of the many stone circles near Watervalboven very shortly. Something strange is going on and I will be talking more and in great detail about these energies and frequencies tomorrow.

The word mythology is completely misunderstood in today’s society. Mythos 1270AD, means historic events that were sworn to be accurate and true by priests and kings. It was an affidavit of accuracy in history. So it actually means completely opposite to the value that we have ascribed to it today. If you change the word mythology with history suddenly our entire human history changes dramatically. There are all these gods coming down from the sky doing all these wonderful things, flying machines and all kinds of things. And then you start realizing the difference between gods with a small g and God with a big G.

For decades scholars have been talking about the origins of humankind at the tip of Southern Africa. Where is the Cradle of Humankind? Even in the last week brand new genetic information was put out that the Cradle of Humankind is nowhere else but right in the South of Africa.

The widest genetic diversity comes from Southern Africa and therefore there would be no question that the origin of humankind comes from Southern Africa. This is very important to support the findings we are making of ancient ruins and civilizations. Mitochondrial eve studies have been suggesting this over and over again. 300,000 years ago humankind suddenly popped out of nowhere. And then people go to Sterkfontein caves and we lie to them, we say look this is the Cradle of Humankind and we show them Mrs. Ples and little foot and they get very excited and at the same time they get very confused because these have nothing to do with homo sapiens. These are little cretins called Australopithecus and there is no scientific conclusion or consensus that we evolved out of these little cretins. When they take you to the Cradle of Humankind they make you believe that and suggest we evolved out of these cretins. It is a complete misnomer that this is the Cradle of Humankind. It should be called the Cradle of Hominid Kind.

The Cradle of Humankind is all over in Southern Africa. It has been completely overlooked and misunderstood. The most ancient written record in human history as we know it, the first civilization was the Sumerians. They wrote down everything they could. When you read the thousands and thousands of pages from Oxford University, they treat all the translations of the Sumerian tablets as a work of fiction. I am not kidding. The first people on earth who founded the art of writing, they sit down and write millions of clay tablets full of crap! How is that possible?

All the great stories in the Bible originally come from the Sumerian tablets: every single one of them, the Holy Trinity of Anu, Enlil and Enki. The Bible refers to the giants as Anukim. It is probably who the Sumerian tablets refer to as Annunaki. We meet Elohim, the biblical gods. Elohim is a plural not a singular. Every time you read god in the bible you have got to replace it with the gods. Allah is a derivative of Elohim, also plural. In Genesis 6 we meet naughty Nephilim, the sons of the gods who came down from the heavens and they saw the beautiful daughters of man and they married as many as they wanted and had children with them. This is some interesting stuff we read in the bible. It never really gets explained until you start understanding the Sumerian translations. The Sumerian tablets are a great source of information.

two examples of Sumerian kings lists:

The Sumerian kings list tells of 8 kings who ruled for 212,000 years before the flood. Another kings list tells us the names of at least 10 kings because it is damaged, who ruled for 234, 000 years before the flood. Ancient cultures have this flood event in their oral traditions.

“In olden times the gods came to earth and created earthlings. In the prime times no gods were known nor were the earthlings fashioned. In the prime times the abode of the gods was their own planet, Nibru was its name.”

Make of this translation as you will; the work of fiction or real information.

“And let us create a womb, a primitive worker, a hard worker to take over. Let the being the toil carry on his back.”

We get introduced to the Lord Enki, the Sumerian deity. We get introduced to his symbol which today is the medical symbol, caduceus.

The word Abzu is very important. Abzu has been given many meanings. Gold came from the Abzu. If we can find where the gold came from then we can reverse engineer it and say this must be the Abzu. The gold came from nowhere else but right here in Southern Africa and it is still coming from here. Zulu creation agrees with all this stuff. Most of African Mythology and historic African accounts speak about the same things, the sky gods, in Zulu, the abelungu came down from the sky. They created the people, to mine gold. The Zulu people, people from the sky. The abelungu, the pale sky gods, the same aspects ascribed to the Annunaki in the Sumerian tablets. If you think Enki is a Sumerian entity, no way, in Zulu he is known as Enkei.

Solomon is not just Solomon in the bible, in Zulu tradition he is known as Shelumi; the African king who had all the gold mines. Is Solomon really who we think he was or was it actually someone else in another part of the world? Credo Mutwa tells us Abantu in Zulu means the children of Antu – the Sumerian Goddess who loved the Abzu where the gold came from.

Over 600 African mythologies speak about similar events and origins of humankind. Our current belief that Africa was a sparsely populated continent with very few inhabitants about a thousand years ago and very, very few prior to that, well fortunately the ancient stone ruins of Southern Africa tell a completely different tale. Many of these stone ruins have been called cattle kraal by those in a position of ignorance because there are many thousands of these. Here’re a few of them.

Ancient stone ruins of Southern Africa

First thing you realize, all of them are circular, some of them are complex and some of them are simple. We are dealing with huge amounts of sedimentation.
Each one is completely unique. That is crucial to this expose. Some of them have complex internal structures; some of them have simple internal structures. And then you start seeing this spiders web effect that comes out of the central circle and many times it covers the whole mountain and the whole hill interspaced with other things. They are all linked by these ancient roads and channels.

When you are on the ground you don’t realize that is there, you can only see from the air. Most of these are pretty flat on the ground. A nice figure of eight there and a nice horse-shoe in the middle of a much larger circle. You start seeing these amazing anomalies. Look at all this stuff in between covered by soil, look at the beautiful flower shape.

Important to note no doors and no entrances and this is one of the important things discovered in 1939 already. And there are agricultural terraces that run for thousands of kilometers. The numbers just don’t make sense. This was in a sparsely populated continent with 5000 people? These terraces cover mountain after mountain, thousands of square kilometers. There are ancient roads, actually channels, with this spiders web effect that runs out from these channels. It seems originally all of these stone circles were all connected by these channels and the terraces all interconnected.

Imagine most of Southern Africa looking like this a long, long time ago. What you are looking at is the largest most mysterious ancient stone settlement on earth. There are ancient roads that link them and terraces that cover more than 430,000 square miles. Many other civilizations have reused and reoccupied these structures and that is why they are so misunderstood. What is so special about these ruins?

There are special relationships in sacred geometry in some of these structures. This is mostly Johan Heine’s work he has spent years and years of research plotting these. If it wasn’t for Johan we would not know this. He realized these things are encoded with very ancient knowledge of sacred geometry.

When you start seeing hexagons you realize that this stuff is far more encoded and complex than we ever imagined.

It is aligned with all kinds of solstices and equinoxes in both directions. To do this you have to go out and mark the days and Johan was very diligent in doing that. These are no accidental structures, very carefully placed for very specific reasons.

When you extend that line you get a perfect hexagon inside the circle and a perfect star tetrahedron inside the inner circle.

You realize that these guys were way ahead of the pack in terms of their knowledge. You know that they understood the fundamental nature of matter, the fractal nature of reality.



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