In pre-WW1 Germany the Socialist Party, the SPD, was founded by the Jew Ferdinand Lasalle.  The Jews Eduard Bernstein and Otto Landsberg were prominent leaders, its leading journalists were Jews as were its Socialist theorists Adolf Braun and Simon Katzenstein.

In the first government of Communist Russia there were only 13 ethnic Russian Commissars and more than 300 Jewish Commissars out of a total of 384 Commissars.  The billionaire New York Jew Jacob Schiff was the revolution’s chief financier.  Jews were 1.7% of the population of Russia.

Of the 6 members of Lenin’s first Politburo, three were Jews, Trotsky, Kamenev and Zinoviev.

The Jews had their own Jewish section of the Communist Party, the Evsektsiya

In 1919 when a Communist government was established in Hungary four of the five members of the directorate were Jews.

    In Eastern Europe Jewish Communists provided the Soviet Union with leadership in East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania and Hungary.  The Jew Bela Kun established the Hungarian Communist Party in 1919 and Jews predominated in the leadership.  Out of 26 ministers and vice-ministers 20 were Jews.  Kun was overthrown by French backed Rumanian forces after 100 days.  Kun’s sucessor, the Jew Matyas Rakosi was a mass murderer of Christians.   The Jewish Telegraph Agency of May 14, 1997, said the Jews “…played key roles in ushering Communist rule into Hungary. In fact, during the brutal oppression of the early 1950s, the regime’s top five leaders were Jews.”

    In Czechoslovakia an estimated 20,000 Jews out of an original several hundred thousand survived the Nazi occupation and death camps.  Yet Jews were the major force in the Communist Party rule.  The Jew Rudolph Slansky was secretary general of the party and Jews ran the ministries of foreign affairs, foreign trade, state planning and propaganda.    

    In Hungary Jews headed the ministries of state planning, industry and commerce and Radio Hungary.  The Jew Mathias Rakosi was the head of the Communist Party, General Peter Gabor commanded the secret police, Joseph Reval was minister of culture and the regimes chief propagandist.   

        Between 7,000 to 10,000 Jews served in Joseph Stalin’s “International Brigade” of 40,000 volunteers which fought against Franco’s forces in Spain.  A third of them were American Jews. 

    Jewish control of Communism was lessened in The Great Terror, Stalin’s 1930’s purges.  Of the 10 million killed in the purges approximately 500,000 were Jews and made up a majority of the politically prominent of those who were executed.  Stalin was planning another purge of Jews with plans for sending a considerable number to Siberia but he died before the plan was put into action.

    At least eighteen generals in the Yugoslav Communist People’s Army were Jewish.  Approximately 75% of the officers of the Communist Secret Police in Polish Silesia were Jews.

    The three communist leaders who dominated Poland between 1948 and 1956, Jacob Berman, Boleslaw Bierut, Hilary Minc, were Jews.  Boleslaw Bierut had four villas and the use of five more.

Auschwitz is on the tip of every tongue but who has heard of Kolyma, Magadan, the Solovetsky islands and the other infernal Soviet centers of human destruction in eastern Siberia? Who has seen films and books about the millions of human beings worked, frozen and starved to death in the construction of the White Sea-Baltic Canal, over which stood a triumphant, colossal statue of the Judaic Communist mass murderer Genrikh Yagoda?

      In the early 20th Century the goal of Russian and World Jewry was to overthrow the Czarist government of Imperial Russia as the first step to spreading Communism around the world. Jews provided most of the leadership for the revolution, they supplied the majority of financing and Jewish communities around the world supported the endeavors.  In the 1940’s their goal was the establishment of the state of Israel.  Later it was the expansion of the state of Israel and the establishment of a power base in the United States of America to ensure our government’s support for Israel.  This they have done.


    “With the rise of the Soviet regime…never has the world witnessed such a spectacular change of front on the part of a great state toward Jews…The State which previously did not employ any Jews at all, now employs in White Russia 61% Jewish Officials…A Jew is commander in chief of the Ukrainian Army; a Jew is President of the State Bank; Jews occupy almost all important ambassadorial positions of the Soviet Union; the universities, professions, judiciary and administration, have now a greater percentage of Jews than any other nationality. Anti-Semitism has been declared a state offense, and is punished as counter-revolution. Opinion Magazine (Dec. 1933)

 “The Bolsheviks had promised to give the workers the industries, mines, etc., and to make them ‘masters of the country.’ In reality, never has the working class suffered such privations as those brought about by the so-called epoch of ‘socialization.’ In place of the former capitalists a new ‘bourgeoisie’ has been formed, composed of 100 percent Jews. Only an insignificant number of former Jewish capitalists left Russia after the storm of the Revolution. All the other Jews residing in Russia enjoy the special protection of Stalin’s most intimate adviser, the Jew Lazare Kaganovitch. All the big industries and factories, war products, railways, big and small trading, are virtually and effectively in the hands of Jews, while the working class figures only in the abstract as the ‘patroness of economy.’
The wives and families of Jews possess luxurious cars and country houses, spend the summer in the best climatic or bathing resorts in the Crimea and Caucasus, are dressed in costly Astrakhan coats; they wear jewels, gold bracelets and rings, send to Paris for their clothes and articles of luxury. Meanwhile the laborer, deluded by the revolution, drags on a famished existence…
The Bolsheviks had promised the peoples of old Russia full liberty and autonomy…I confine myself to the example of the Ukraine. The entire administration, the important posts controlling works in the region, are in the hands of Jews or of men faithfully devoted to Stalin, commissioned expressly from Moscow. The inhabitants of this land once fertile and flourishing suffer from almost permanent famine.”
(Giornale d’Italia, February 17, 1938, M. Butenko, former Soviet Charge d’Affairs at Bucharest; Free Press (London) March, 1938; The Rulers of Russia, Denis Fahey)

    In the official ideology of the Soviet Union nationalism and ethnic separatism were viewed as reactionary by the Soviet government.  Yet there was a Jewish Section of the Communist Party (Evsektsiya)  that created a pattern of secular life based on Jewishness.  Yiddish was the national language of the Jewish nationality.  There were Yiddish schools and Yiddish soviets. The Evsektsiya aggressively pursued separateness for the Jews.  It worked to slow down the assimilatory process of the Sovietization of the Jews.

In 1942 the government-sponsored the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee which promoted Jewish cultural and political interests that included an attempt to establish a Jewish republic in the Crimea.  In 1948 it was dissolved by the government because of charges of Jewish nationalism and resistance to assimilation.

Top Jewish Communists

(aliases are listed in parentheses).

(At least one hundred Soviet generals were Jewish (cf. Canadian Jewish News, April 19, 1989). Many were eliminated in Stalin’s purges of the 1930’s.

V.I. Lenin, supreme dictator

Leon Bronstein (Trotsky): supreme commander of the Soviet Red Army

Grigory Apfelbaum (Zinoviev): executive, Soviet Secret Police

Solomon Lozovsky: deputy Soviet foreign minister

Maxim Wallach (Litvinov): Soviet foreign minister

Jacob Sverdlov: first president of the Soviet Union.

Jacob Yurovsky: commander, Soviet Secret Police

Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich: chief mass murderer for Stalin, ordered the deaths of millions and the wholesale destruction of Christian monuments and churches.

Mikhail Kaganovich: deputy commissar of heavy industry, supervisor of slave labor, brother of Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich

Rosa Kaganovich: Stalin’s mistress; sister of Lazar

Moiseyevich Kaganovich

Paulina Zhemchuzina: member of the Central Committee and wife of Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov

Olga Bronstein: officer, Soviet Cheka Secret Police, sister of Trotsky, wife of Kamenev

Genrikh Yagoda: chief of Soviet Secret Police.  Killed 200,000 Christians building a canal.

Matvei Berman and Naftaly Frenkel: founders of the Gulag death camp system

Lev Inzhir, commissar for Soviet death camp transit and administration

Boris Berman: executive officer of the Soviet Secret Police

K.V. Pauker: chief of operations, Soviet NKVD Secret Police

Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk: commissars of death camps and slave labor during the construction of the White Sea; Baltic Canal

M.I. Gay: commander, Soviet Secret Police

Slutsky and Shpiegelglas: commanders, Soviet Secret Police

Isaac Babel: officer, Soviet Secret Police

Leiba Lazarevich Feldbin (Alexander Orlov): commander, Soviet Red Army; officer, Soviet Secret Police

Feldbin was chief of Soviet Security in the Spanish Civil War. Said to have supervised the massacre of Catholic priests and peasants in Spain

Yona Yakir: general, Soviet Red Army, member of the Central Committee

Dimitri Shmidt: general, Soviet Red Army

Yakov (“Yankel”) Kreiser
: general, Soviet Red Army

Miron Vovsi: general, Soviet Red Army

David Dragonsky: general, Soviet Red Army

Grigori Shtern: general, Soviet Red Army

Mikhail Chazkelevich: general, Soviet Red Army

Shimon Kirvoshein: general, Soviet Red Army

Arseni Raskin: deputy-commander, Soviet Red Army

Haim Fomin, commander of Brest-Litovsk, Soviet Red Army

Sergei Eisenstein: director of communist propaganda films

Ilya Ehrenburg, Soviet Minister

Solomon Mikhoels: commissar of Soviet propaganda

Mark Donsky, Leonid Lukov, Yuli Reisman, Vasily

Grossman, Yevgeny Gabrilovich, Boris Volchok, Yevgeny

Khaldei: Soviet propagandists

Nikolai Bukharin
: Lenin’s chief theorist

Samuel Agursky: commissar

Karl Radek: member, Central Committee

Mikhail Gruzenberg (Borodin) commissar

A.A. Yoffe: commissar

David Ryazanov: advisor to Lenin

Lev Grigorievich Levin: physician, poisoner of Stalin’s enemies

Lev Rosenfeld (Kamenev): member of the Central Committee

Ivan Maisky: Soviet Ambassador to Britain

Itzik Solomonovich Feffer: commissar, Soviet Secret Police.

Abraham Sutskever: Soviet terrorist-partisan

Mark Osipovich Reizen: Soviet propagandist, winner of three Stalin Prizes

Lev Leopold Trepper: Soviet espionage officer

Zakharovich Mekhlis: top executioner for Stalin



Henrykas Zimanas: leader of Lithuanian communist terrorists, butcher of Christians

Moshe Pijade (sometimes spelled Piade): commander, Yugoslav Communist People’s Army. Tito’s top butcher of hundreds of thousands of Croatian Christians. Pijade later served as president of the Yugoslav Communist Parliament.

At least eighteen generals in the Yugoslav Communist People’s Army were Jewish. The Yugoslavian communist party sent massive arms shipments to Jewish fighters in Palestine in the 1940s.

In post-war Poland the nation was completely dominated by Jewish communists: the torturer Jacek Rozanski, head of the Secret Police; the Politburo commander Jacob Berman and commissars Minc, Specht (Olszewski) and Spychalski. These men murdered or deported to Kolyma and the other Arctic death camps, tens of thousands of Catholic Poles. According to Jewish researcher John Sack, “In 1945 many Poles felt (and not without reason) that Jews ran the Office of State Security…the chief of the Office was Jacob Berman, a Jew, and all or almost all the department heads were Jews.” Sack reports that 75% of the officers of the Communist Secret Police in Silesia were Jews. He noted that many Jews in the Communist terror apparatus in Poland changed their names to Polish ones like General Romkowski, Colonel Rozanski, Capt. Studencki and Lt. Jurkowski. (cf. John Sack, The New Republic, Feb. 14, 1994, p. 6).

Solomon Morel: commandant of a post-war Communist concentration camp for Germans in Poland. Stalin deliberately put Jews in charge of such camps. Morel tortured and murdered thousands of Germans, sometimes with his bare hands (cf. “The Wrath of Solomon,” Village Voice, March 30, 1993 and John Sack, An Eye for an Eye). Morel is comfortably ensconced in Tel Aviv.  German survivors of Morel’s camp demanded he be tried as a war criminal, but for the Establishment media and the phony, partisan, “human rights” groups, bringing Morel to justice was simply a non-issue.

Julius Hammer, M.D.: New York Co-founder of the American communist party.

Armand Hammer: fund-raiser and financier for Lenin and Stalin, son of Julius. “The Communist Party was also the most Jewish party in America. At least nineteen percent of the Young Communist League were Jews and never less than forty percent of its leadership.” (Source: “Pakn Treger: From Yiddish Roots to the Frontiers of Jewish Culture,” Fall 1997, p. 18).

Klaus Fuchs: helped steal atomic bomb secrets for Stalin.

Ruth Werner: colonel, Red Army GRU intelligence, assisted Fuchs

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg: stole American atomic bomb secrets for Stalin

Morris Cohen (Peter Kroger): assisted the Rosenbergs.

Markus Wolf: chief of German Communist Stasi Secret Police

Howard Fast: American communist propagandist for Stalin.

David Dubinsky: Stalin’s ally, head of the U.S. International
Ladies Garment Workers Union

Nahum Goldmann: founder, World Jewish Congress, communist propagandist

Rabbi Moses Rosen: agent, Romanian communist party.

Victor Rothschild: top British espionage agent for Stalin.


Mark Zborowski: “…considered by historians of Soviet terror operations to have been the most fearsome…(Soviet) spy of all time” (Stephen Schwartz, Forward, Jan. 26, 1996). Zborowski, a medical researcher, murdered a dissident with a poisoned orange at the Soviet-run hospital in Paris. Zborowski was implicated in several other assassinations in 1936 and 1937. In the 1940s worked for both the American Jewish Committee and the KGB. In the 1960s Zborowski worked as a medical researcher at Mount Zion Hospital in San Francisco. He trained numerous psychiatrists and medical specialists in the Bay Area. He died in 1990 (cf. “The Strange Case of Doctor Zborowski and Monsieur Etienne” by Philippe Videlier, in Le Monde Diplomatique, Dec. 1992). 993).


SPANISH CIVIL WAR From 1936-1939, when Stalin’s “International Brigade” forces were dispatched to Spain to fight the Catholics, Jewish Communists comprised the largest faction of his troops, “More than 40,000 volunteers fought in the International Brigade…A huge number of the volunteers were Jews: between 7,000 and 10,000 of the internationals as a whole, more than one-third of them Americans.” Jewish Communist Milton Wolff was the last commander of the American contingent. Rabbi Hyman Katz joined in order to fight Spanish Christians. (cf. Jeffrey Sharlet, “Troublemakers,” Pakn Treger, Fall, 1997, pp. 16, 18 and 24).

The Communists slaughtered 6,549 Spanish priests, 283 helpless nuns and 13 bishops. In Ciudad Real in the center of Spain, the bishop and every single priest of the diocese were murdered; not one escaped. Dr. Warren H. Carroll, 70 Years of the Communist Revolution, pp. 184-185, 188-189. (Also cf. Justo Perez de Urbel, Catholic Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War [Kansas City, Missouri: The Angelus Press, 1993


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