3 comments on “The Albert Pike letter to Giuseppe Mazzini and WW1,WW2 and WW3

  1. This document is one of the most ever written- and those whose lives are liable to be lost over this, should regard it as THE most important.
    Yet, there is no concerted effort by Conspiracy Theorists to recover it, and make it public.
    William Cooper, Alex Jones, David Icke, Chuck Harder, Dave VonKleist, Joyce Riley and others could have just sat down at home, watching TV and kicking back Smoothies, if they could have just excavated THAT document, and posted it somewhere.
    There would have been nothing else for them to do!
    That document would speak for itself.
    I first heard of it in ANGEL OF LIGHT, by Jack T. Chick, in 1981. I read it next in SATAN’S ANGELS EXPOSED, by Salem Kirban, which I also bought by 1981.
    Salem Kirban said that it was displayed in The British Museum” until 1972. That is al I know about it.
    WHY are these dubious quotes all that all we get to know about it? It is just now that I have learned that Albert Pike obtained this prediction from Spirit Channeling (what we used to call “Mediumism”).
    THAT explains EVERYTHING.
    Even why no other iterations of the document have surfaced. No single Freemason ever cracked, nor converted to Christianity, and exposed the full plot.
    It means that Born Again Christianity has been co-opted by Freemasonry, whereby none of them could ever respect it as an option of escape.

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